WOTC Spell for August 7: Spell To Disarm an Enemy



Spell to Disarm an Enemy

Is someone trying to harm you? Block this person’s power through the use of “sympathetic magick.”

Best Time To Cast:

  • During the new moon
  • When the sun or moon is in Capricorn
  • On Saturdays

Items You Will Need:

  • A simple figurine made of wax, cloth, wood, clay, or other material
  • Permanent markets
  • Duct tape
  • A Shovel

The Spell:

  • Fabricate or purchase a simple figurine.
  • Say to the figurine, “I now name you (person’s name)” and write the name on the figurine’s chest.
  • Draw features to make the figurine resemble your enemy – eyes of the appropriate color, distinguishing birthmarks, scars, tattoos. etc.
  • Wrap the figurine with duct tape, until it is completely encased. As you wind the tape, repeat this incantation:

“I bind you tightly as can be. You have no strength to injure me.”

  • When you’ve finished, take the figurine to a spot far from your home and bury it deep in the ground.

Note:  Don’t bury it at the base of a tree or near a body of water.