Lovers’ Moon Dream Bath

Lovers’ Moon Dream Bath

This bath is for two people who are very into one another. Enjoy it together to empower your love, bring good health and divine abundance.

You will need your lover, three drops of lavender oil, three chamomile tea bags and two glasses of your favorite wine (or sparkling cider).

After dark, with your love, fill the bathtub with warm water. Then add the drops of lavender while saying:

Fragrant beauty of the lavender flower deva

Please bless this bath with your divine energy.

Add the three bags of chamomile tea to the bath. As you and your beloved bathe, you can take moist tea bags and rub them on each other’s skin. Both chamomile and lavender are soothing and moisturizing to the skin.

As you sip your glasses of wine, toast the Goddess and God by saying:

Blessed be the Goddess

Blessed be the God

Please continue to bless our life

With your divine, love, health, and abundance.

Smell Good Tea Hair Rinse

Smell Good Tea Hair Rinse

Boil two cups of water on the stove, in a small pot. Add two of your favorite tea bags and turn burner to low, the lowest setting you can put it on, allowing tea to steep for at least a half hour. Remove tea bags and make sure that the water is still warm…but not hot! You don’t want to get burned. In the shower or over your sink, slowly pour the water right from the pot over your hair, massaging scalp as you do so. Allow the tea bags to dry and then tear the packets open, using the tea in your potpourri or in your compost!

I is for Infusion






Infusions, brews and washes are just tea. Herbs steeped in hot water to release their volatile oils and essences into the water so the resulting liquid may be used to transfer their energies to an object, place or person. Infusions may be used in a number of ways; to sprinkle around a space or onto an object or person, to bathe an object or person, or to drink as tea. They are generally brewed when they will be used as they do not keep well. The herbs may be mixed in advance and placed in small cheesecloth bundles, ready to use like a tea bag. If you use a particular infusion often you may want to make up these tea bags and have them on hand. Mixing the herbs should be done with ritual, visualization and the appropriate time correspondences as with any magical herb preparation. The prepared tea bags should be stored in an airtight jar, in a dry, cool place.