Good Friday Afternoon, My Dear Friends!

I hope everyone is having a super fantastic Friday. I wanted to take a minute and apologize for today’s postings. I know they took longer than usual and I am sorry for that. I started posting this morning at 10:00 a.m., and just now finishing up, hmm? The first problem I had was with the template itself. Every time I posted, the post would appear on the front page over the main text. I would have to go back and re-edit everything. Well got that figured out and thought I was home free. Yeah, right! Next thing is Facebook. Which I think that was a spoof just to get my account password on Facebook. But I would go to send a post and up would pop a message from Facebook. “WordPress wants your password where it can edit your Facebook pages.” If I had that clown’s email addy, boy, oh, boy! Let’s just say, his laptop or computer would catch on fire when he opened the email. I don’t give my passwords to anyone and then get something demanding it, just pissed me off. Plus not letting my posts get through, double pissed me off. After a cooler head prevailed, I thought on how to solve this problem. Ah, simple, disconnect myself from Facebook. I did and everything was lovely from then on out. But it did make me angry because I had planned to fly and have everything on here this morning. Please accept my apology. I haven’t heard anyone say if they liked the new template or not? I started out liking it and now I’m not for sure. It does have a glitch in it. Like I mentioned above, the posts coming out on top of the main text. Having to go back and re-edit everything is time-consuming. Needless to say, that irritates me to no end. I love doing what I do everyday. Blogging relaxes me and gets my mind off of things for a while. I definitely don’t like things causing problems when it’s “me time.” Then I miss not being able to use my fancy graphics. I loved the ones with the sayings on them about friends and such. I don’t know this template is starting to give me a cold feeling. I don’t like the way the front page works at all. To be quite frank, there are several things I don’t like about it. I also feel like I am isolated from you all. Don’t ask me why? I just do. I have been looking at some with a magazine lay-out. So if everything suddenly switches, don’t be surprised (might be a late night for me, lol)! Well now that’s out-of-the-way, how life with everyone? Mine is still the same. I am still separated. I still don’t have a car of my own to get around in. My daughter and her husband brought down one of their trucks. I don’t know how many cars and trucks they have (I don’t think they do either!). It’s away to get around but I don’t want to drive it anymore than I have to. I don’t want to wreck it. It’s been driving my daughter crazy because I don’t have A/C. Both kids have bills running out their ears and they can’t help with the A/C. I wouldn’t want them to anyway. It gets hot, Kiki and I go outside and sit on the porch. One of the neighbors said we could come over to his house to cool off. That old boy wants to play house and I told him, “Thanks but no thanks!” The day he told me this it was about 93 degrees. Kiki and I were out on the porch and I was sweating like a hog. After he left, I started calling the Wind. I know the poor Wind has to be tired of listening to me by now. But it does work and we get a breeze. Well I guess that is about it with me. I did want to apologize for the screw up todays. I don’t know what I am going to do with the template. I am going out on the porch and think it over. It is starting to get hot in here. I am having to wipe the sweat from my eyes to see. So that means it is time to go….. I hope you have a fantastic weekend.May the Goddess Bless You & Keep You,Lady A

Daily Motivator for April 13th – Needless needs

Needless needs

One of the most disabling assumptions is the assumption of need. Consider that much of what you assume you need, you really don’t.

Remember, just because everyone else has some particular thing, does not mean you need it too. Just because someone says you need something, doesn’t mean you really need it.

If you’re being held back by the need to satisfy your needs, stop and ask yourself a key question about each one. Do you really need it?

Life can be difficult, and yet there’s no sense in adding to the burden. Instead of assuming more and more needs, choose to question those needs.

Live more by intention, and less by reaction. Put your time and effort into those things that create real fulfillment for your life, rather than into needless needs.

Choose your own priorities, based on what’s most important to you. Let go of the need to need so much, and free yourself to live life at its authentic best.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

Have You Ever Seen Real Magic? I Have!

Have You Ever Seen Real Magic? I Have!

