Time To Party! It’s Friday! Let’s Celebrate! TGIF!

Mother Cougar


Isn’t she beautiful? She looks nice in the picture doesn’t she. Don’t let looks fool you. That is a picture of the Momma Cougar we have right now. Lady A finally got the camera and waited till momma settled down. Then snapped the photo above. That is where Lady A is at today. She is trying to find a place to release momma. She told me she had several conservation places she had to call. I know some is public and others are private. I believe Lady A wants to find a private area to release her in. If it is private, there will be no danger of the cougar ever being harmed. Then when the kits are big enough, we could release them in the same area.

Lady A is conducting business and you get stuck with me.  Lady made me make one promise to her, “don’t crash the computer, lol.” I promised I wouldn’t. If I had any problem I would scream and let her know. That was embarrassing. I don’t know how I crashed it. When I was thru with the computer that day, all I saw was a blank screen. Lady wasn’t mad or anything. She was very calm and just told me I should have called her. I know she doesn’t want to see the momma cougar go. I figured I would give Lady all the time she wanted to spend with the cougar. I figured wrong. I could have run the computer down there to her. But the cougar doesn’t take kindly to strangers. I have seen that cat’s teeth once to often.

I think I should get busy now. I hope everything will be normal today. I am going to try my best to keep it that way.

Have a very nice day,


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