Good Thursday Morning, My Luvs! It is Thursday, Isn’t It, lol!

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I call to the Spirits of Love and Light
To help me make my outlook bright
Take away the gloom and doom
With the sweeping of my broom.
Cleanse my soul of feelings dark
Where misery has left its mark
Shift my thoughts to patterns new
Within the cauldron’s witchy brew.
Ease my heart and mend all hurt
To childlike innocence I revert
Greeting each new day with glee
Amid my magick’s mystery.
Negative out and positive in
With this new attitude I begin
To live my life with Love and Light
And see the world with clearer sight.

So Mote It Be

Good Saturday Afternoon, my luvs! Today Is Shot To….

Good Saturday Afternoon, my luvs! I hope you are having a fantastic day. Me? Ha! Since the day is shot to hell, I will tell you about it (lucky dog, you, lol!). We have had a prowler around the house for some time now. It has just been getting worse and worse. The past week the prowler has been coming right up to the bedroom window. Thursday night, I was asleep and Kiki was standing on my side, snarling, growling and foaming at the mouth. Now imagine a Pomeranian foaming at the mouth 😦 . Hubby got the gun and went outside. He saw someone running out in the field. So last night, I said the hell with it. I closed the glass window and the storm also. Well about 2:30 a.m., this morning all hell broke loose. Kiki went crazy, barking, growling and all over me. Then a huge rock came through one of our bedroom windows. Instead of screaming, I waded through the glass and pointed a shotgun out the window. The prowler wasn’t too quick or else he expected me to be screaming my lungs out. Anyway, he was were I could get good aim on him and I told him to hit the ground or else I was going to put him there. By this time hubby was out the door and had a rifle on him. He had also called 911. Sheriff and a couple of deputies came out. They said they had been having a problem with a prowler out in this area. Bet they don’t no more, lol! After they left, I stayed up picking the glass out of my feet. I really didn’t have that much to pick out. Thank goodness. Because of the animals, I shut the door and we all went and slept in a different bedroom.

Well being in a different bedroom, the sun sure did come up early this morning. I had Kiki curled up on a pillow beside me. Stinker was keeping my feet warm. Razzy was bringing me sheets of paper. Yeah, paper! She caught me cleaning out my purse and putting receipts in a pile to throw away. Razzy got to playing in the receipts and I made her a paper ball. Well ever since then, she wants paper balls made out of every piece of paper she sees. After going to bed at 5:00 a.m., I was up at 6:30 a.m., making paper balls.

I got up made about 4 paper balls, put some coffee on and cleaned the house up. Then when I sit down to do the blog, Kiki got sick. She stays on the bed most of the time. I felt this little paw tap me on my elbow. Before I could catch her, she was in my lap. She was shaking like the devil. I just dropped everything it scared me to death. Come to find out after about an hour, I found out it was her anal glands. We went to the bathroom and I cleaned out her anal glands and her rump. What a lovely job, NOT! After that everything was fine. I gave her some doggy treats and she laid down in her bed and went to sleep. I am pissed off. We went to the vet about a week ago. They supposedly checked her anal glands and they were “so” empty! Right, her poor little old glands were full. I am going to call the vet Monday and tell him exactly why I am changing vets!

While I am at it, I had a talk with Anastasia about the post she made. I kindly explained to her that I did not appreciate it at all. She was not to talk to our followers and friends like that. Ya’ll deserve much more respect that. It was a person’s freewill to come and go as they wished. And it was none of her business why anyone left. I told her to stick to writing what she was suppose to and never make a post like that again. I got one comment that interested me. The comment suggested I go check out another community to see what they were doing. I loved the community but WordPress’ format is not set up like that. Someone has specially designed that format for them. There is no way, you could have ten different groups under this main one. First the storage would be a huge issue. Next, WordPress just wouldn’t allow it. So if I wanted to do something like that, I would have to change host’s and move everything again. I appreciate the comment and I love the site you recommended. But unfortunately, it just won’t work here. Anastasia doesn’t understand that the WOTC has always been a library for Witchcraft. We provide the most current, accurate information that we can find for the new comer to the Craft or the Seasoned Practitioner. We have always operated this way and it seems to have worked for us. I figure right now school is starting back and life is hectic for everyone. When Winter sits in, everything would be back to normal. Like the rest of us, she needs to learn patience, lol! Which ain’t easy at times!

Well, I hope you have a great weekend. I am going to put a little info on. Then tomorrow, I will get back to normal. What’s normal :s.

Have a good one,

Lady A

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