Author: MoonChild

I was raised a very good Christian, I looked very hard trying to find the right faith, problem was, I was only looking inside the Christian faith. I went from Church to Church looking, but always finding things wrong with their belief. I even became a good Jehovah’s Witness, a very high-ranking one at that. I am a certified minister in one, and ordained in another.

I have been married going on thirty-four years, with my wife going along with me on the search for the right faith. About ten years ago my wife started reading Wiccan books, and slowly became a Wiccan. Needless to say, this was hard on our marriage, and if not for the “for better or worse” thing, we may have split. I thought I could bring her back into the faith, which one I was still unsure, but one of Christian faiths that was right, as soon as I found it.

I began to see a real peace come over her, “It must be that damn devil!” I thought. She told me little bits and pieces, I pretended not to care, and I acted like I was not lessening, but I was.

This was the first, but not the last, magic I saw. We had lived in a small travel trailer for over four and a half years on some land we owned and planned to build on one day, but we never seemed to get ahead enough.

My wife told me she was going to do a spell to get us a place. I smiled and said “Sure, good luck with that!”

She told me all about when and how and that she had been working on it a while. She told me that spells were like prayer, and magic was like miracles.

That made some sense.

The night she did this spell was the first night that I had joined her, mostly just to show her it would not work. It took her a long time, and I thought, “Why not save some time and just put your hands together and pray” but I said nothing.

When it was over I jokingly said something like ‘So, where’s the new house?” and she smiled and said ‘It does not work that way”

Well I be damned if the next morning a very good Christian lady that lives up the road stopped by on her way past, and said these words “God told me last night to sell you my mobile home and get me a newer one.” I could not believe it! I thought it must be the devil or just luck, but she is too good a Christian for that, so I went with luck.

Later that day another neighbor called saying his daughter was moving out of the mobile home next to his and we could buy that one from him. Both of these offers were priced where we could make payments, and because they were on our private rood, no moving costs to speak of. I was floored but it was not over. The next day another good offer came, and the next another offer! The offers ranged from $3, 500 in payments for a nice place, all the way up to take over the loan for a huge triple wide at $80, 000!!

Not one person ever came to us in the four and a half years about a home until my wife did her spell, then they were bending over backwards trying to help us get a home. These people did not just call once, that took a real interest in getting us a home, and even helped us with the move.

We know live in one of those homes, and I have gotten a real sense of how it works. It is possible for the great sprits of the god and goddess to affect the hearts of any person of any faith, showing we are all just one. I find real peace knowing this, I now understand that each faith on earth has good people in it, and hopefully now I am one of those. I really feel I am a much better person then before, I no longer judge someone on his or her faith, and I must admit I once did this, or I have not grown within.

I also now know I must continue by quest, and with the help of my wife and sites like this, I am enjoying the trip.

Getting our home was not luck, and it was not the devil, it was real magic. Over the course of time I have seen much more magic out of her, many times, and I guess it goes without saying that I have stopped looking for the right faith, because I have found it. Not because of the magic, but the inner peace, one with nature and mostly self-judgment.

We have made a coven of special members, and we feel we are growing with each passing moon. I no longer feel like a sinner for all of the little things I did as a kid. Yes, like many I had lots of sex before marriage, and I have always felt guilty and “a bad little boy” for it. Now I know it was natural, and if kids were told the reasons to respect it, and why, and how to control it, a lot less people would spend a lifetime carrying the guilt I did.

Our marriage is so much stronger, and we are truly one, with each other, and nature. I wish I could tell you the rest of the magic I have seen her do, but it would take way to long, and trust me, we both don’t have that kind of time!!!

Blessed be to all! I truly hope you are as blessed be as I have been to finally have found the right faith… and that is the REAL magic I have seen.

Seeing is Believing… Or Is It?

Seeing is Believing… Or Is It?

