Calendar of the Moon for January 5th

Calendar of the Moon

5 Beth/Poseideion II

Day of Danu

Color: White
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a white cloth set two figures of snow-capped mountains, and two white candles.
Offerings: White food.
Daily Meal: White food – rice, cream soup, white bread, etc.

Invocation to Danu

Mother of the Tuatha De Danaan,
Mother of mighty gods,
Mother of mighty heroes,
First Goddess of Ireland,
Your ever-giving breasts provided for your children
Nourishment, and love.
Goddess of Primordial Waters,
Mother of Rivers,
Your blood runs across the land.
Though your memory has dwindled,
Mother of the Daoine Sidhe,
Mother of mysterious Fae,
Mother of the Little People
Who dwell under the Hill,
Your ever-giving breasts provide for your children
Shelter, secrecy, and love.

Song: The Queen Of Air And Darkness

(All come forward one at a time and bow before the altar, and present white food as an offering. Afterwards, the food is ceremonially taken out somewhere to be left as an offering to the Little People, in honor of Danu.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]