Gardnerian Traditional Witchcraft -A.4. The Initiation (1949)[Third Degree]

Gardnerian Traditional Witchcraft -A.4. The Initiation (1949)[Third Degree]

[Third Degree]
Magus: “Ere we proceed with this sublime degree, I must beg purification at thy hands.”
High Priestess binds Magus and ties him down to the altar.  She circumambulates three times, and scourges Magus with three, seven, nine, and 21 strokes.  She then unbinds him and helps him to his feet.
Magus now binds the High Priestess and ties her down to the altar. He circumambulates, proclaiming to the four quarters, “Hear, ye mighty Ones, the twice consecrate and Holy (name), High Priestess and Witch Queen, is properly prepared and will now proceed to erect the Sacred Altar.”
Magus scourges High Priestess with three, seven, nine, and 21 strokes.
Cakes and wine may now be taken [see section A.5].
Magus: “Now I must reveal to you a great Mystery.” [kiss].
Note: if High Priestess has performed this rite before, omit these words.
High Priestess assumes Osiris position.
Magus: “Assist me to erect the Ancient Altar, at which in days past all worshipped, the Great Altar of all things.  For in the old times a woman was the Altar.  Thus was the altar made and so placed [Priestess lies down in such a way that her vagina is approximately at the center of the circle], and the sacred place was the point within the center of the circle, as we of old times have been taught, that the point within the center is the origin of all things.  Therefore should we adore it.” [kiss]
“Therefore, whom we adore, we also invoke, by the power of the lifted lance.”  Invokes.
“O circle of stars [kiss], whereof our Father is but the younger brother [kiss],
“Marvel beyond imagination, soul of infinite space, before whom time is ashamed, the mind bewildered and understanding dark, not unto thee may we attain unless thine image be of love [kiss].
“Therefore, by seed and root, and stem and bud and leaf and flower and fruit do we invoke thee, O, Queen of space, O dew of light, O continuous one of the Heavens [kiss].
“Let it be ever thus, that men speak not of Thee as one, but as none, and let them not speak of thee at all, since thou art continuous, for thou art the point within the circle [kiss], which we adore [kiss], the fount of life without which we would not be [kiss].
“And in this way truly are erected the Holy Twin Pillars Boaz and Jachin [kisses breasts].  In beauty and strength were they erected, to the wonder and glory of all men.”
(Eightfold Kiss: 3 points, Lips, 2 Breasts and back to lips; 5 points)
“O Secrets of secrets that art hidden in the being of all lives.  Not thee do we adore, for that which adoreth is also thou.  Thou art that and That am I [kiss].
“I am the flame that burns in every man, and in the core of every star [kiss].
“I am Life and the giver of Life, yet therefore is the knowledge of me the Knowledge of Death [kiss].
“I am alone, the Lord within ourselves whose name is Mystery of Mysteries [kiss].
“Make open the path of intelligence between us.  For these truly are the 5 points of fellowship [on the right appears an illuminated diagram of the point-up triangle above the pentacle, the symbol for the third degree], feet to feet, knee to knee, groin to groin, breast to breast, arms around back, lips to lips, by the Great and Holy Names Abracadabra, Aradia, and Cernunnos.
Magus and High Priestess: “Encourage our hearts, Let thy Light crystallize itself in our blood, fulfilling us of Resurrection, for there is no part of us that is not of the Gods.”
(Exchange Names.)

Closing the Circle
High Priestess Circumambulates, proclaiming, “The twice consecrate High Priestess greets ye Mighty Ones, and dismisseth ye to your pleasant abodes. Hail and Farewell.” She draws the banishing pentacle at each quarter.

