Calendar of the Sun for January 5th

Calendar of the Sun

5 Wolfmonath

Burning of the Evergreen

Color: Dark green and red
Elements: Fire and Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of dark green and red place many boughs of evergreen, tied with paper messages for the Gods, and a single red candle.
Offerings: Messages to the Gods, of hope and faith and rebirth.
Daily Meal: Vegetarian. Warm food.

Song: Evergreen

Invocation to the Evergreen Spirit

Evergreen Man of the Winter,
Spirit of the Eternal Forest,
You have blessed our home,
Now bless our hearth.
You have danced in our halls,
Now dance for our warmth.
You have sung out your life,
Now sing in your death.
You have lifted up your boughs in stillness,
Now lift them one your final motion.
You have kindled our hopes,
Now kindle our flame.
Evergreen Man of the Winter,
Spirit of the Eternal Forest,
May we learn, like you,
To let no cold devour us,
Until we perish joyfully
In the flame of the heart.

(All take armloads of the evergreen boughs and bring them to the kitchen hearth, where a fire is started from the single red candle. Each places a bough onto the hearth, saying, “Forgive our fire, faithful tree; warm us now as we have warmed thee.” The remainder of the boughs are stored in the kitchen for future kindling, and this mantra is said whenever they are laid to make fire. Today, all chant as the fire burns, until the evergreen twigs are burned away.)

Fire flow, fire flow through me,
Bonfire, brush fire, lightning strike,
Fire flow, fire flow through me,
Fire burn, give me light.

[Pagan Book of Hours]