Merry Meet and Welcome To The WOTC’s 2012 Lammas Edition

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Welcome and Merry Meet To The Witches Of The Craft’s

2012 Lammas Edition

We are pleased and honored that you have decided to visit us today. Yes, our edition is early but we believe every good Witch should be prepared. And you can’t wait to the last minute to be prepared.

This year we are going to pack this Edition full of everything you could possibly need. Everything from graphics to use when you send greetings, to rituals and recipes. I hope you enjoy this edition as much as we did putting it together.

May You Have A Very Happy & Prosperous First Harvest,


Magickal Graphics

Good & Blessed Sunday To All Our Dear Friends!

Good Sunday Morning/Afternoon to all of our dear friends! I hope everyone has had a beautiful weekend so far. I must apologize for not being online for the past two days, well really one. Yesterday, I did what I have planned on doing Friday but couldn’t. I couldn’t because our service provider dropped our service. Why? Because we couldn’t pay our bill. I talked and talked till I was blue in the face and got an extension on the bill. We now have to the second week in August to pay it. I only bought us sometime. We don’t have the money to pay it, at this time the contributions are extremely low and we are flat broke. Being flat broke is a very horrible feeling. I keep hoping and praying for a way to pay all our bills to turn up. But to this date, nothing!


Then when I finally did get on the internet, I started changing the graphics on the blog. I had made a header (since I had a lot of free time Friday) for the blog. I admit it looked good. Some of you might have saw it. It was on the group for awhile. I had changed the background, everything looked fantastic. Then the type/font wouldn’t show up. Well come to find out, you have to buy a kit from WordPress for $30 that allows you to change the color of the font. $30! Heck it might as well be $30,000! Another pipe dream shot all to heck!


The facts are the facts and I know no one likes them. But it has come down to this….the last two days you have experienced with this blog will be permanent. We have to come up with some donations to be able to stay on the net. We are a legitimate non-profit organization. Everyone seems to enjoy the message we are spreading. We just sincerely need some help now. Have you ever been in a situation were you could use a little helping hand? That is where we are right now, we need a little helping hand. If not, we will be off the internet.


There is a PayPal button in the upper right-hand corner. We also have a donate page with our fiscal address on it. You don’t have to donate huge amounts, every nickel, dime, penny counts right now. We are searching everywhere we can for just change. I think so far we have collected $2.01 and a fuzz ball, lol! If you want to see us stay on the net, if you like the daily information we provide you with, then please give what you can.


May the Goddess Bless You & Keep You,

Lady A

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