Gardnerian Traditional Witchcraft -A.4. The Initiation (1949)[First Degree]

Gardnerian Traditional Witchcraft -A.4. The Initiation (1949)[First Degree]

A.4. The Initiation (1949)
[First Degree]
Magus leaves circle by the doorway, goes to Postulant, and says, “Since there is no other brother here, I must be thy sponsor, as well as priest.  I am about to give you a warning.  If you are still of the same mind, answer it with these words: `Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.'”
Placing the point of the sword to the Postulant’s breast, he says, “O thou who standeth on the threshold between the pleasant world of men and the domains of the Dread Lords of the Outer Spaces, hast thou the courage to make the Assay?  For I tell thee verily, it were better to rush on my weapon and perish miserably than to make the attempt with fear in thy heart.”
Postulant: “I have two Passwords: Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.”
Magus drops the sword point, saying, “All who approach with perfect love and perfect trust are doubly welcome.”
Going around behind her, he blindfolds her, then putting his left arm around her waist and his right arm around her neck, he pulls her head back, says, “I give you the 3rd password, a Kiss to pass through this dread Door,” and pushes her forward with his body, through the doorway and into the circle.  Once inside, he releases her saying, “This is the way all are first brought into the circle.”
Magus closes the doorway by drawing the point of the sword across it three times, joining all three circles, saying, “Agla, Azoth, Adonai,” then drawing three pentacles to seal it.
Magus guides Postulant to south of altar, and whispers, “Now there is the Ordeal.” Taking a short piece of cord from the altar, he ties it around her right ankle, saying, “Feet neither bound nor free.”  Taking a longer cord, he ties her hands together behind her back, then pulls them up, so that the arms form a triangle, and ties the cord around her neck, leaving the end dangling down in front as a Cable Tow.
With the Cable Tow in his left hand and the sword in his right hand, the Magus leads her sunwise around the circle to the east, where he salutes with the sword and proclaims, “Take heed, O Lords of the Watchtowers of the East, (name), properly prepared, will be made a Priestess and a Witch.”
Magus leads her similarly to the south, west, and north, making the proclamation at each quarter.
Next, clasping Postulant around the waist with his left arm, and holding the sword erect in his right hand, he makes her circumambulate three times around the circle with a half-running, half-dancing step.
He halts her at the south of the altar, and strikes eleven knells on the bell.  He then kneels at her feet, saying, “In other religions the postulant kneels, as the Priests claim supreme power, but in the Art Magical, we are taught to be humble, so we kneel to welcome them and say:
“Blessed be thy feet that have brought thee in these ways.” (He kisses her feet.)
“Blessed be thy knees that shall kneel at the sacred altar.” (He kisses her knees.)
“Blessed be thy womb, without which we would not be.” (He kisses her Organ of Generation.)
“Blessed by thy breasts, formed in beauty and in strength.” (He kisses her breasts.)
“Blessed be thy lips, which shall utter the sacred names.” (He kisses her lips.)
Take measure thus: height, around forehead, across the heart, and across the genitals.
Magus says, “Be pleased to kneel,” and helps her kneel before the altar.  He ties the end of the Cable Tow to a ring in the altar, so that the postulant is bent sharply forward, with her head almost touching the floor.  He also ties her feet together with the short cord.
Magus strikes three knells on the bell and says, “Art ready to swear that thou wilt always be true to the Art?”
Witch: “I am.”
Magus strikes seven knells on the bell and says, “Before ye are sworn, art willing to pass the ordeal and be purified?”
Witch: “I am.”
Magus strikes eleven knells on the bell, takes the scourge from the altar, and gives a series of three, seven, nine, and 21 strokes with the scourge across the postulant’s buttocks.
Magus says, “Ye have bravely passed the test.  Art always ready to help, protect, and defend thy Brothers and Sisters of the Art?”
Witch: “I am.”
Magus: “Art armed?”
Witch: “With a knife in my hair.”
Magus: “Then on that knife wilt thou swear absolute secrecy?”
Witch: “I will.”
Magus: “Then say after me. `I, (name), in the presence of the Mighty Ones, do of my own will and accord, most solemnly swear that I will ever keep secret and never reveal the secrets of the Art, except it be to a proper person, properly prepared, within a circle such as I am now in.  All this I swear by my hopes of a future life, mindful that my measure has been taken, and may my weapons turn against me if I break this my solemn oath.'”
Magus now unbinds her feet, unties the Cable Tow from the altar, removes the blindfold, and helps her up to her feet.
Magus says, “I hereby sign thee with the triple sign.
“I consecrate thee with oil.”  (He anoints her with oil on the womb, the right breast, the left breast, and the womb again.)
“I consecrate thee with wine.” (He anoints her with wine in the same pattern.)
“I consecrate thee with my lips” (he kisses her in the same pattern), “Priestess and Witch.”
Magus now unbinds her hands and removes the last cord, saying,  “Now I Present to thee the Working Tools of a Witch.
“First the Magic Sword.  With this, as with the Athame, thou canst form all Magic Circles, dominate, subdue, and punish all rebellious Spirits and Demons, and even persuade the Angels and Geniuses.  With this in your hand you are the ruler of the Circle. [Here “kiss” means that the initiate kisses the tool, and the Magus then kisses the Witch being initiated.]
“Next I present the Athame.  This is the true Witch’s weapon and has all the powers of the Magic Sword [kiss].
“Next I present the White-Handled Knife. Its use is to form all instruments used in the Art.  It can only be properly used within a Magic Circle [Kiss].
“Next I present the Wand. Its use is to call up and control certain Angels and geniuses, to whom it would not be mete to use the Magic Sword [Kiss].
“Next I present the pentacles.  These are for the purpose of calling up appropriate Spirits [Kiss].
“Next I present the Censer of Incense. This is used to encourage and welcome Good Spirits and to banish Evil Spirits.[kiss]
“Next I present the scourge. This is a sign of power and domination. It is also to cause suffering and purification, for it is written, to learn you must suffer and be purified. Art willing to suffer to learn?”
Witch: “I am.”[Kiss]
Magus: “Next, and lastly I present the Cords.  They are of use to bind the sigils in the Art, the material basis, and to enforce thy will. Also they are necessary in the oath.  I Salute thee in the name of Aradia and Cernunnos, Newly made Priestess and Witch.”
Magus strikes seven knells on the bell and kisses Witch again, then circumambulates with her, proclaiming to the four quarters, “Hear, ye Mighty Ones, (name) hath been consecrated Priestess and Witch of the Gods.”
(Note, if ceremony ends here, close circle with “I thank ye for attending, and I dismiss ye to your pleasant abodes.  Hail and farewell.” If not, go to next degree.)

