Good Friday Morning, dear friends! What A Fantastic Day!

Good Friday morning, my lovelies! I hope you are having a super day! One quick note before I get this show on the road, lol! We are planning on our store being open in two weeks. So please don’t forget to sign up to the blog to get those super discounted prices. I don’t know if you read the post yesterday but as a member of the blog, you are already guaranteed a discounted price. Then we will offer public coupons and specials that you can apply to your already discounted price. I guarantee you the merchandise we will be selling is top notch and you will love it. That is why it took me a month of negotiating with wholesalers, to get the best merchandise at the most reasonable prices. I can guarantee you I drive a hard bargain and you will be well pleased with our store.

So that business out of the way, how about we get down to business. I hope you have a super fantastic Friday and a great weekend.

Goddess Bless You & Yours,

Lady A

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Kozy Kitty of the Day for April 18th

KC, the Cat of the Day
Name: KC
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Maine Coon Cat
Home: Austin, Texas, USA
Hi, I am KC, that stands for kitty cat. I know, it’s not too creative a name, but it is my name and that’s that. Some people think it’s spelled C-a-s-e-y, but nope, it’s just KC. I was adopted in Sebastion Florida from a wonderful lady named Ann. No one knows how old I am, they didn’t tell Ann when she adopted me, I guess. I have lived on both coasts of Florida and was in hospice with Ann when she lost her life to a sudden, but thankfully quick battle with cancer. It was good the hospice let me be with her, as she needed a friend right then.

Well, after Ann died, Ann’s son tried to care for me but then decided to drive me to South Florida to be taken in by his daughter Sarah. I have lived with Sarah since and we are so happy! We now reside in Austin Texas and have a huge yard with a creek for me to play in. I am told I am more dog than cat, II guess most cats do not like water. Being a Maine Coon, all of my hair makes me look tough and I guard the yard – when I am not cuddling with Sarah, of course. Life is good here.

KC, the Cat of the Day

Deity of the Day for Jan. 30 – SHOU-XING

Deity of the Day



God of Longevity and Old Age, and the most venerable member of the SAN-XING happiness squad.


His name means ‘Star Of Long Life’. He is old and bald, and always carries a Golden Peach of Immortality from XI-WANGMU’s Holy Peach Garden. These are found only in Heaven and ripen once every three thousand years.


Ironically he didn’t actually get to eat one. His long life came about by quite different means. Once he was a young and sickly lad named Zhao-Yen, who was destined to die when he reached 19. Told by a fortune-teller to enter a certain field armed with a packed lunch, he found two men playing checkers.

Having been warned to keep his mouth shut, he silently offered them spring rolls and wine, which were gratefully accepted. So gratefully, in fact, that the men, revealing themselves to be the Gods of Birth and Death, offered him longevity.

First they took his allotted lifespan of 19 years and reversed it, giving 91 years. Then they munched another spring roll, had another sip of wine, and decided he deserved immortality. That must have been a very impressive packed lunch.

Location : China
Gender : Male
Category : Deity
Celebration or Feast Day : Unknown at present
Pronunciation : Sshoh Sheeng