Good, What? Is It Wednesday Already? Time Flies…..

Good Wednesday morning, my dear friends! And Razzy says,”Good Morning too!” I thought I would show you why I run late some mornings (like today, lol!). It was peace and quiet this morning, I sit down to work on the blog. Guess who showed up? Razzy! She had heard a train whistle blow and she didn’t know what it was. She came running in here to let me know there was something strange in our yard. Yeah, right about a mile away. She hops up in my lap and it is automatically “make me feel secure and loved.” Of course, being the good mother I am, I couldn’t refuse. So we nuzzled and nuzzled the whole time, I worked on the Josephine Wall’s page. Razzy picked out the graphics so I (excuse me, we) hope you like them.

Anyway I wanted to wish you a “Good Morning and A Blessed Afternoon!” Also to show off my baby brat.

Now on with the show…….

2 thoughts on “Good, What? Is It Wednesday Already? Time Flies…..

    1. Thank you, Heather. She is a beautiful animal but she has a mind of her own. She had two other siblings and my neighbors took care of them for me. I blame myself for that. If the other two weren’t so friendly to humans then perhaps they would be alive. But Razzy has a serious wild streak, I couldn’t get through at all. She took off running for her life. I looked and looked for all of them the next day. I finally found Razzy out front. The poor little thing was a mess, she looked so dazed and was stumbling when she walked. That scared me to death. I picked her up and ran for the front door. I brought her in and checked her out. She was fine, thank Goddess. I believe she was really dazed and confused. She now only trusts me and she will look at my husband leary. But I am the only human she has anything to do with. She is a handful at times. She will come in here when I am at the computer and jump up in my lap. She use to be able to put her front paws over one arm and the other hand I would scratch her belly. She is getting too long to do that anymore. So she is trying to figure out another way to get her belly scratched and all of momma’s attention. Which I gladly give.

      Thank you again for your lovely comment about her. She is a very precious gift to me.
      Goddess Bless,
      Lady A


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