Daily Cosmic Calendar for January 5th

If you made it through yesterday’s torrent of sky patterns, give yourself a few rows of gold stars for diligence and skill on the higher astrological path. You have your work cut out for you again early since Mercury in Capricorn makes an off-kilter, 150-degree tie with Jupiter in Gemini (12:10AM PST). Mercury-Jupiter challenging aspects can have deleterious effects on communications, travel plans, and educational endeavors. Be extra attentive when reviewing papers, agreements and legal contracts.  Antique hunters and collectible aficionados do receive a celestial favor as the Moon trines Ceres in air signs (9:37AM PST). Money-making ventures carry an aura of success in the couple of hours preceding the Moon making a supportive, 60-degree liaison with Venus (3:14PM PST). The few hours before-hand can also signify a great time-period for artistic expression across the board.  However, the 3:14PM PST time also starts a void lunar twilight zone that lasts nearly 7 hours until 10:10PM PST. Keep a fairly low profile during the void time-span by finishing up odds and ends with common sense and efficiency.  Once the Moon enters Scorpio (10:10PM PST), try your Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie disguise on for size. Study your ancestral tree, solve family problems, and ferret out old secrets during the next two days.  Keep a notebook of nocturnal soul wanderings and visions of the great beyond overnight as the Sun makes a dynamic and yet frictional, 45-degree link with dreamy Neptune (forming exactly at 1:20AM PST tomorrow morning).