Good Friday Morning, my dear & precious friends!

Good Friday Morning, dear, precious friends! This is a very somber and sobering Friday Morning. I am sure if you have access to the News, you have heard about the tragic shootings in Colorado. On a morning like this, there are many questions and many thoughts. What baffles me is why, why would someone do such a horrible act? Do people have that little regard for human life? Do they not understand life is a very fragile and delicate gift from the Divine? I just can’t imagine any of it. The victims, there really isn’t any words that I can say right now that will express my true feelings. My heart breaks for those that have lost loved ones and the wounded. Their precious lives snuffed out in a heart beat. They looked forward to going out and having a wonderful time, only to be cut down in the prime of life. A terrible, terrible loss and my heart felt sympathy to all who lost loved ones.

No matter what Faith, Path or Religion you are, stop today and take time to light a candle and offer a prayer for all involved.

Oh mighty and compassion Goddess, we

Humbly pray for all those who have passed

On but this day we especially pray for those

Who have needless lost their lives in Aurora.

Hold them near to you until they are ready to

Be reborn again from your womb.

Oh mighty and gracious God, grant all the

Victims an easy rebirth, and that we never

Forget all that they was to us in this world.

Bring them to everlasting joy of the


So Mote It Be.

Book & Candle Comments

Crone Mother, wise woman, you have

Given us all sorts of herbs, barks, flowers,

And roots that can heal us. Please grant

The doctors in Colorado the knowledge,

Wisdom and skill to best use your energies

To heal the shooting victims of this day.

Dear Father, Healing physicians, please

Send forth your healing energies and put

And end to all this senseless killing, heal

The innocent victims of such violent acts,

Especially those in Colorado this day.

Thank you for your endless compassion.

So Mote It Be

~Magickal Graphics~