Author: Mirage

We have all heard the age-old phrase “Seeing is believing” or ” I will only believe it when I see it.” For some situations in life, I have to agree — when dealing with the material world around us. I find it especially true when dealing with people. You can only be burned so many times and then you just end up losing your faith in human nature. I’m sure that I am not the only one here who has felt that way at one time or another- and for good reasons as well.

It saddens me, however, when people use this phase when referring to the existence of the Divine (God, Goddess, any divine entity) . I have heard so many Atheists, Agnostics, and even people who claim to have faith, make comments about the divine that basically translate as, ” I will believe it when I see it.” I have also heard people crack jokes about how silly it is for an adult to have an “imaginary friend” that they continually talk to but never get a response in return.

I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to his or her own beliefs/opinions but I really think that we should all take a look at the other side of the fence before making any rash decisions. So, despite all of the multi-faceted views on religion and/or spirituality, I have a proposal to make. I think that if people gave the divine a chance, no matter how skeptical or bent on logic they claim to be, they would discover that seeing isn’t believing, but believing is seeing. However, this “sight” is more of an emotional awareness that allows us to “see” and experience the divine. First I think we should explore the problem before we discuss a solution…

People have asked me why I believe what I believe. Why do I believe in the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses? Simply because I have ‘seen them’ by emotionally experiencing them or by feeling them? No, they did not manifest out of thin air and demand my undivided attention. Nor did they shout my name from the sky and underworld to prove to me that they really do exist.

I do not doubt that this could really occur, in one sense or another, but I have not experienced it for myself, therefore it is not the reason I have faith. So many people seem to have this expectation when it comes to deities. What seems more ridiculous to you- only believing in something if it makes itself physically apparent or having faith in something you haven’t physically seen but have emotionally experienced?

I think that knowing and experiencing the divine requires more of an effort on our part. If I was a divine entity, I wouldn’t just pop out at random times to offer people bits of wisdom and enlightenment. I would make them work for it! I’m pretty sure that all of the Gods and Goddesses, no matter what pantheon or time period they are from, would expect the same.

What concerns me is when people are new to Paganism, or any religion/spirituality for that matter, and expect to hit it off right away with every God or Goddess they choose to call upon. Some people are lucky, and a certain deity may favor them, so they get instant “results”. The deity tends to the individual and encourages him/her to form a relationship by allowing him/her to “see” the divine presence. Other times, the deity will choose to ignore the individual altogether or make the person work for results (most likely a fulfilling relationship with said deity) – the latter probably being more common.

This is why I think people have little or no faith. They just don’t want to put forth an effort to get to know a deity that they want to relate to. I have found that quite a few Pagans/ Wiccans at one point or another (myself included) tend to EXPECT Gods and Goddesses to grant desires with little effort on their part.

Yes, we can “promise” a deities that we will pay them homage in a certain manner or offer them incense, oils, foods, etc. so our wish will be granted, but to me that seems superficial and empty (again, I have done it myself, so I am by no means pointing my finger at others.) I think that we can almost relate divine relationships to relationships that we have with other people- especially significant others.

Sure, we can shower them with gifts and grant them “favors”, but there is so much more to a relationship besides that. We should learn about their personality (likes, dislikes, quirks, etc.) and how to work with them instead of against them. We should do this when relating to the divine as well and maybe we would get better results, thus strengthening our faith as we go.

I think that we have issues describing our spiritual experiences as well, so sometimes we put it on the back burner and brush it off as a coincidence or fate. My theory is that we are so used to describing material items, we are programmed to think that if we cannot describe the way something looks, sounds, smells, feels, etc. then it is illusive or does not exist at all.

For example, if I was asked to describe a rose, I would say that it is red, smells sweet, has sharp thorns, and so on. Needless to say, not too many people would describe the flower much differently.

However, if I was asked to describe the Goddess Isis, that might be a bit more difficult.

Since I have never physically seen Her, I couldn’t accurately describe Her physical attributes (hair color, skin color, clothing, eye color, etc.) unless I was basing it off of an artist’s depiction of Her. On the other hand, if I described my spiritual “sight” of Her, I would say that She is a being of light that brings me a very warm and peaceful feeling, almost as if She was my own mother.

