Dream Journey To Manifest Your Desires

 Dream Journey To Manifest Your Desires

Use this journey to help you manifest an important personal goal.

Just before you go to sleep, lay back skyclad and get as comfortable as you can. Shift your body slightly to get even more comfortable. Take a few deep breaths to center your awareness. Now, imagine you are a star of white light in the night sky. Merge into the starlight and become the head and limbs of a five-pointed star. Transform into a luminous star body and a disk of brillant light. Direct your starlight toward one person goal. Use your intention and breath to focus your awareness completely on that goal. Allow your feeling and energy to move your goal to its desired outcome. Move into the future for a moment and actually imagine successfully manifesting the results you desire. Merge with that desired outcome as deeply as you can for at least fifteen minutes. When you are done, drift to sleep.