Good Morning My Dearest Of Friends!

Good morning, dearies! Well it is still morning to me, lol! I have been on the blog off and on since 8:00 a.m., this morning. I have been drumming up some other Pagan blogs to link with and also be put in their search engines. See there is never a dull moment. I have decided one thing though, I hate like heck using my Microsoft Word Processor. I can get everything looking perfect then I bring it over here to the blog, it looks like crap! I think I spent an hour fixing the new “Astral Projection” section I put up. I finally got it right, finally! A tip for anyone using WordPress blogs, you have to use only the type you are allowed. I have found Arial works best, now that was the “tip of the day,” lol!

I do have good news though. We are starting to receive donations toward our server bill. For those of you, you don’t know how much it means to me. You are very caring, loving and supportive friends. I can never think you enough. When this drive is over, I plan to thank each one of you publicly. I feel you deserve to be recognized as special friends of the WOTC.

Even though that is fantastic news, we still need donations. You don’t know how much I hate to keep bringing this up, I really do. But you don’t know how much I want the WOTC to stay on the internet. The WOTC does the Goddess’ work. I have always believed the Goddess has had a hand in everything the WOTC does. I believe She has always instructed me on how to spread the truth about our Religion, Witchcraft. To some this might seem crazy, but you have to know the Goddess. She is a wonderful divine being, full of love and compassion. I have prayed to Her and asked Her to help the WOTC remain on the internet. All my means are exhausted and She knows it. I know the Goddess is answering my prayers by the donations we have already received. I have faith She will move even more hearts to make a donation. No matter how great or small, it all adds up believe me.

You know what I am about. You know what the WOTC is about. You know there is not that many Pagan blogs, websites or groups left anymore. This is a very sad thing, once the Pagan community thrived. Now it seems they have all disappeared. I have fought tooth and nail for years for the WOTC. I still have fight in me but I need your help, my friend. Just a little help to keep us on the net, were the WOTC won’t fall beside the wayside. The WOTC has an important mission in the Pagan community. You can help us achieve it. Just by giving us a helping hand.

I have been artistic this morning. I made up a small banner that says, “I (heart) the WOTC.”  I am going to post them throughout the daily posts. Not too many now I promise you. Just in case, you can’t find the button to donate the banner will be linked directly to the page.

 Perhaps you think I am harping on this and I might be. But this is not only important to you but also your children and their children. This is our Religion, our Traditions, our Beliefs, to be passed on and on. But if there is no one there to share our Religion with others, where does that leave our Religion?

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