The Wicca Book of Days for July 20 – Red Rocks

The Wicca Book of Days for July 20

Red Rocks

The gems that are traditionally germane to July are the orangey-red carnelian (or cornelian) and the blood-red ruby, whose warm and fiery hues are reminiscent of those displayed by the setting summer sun at this time of year. As for their properties, both are said to impart courage. The carnelian is considered to encourage self-confidence, friendship, and contentment, and the ruby is reputed to bring luck in love, particularly in the form of passion, as well as good health and longevity. In addition, the ruby was once credited with the power to neutralize poisons (including poisonous thoughts) and to protect against the plague.

Weave Wreaths


A charming European summer rite that you and your lover may enjoy involves garlanding each other with wreaths of wild flowers, requesting the blessing of the Goddess and Horned God, and then sending your devotion with a kiss.