Celebrating Spirituality 365 Days A Year – Celebration of the Goddess of Reason


November 10th

Martinmas Eve, Celebration of the Goddess of Reason

The old Pagan festival of Nincnevin, later Martinmas Eve, honored the Goddess Diana and her entourage. At Martinmas, the Germans celebrate this time by feasting on wild geese and then using the breast bone of the last goose to predict the weather for the coming months. It is believed that if the breast bone be fair and clear when the flesh has been eaten off it, the weather will be cold and full of hard frosts. However, if the breast bone is dark then the winter will be full of rain, snow, and sleet but warmer overall.

During the French Revolution, this day was celebrated with a parade through the streets of Paris. A young woman was chosen to represent the Goddess, and led the processional to the cathedral of Notre Dame, considered a center of learning, whereupon she was presented with a crown of oak leaves. It was hoped that the festivities would make the people aware of the importance of learning.


Calendar of the Moon for January 5th

Calendar of the Moon

5 Beth/Poseideion II

Day of Danu

Color: White
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a white cloth set two figures of snow-capped mountains, and two white candles.
Offerings: White food.
Daily Meal: White food – rice, cream soup, white bread, etc.

Invocation to Danu

Mother of the Tuatha De Danaan,
Mother of mighty gods,
Mother of mighty heroes,
First Goddess of Ireland,
Your ever-giving breasts provided for your children
Nourishment, and love.
Goddess of Primordial Waters,
Mother of Rivers,
Your blood runs across the land.
Though your memory has dwindled,
Mother of the Daoine Sidhe,
Mother of mysterious Fae,
Mother of the Little People
Who dwell under the Hill,
Your ever-giving breasts provide for your children
Shelter, secrecy, and love.

Song: The Queen Of Air And Darkness

(All come forward one at a time and bow before the altar, and present white food as an offering. Afterwards, the food is ceremonially taken out somewhere to be left as an offering to the Little People, in honor of Danu.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

What Do You Do When The You-Know-What Hits The Fan?

What Do You Do When The You-Know-What Hits The Fan?

