GOOD WEDNESDAY WOTC! How's My Family Doing Today?

GOOD MORNING WOTC! How is my dear family doing this morning? I hope super fantastic. I am glad today is Wednesday and then again I am not. Not you say? Yes, not! Unfortunately I have a doctor’s appointment today at 12:45. And frankly I am scared to death. I am sure you all know I have a lower back which is all metal. With this surgery and my neurologist, my pain was very controllable. I don’t know why but in the last year my pain has came back. There is not medicine he has prescribed yet that can even touch it. It is absolutely miserable when I sit for any time at all. I can’t get any relief unless I lay down in the floor. Sometimes that don’t even help. My hip will start hurting and my leg draws up. It is unbelievable anymore. I was doing so good there for a while.

Today, I am going to see a pain management specialist. I am going to talk to him about get a pain injection gadget put in my back. That is why I am scared to death. I want to do it. I want to be active again the way I use to be. After the last back surgery, I thought I could resume a normal life. But the neurologist told me not to do anything and to stay either in the bed or in a seat. I was to be on total bed rest. Did I listen, “no!” Laying around and not doing anything is not me. I have always been an active person and I want to again, just without the pain. I don’t know if I am a candidate for one of those gadgets or not. But if I am not, maybe there is some new medicine he can prescribe to knock the pain out. I hope he offers something at least. I would ask you keep me in your prayers today. Like I said I am scared to death and it would nice to know my family is with me. So please remember me today


Mystie is going with me for moral support. So the WOTC won’t be publishing today. We will be back tomorrow in full force. If it ain’t one thing around here it is something else, I tell ya’! So everyone have a great Wednesday. Keep me in your prayers and Goddess Bless Each and Everyone of you.


Lady A