Skeptical people might raise a brow to this description, but again, it all boils down to having faith, putting forth effort, and opening our minds to things we may not think to be possible.

So, if there is that one special deity in your life that you are not to sure about because he/she seems a tad bit illusive or you don’t know how to approach them, I say go for it! It won’t be as easy as looking at a person across the room from you and acknowledging him/her, but it will be well worth it in the end.

I suggest researching the deities that you are drawn to before you form a relationship with them. What are their attributes? What do they like/dislike? Do they have any aspects that you would like to relate to as well?

The research is the easy part. Now open your heart and your mind to them and allow their presence in your rituals or daily life…I’m sure that when the time is right, you will gain sight of them through your emotions and intuition.

Let it snow, let it snow! Happy, Snowy Tuesday to you, dear friends!

Winter Comments & Graphics

The witch is now in! Sorry I am running late but I woke up this morning to about a foot of snow.  It was very unexpected and very beautiful. The weather forecast called for snow, sleet and all that good stuff all around us. But we were suppose to get nothing. Needless to say, our weather people don’t know the weather no more than my fish does. Anyway, I had to get out in it for a bit. I took Kiki out on the porch and that was hilarious. She took about four steps, sniffed and ran back to me. Jumping up and down for me to pick her up, she isn’t much of a snow dog. I could take Mocha (my hybrid wolf dog) outside in the snow and we would play and play. She loved the snow and I enjoyed having her out there with me. Next, after I picked up Kiki I opened the door and there stood nosey Stinker. I put Kiki down and picked up some snow and dumped it on his head. He jumped like he had been shot. Razzy was back in the kitchen. She saw what had happened to Stinker so she didn’t bother moving. After I came in she came over to the snow to sniff it and see what that funny, white stuff was. But I have been walking in the snow, kicking it around and just breathing in the clean crisp air. It is a beautiful site. Another wonder of Mother Nature bestowing her beauty on us.  


Tuesday Is Ruled By Mars


Tuesday is named after the God Tiw, this day is perfect for works relating to justice, strength and physical well-being. Other correspondences for Tuesday are: 

Ruling Planet: Mars 

Rituals: Overcoming enmity, developing courage and protection. 

Element: Fire 

Colour: Red 

Number: 5 


 ~Magickal Graphics~

Have A Wonderful, Magickal Wednesday!

Hey World, you awake yet? I can’t help it my body’s thermometer told me it was 110 in the shade, so I slept late, lol!  Really listening to the A/C kick off and on, off and on told me how hot it was. I was dreaming of dollar signs floating around in my head.

I promise I won’t talk your ear off and you are going sure, sure! Everytime you hear this you know there something good coming. I have always wanted to know what purpose I had in life.  The Goddess showed me exactly what I was supposed to do and I have been doing it. But before the Goddess got a hold of me and straightened me out, I did somethings that a good witch might not do. I walked the line between white and black magick. Most of the time I fell off that line on the side of black magick too. I don’t know what brought me back to my senses. I remember the first group I joined on the net. The owner was a very sweet and kind lady. We automatically became friends.  Perhaps talking to her, watching her daily and seeing what she done had a huge influence on me and I didn’t know it. That is all that I can think of that Gypsy.  Well since then I have walked on the right side of magick. But I occasionally get to questioning again, “why was I borne?” I had been doing that quite frequently here recently. Last night I had a horrible dream. I saw no one it was just black everywhere. But I did hear a man’s voice, it was a very masculine voice. He told me my  mother had given birth to two souls. one good and one evil. Then I woke up. Needless to say the dream has left me with lots of questions. I am the only one left in my family. I don’t know how to take this dream.  I don’t dream unless it is important. Most of the time my dreams involve someone getting hurt, an accident, wreck or worse. I don’t have dreams in regards to me.  So I am totally baffled. Do any of y’all have dreams that you can’t figure out? Better yet, do your dreams come true?