Author: Dove

Well…I wish I knew the answer to that one. I’m an expert in needing to know the answer because lately, I really have been asking the question.

About a year ago I found out that my best friend had developed breast cancer. Not the kind where we take a little tumor out and you go home and all is well. No the kind where we give you chemo from hell and then cut you breast off and then burn up your skin with radiation leaving you with an opening in your chest which has not healed yet! This was the major train wreck of cancer with spots on the skull and spine now! The “let’s do some more testing and see” kind of cancer. The BIG one. The kind that only the very best in medical treatment and the hand of the Goddess can save you from.

At the time that we found out about the cancer I was working at a good job bringing in a nice paycheck. I was a trained professional working in a field that after many years of study I was finely comfortable in. I felt that I was an important part of the corporate structure and was really doing really good work for my employer. I had the world by the tail. I was the “go to person” in my department and knew all the answers. Man, was I dumb.

I wanted to do all I could for my best friend and spend as much time with her as I could but I couldn’t see how I could be of much help with my busy work schedule. I was the big important working woman with clients who needed me.

I asked the Goddess to help me with this problem. Well…the Goddess answered me in a way that rattled me to my core. My boss named one of our own to the job of “Office Manager” a title of far reaching power, earning much respect. One of the first things my new office god did was fire me.

Well…I was devastated!!!! I have been in the work force for over thirty years and have never missed a paycheck! I lived to be over fifty years old and now I’m fired!!! I cried and I have to admit that I thought about doing bad magic on my dear old work mate. Really bad!!! I didn’t. I know that some of you think I’m a wimp and I probably am but I just couldn’t waste any more energy on that job or the people I was working with. Then what was the Goddess thinking? I am the major “bread winner” for this family. How were we going to live on just my husband’s payday?

Then, my husband who was working at a job that we knew was shaky at best got fired the very next week! He has a medical condition which makes a lot of jobs something he just can’t do. We were lucky when he found the job he had and that he was able to stay there for over seven years. He was able to keep his medical insurance so that the two recent medical disasters he has been through didn’t send us into bankruptcy. That was a total blessing but man we were in a fix!

Thanks to the economy being down the tubes we went on unemployment and that with my cashed out 401K has gotten us through so far. Don’t get me wrong I am looking for a job and would love to go to work today! I started looking for employment the very day I was fired but haven’t had any luck. I know that you hear that the unemployed are just setting at home eating bon-bons but I want to work and am doing everything I can to get a job. I’m even starting back to college this fall in order to upgrade my skills for a better chance of employment.

Well… back to my best friend. Because of my sudden lack of employment guess who was able to go with her for her chemo treatments….stay with her during surgery…..go over to her house to pack her open chest wound twice a day. Me! Talk about the Goddess taking care of a situation! I guess you could even look to “the book” and reference the tale of the corner stone being the one the others threw away. I was so happy to be there for her!!! I know that I am not a trained health care professional but I was there and am still there when she needs me. I hope that the fact that she could and did call me at anytime and I’d be right there helped her get through this horror.

Well…. like I said I could really use the answer to the question. I am still not employed and still looking for a job but I have gotten over the “corporate ego” thing and hopefully will never have that sickness again. The time I spent with my buddy packing a gaping chest hole has caused me to think that I could do that for others, so, I have applied for nursing school at the local community college. I know that I am older that dirt but I still have some good years left in me and I’m not the kind of gal to call it quits just because I reach retirement age.

My best friend is getting better and our hope is that we have her with us for a very long time. She still has an open chest wound that the doctor just put a wound-vac on. That and daily visits to a hyperbolic chamber will hopefully clear up that part of her problem. The doctors will still be looking after her for a long time and I will too. The Goddess was no doubt listening in on my thoughts when this whole thing started and fixed it so that I could help my friend and like I said, teach me a lesson that I needed too.

And about the sh*t…Well…The best thing I can think of to do is dig a hole and plant roses. When the roses bloom I will give some to my husband who I love and cherish even through he is not in the best of health and not working, my best friend to brighten up her day and I will keep some for me. After all of this I deserve them.

P.S. I’ll dig more holes so that I’ll be ready for the next time the you- know-what hits the fan.