I Have Never In My Been So Glad to Say “TGIF”! THANK YOU GODDESS IT IS FRIDAY!



Perhaps some of you thought I had went off the deep end yesterday. Especially since I called for a boycott on a “simple” movie. A simple movie, huh! Do you have any idea how witches are portrayed in the movie. Do you? Do you know it is something as this “simple” movie that will start the hatred against us up again?

My husband watched me as I was the trailer for this movie. He told me, my eyes glowed red and were full of tears. He is a Druid and he was appalled at the movie as much as I was. I don’t know if this is just something society has come to accept as being “OK.” It’s just another movie, no this one isn’t another movie. IT IS ABOUT US, US!

I know personally I have faced a lot of fights in regards to my Religion, Witchcraft. I have never backed down, never, not even in this day and time. We have fought a long hard battle to bring The Craft so close to mainstream Religion. Are we going to idly stand by and watch our destruction begin with one movie. Think of our Ancestors, think of your great-great-grandmother, mother, anyone you know who has been a witch, now or in the past. We have all fought the good fight. I know I have my scars and they are scars I proudly bear. Because I know with each one of them, the Craft took another step forward.

Don’t let such a trashy movie as this destroy what we have worked so hard for, for what our Ancestors died for. We are witches. We should have learned from our past. If not, will our history repeat itself. Because I will be the first one to go to the stake. I will go in the name of my Religion and my Goddess.


One thought on “I Have Never In My Been So Glad to Say “TGIF”! THANK YOU GODDESS IT IS FRIDAY!

  1. I went to IMDB to see the trailer. The movie is a bit over the top. It appears that the big bad is something else but the attitudes expressed during the trailer are pretty right wing. These days you don’t need a film saying: “kill them anyway.” I had seen the movie posters on the subway platform while traveling to the office. I was hoping it wouldn’t be this bad. Evil does exist, but I think it comes from our fellow man.


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