Good Tuesday Morning, dear Precious Family!

I will try to make this brief as possible. We have a lot to get to today. There will be a prayer and a remembrance for all of those who lost their lives yesterday. But first, I would like to say a few words….

I found out about the shootings late yesterday afternoon. I had just came in, fixed myself a cup of coffee and turned on the TV. I had it on a local News Station that doesn’t know it’s butt from a hole in the ground. It was reported a Naval Base had been shot up, details at 6:00. You hear something like that these days you don’t want to wait to 6:00 to find out. You want to know then. Right then! So I turned it over to CNN and they were broadcasting what had happened. I couldn’t believe it. A civilian had went in there and killed 12 and injured 8. What on earth was this madman thinking? There is no other explanation for it, he had to be stark raving mad! There is no other reason for it. No respect for life. No respect for self. No respect for anything or anyone. Just a cold blooded killer that turned on a bunch of innocent people. What is this planet coming too?

I got a little upset to say the least this morning. Every time we would change the channel, it would show a picture of the killer. Fantastic mugshot, so good he is even smiling in. That’s the one that pisses me off. It looks like he has this sheepish smile, as to say, “guess what’s next?” Oh, it makes me angry! All I heard about last night and all morning is about the shooter. Finally I heard the victims mentioned once. I got on-line. Heck I knew I could find anything there. Yeah, right! I had to search for the victims of the Navy Yard Shooting.

The point I am getting to is simple, why does the media play up the killer, shooter, murderer, whatever you want to call it. Everyone seems to want to know what would make a person do something like that. Well, in that case, drag the body off, hold it in a morgue, do an autopsy and then publish a paper. To all the media press, killing a bunch of people is not something to give a person a gold medal for.  Yes, we know we have sick individuals in our community. Yes, we know there will be more killings. We this, we are human and is going to happen.

But can’t you realize there are individuals, families, parents, brothers, sisters, sibling, that will never see their loved one again. They are all in a state of shock right now. I know they have questions but let them ask. Give them the respect and dignity they deserve. Instead of some crazy person that went on a rampage and killed their loved ones. Think about them.

Daily Motivator for August 28th – Little bits

Little bits

If all you can do right now is a little bit, do it. Those little bits will  quickly add up.

Value that is built over time, in small increments, tends to be value that  also lasts for a long time. Use each opportunity, each day, to build more.

Doing something, even if it is just a little bit, is infinitely more  productive than doing nothing. So do something, where you are, with what you  have, using the time that’s available to you.

By doing something now, you increase the value of what you’re able to do  later. By doing something useful with this moment, you preserve the moment’s  value long after the moment has passed.

By all means, do as much as you can. And if all you can do right now is just  a little bit, that’s a whole lot more than nothing.

Do a little bit now, a little bit later, and as much as you can each chance  you get. Soon you’ll have a whole lot of good things to show for your  efforts.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

Good Friday Afternoon, My Dear Friends!

I hope everyone is having a super fantastic Friday. I wanted to take a minute and apologize for today’s postings. I know they took longer than usual and I am sorry for that. I started posting this morning at 10:00 a.m., and just now finishing up, hmm? The first problem I had was with the template itself. Every time I posted, the post would appear on the front page over the main text. I would have to go back and re-edit everything. Well got that figured out and thought I was home free. Yeah, right! Next thing is Facebook. Which I think that was a spoof just to get my account password on Facebook. But I would go to send a post and up would pop a message from Facebook. “WordPress wants your password where it can edit your Facebook pages.” If I had that clown’s email addy, boy, oh, boy! Let’s just say, his laptop or computer would catch on fire when he opened the email. I don’t give my passwords to anyone and then get something demanding it, just pissed me off. Plus not letting my posts get through, double pissed me off. After a cooler head prevailed, I thought on how to solve this problem. Ah, simple, disconnect myself from Facebook. I did and everything was lovely from then on out. But it did make me angry because I had planned to fly and have everything on here this morning. Please accept my apology. I haven’t heard anyone say if they liked the new template or not? I started out liking it and now I’m not for sure. It does have a glitch in it. Like I mentioned above, the posts coming out on top of the main text. Having to go back and re-edit everything is time-consuming. Needless to say, that irritates me to no end. I love doing what I do everyday. Blogging relaxes me and gets my mind off of things for a while. I definitely don’t like things causing problems when it’s “me time.” Then I miss not being able to use my fancy graphics. I loved the ones with the sayings on them about friends and such. I don’t know this template is starting to give me a cold feeling. I don’t like the way the front page works at all. To be quite frank, there are several things I don’t like about it. I also feel like I am isolated from you all. Don’t ask me why? I just do. I have been looking at some with a magazine lay-out. So if everything suddenly switches, don’t be surprised (might be a late night for me, lol)! Well now that’s out-of-the-way, how life with everyone? Mine is still the same. I am still separated. I still don’t have a car of my own to get around in. My daughter and her husband brought down one of their trucks. I don’t know how many cars and trucks they have (I don’t think they do either!). It’s away to get around but I don’t want to drive it anymore than I have to. I don’t want to wreck it. It’s been driving my daughter crazy because I don’t have A/C. Both kids have bills running out their ears and they can’t help with the A/C. I wouldn’t want them to anyway. It gets hot, Kiki and I go outside and sit on the porch. One of the neighbors said we could come over to his house to cool off. That old boy wants to play house and I told him, “Thanks but no thanks!” The day he told me this it was about 93 degrees. Kiki and I were out on the porch and I was sweating like a hog. After he left, I started calling the Wind. I know the poor Wind has to be tired of listening to me by now. But it does work and we get a breeze. Well I guess that is about it with me. I did want to apologize for the screw up todays. I don’t know what I am going to do with the template. I am going out on the porch and think it over. It is starting to get hot in here. I am having to wipe the sweat from my eyes to see. So that means it is time to go….. I hope you have a fantastic weekend.May the Goddess Bless You & Keep You,Lady A

Ritual the Wiccan Way

Ritual the Wiccan Way

Most, if not all religions have some form of ritual. Ritual helps to remove you from the mundane and more you closer to your deity. Under Wiccan ritual we create a sacred space in which to work. Within this space we feel comfortable, just as those going to Church feel a comfort within the walls of the Church.

When to Do and Not Do Ritual

Wiccan do ritual for the Eight Sabbats and all Esbats. There are certain times when you would want to avoid doing ritual. When you are sick, sharing is nice, but not that nice. When you are hungry. a growling stomach can really distract from ritual. When you are tired, proper ritual takes time and energy. When you are Angry, bad energies will be developed; definitely wrong.

Ritual can be done either as a solitary or a coven. The format can be changed to fit the situation.


When doing ritual there is a loose structure to follow:

Cast the circle

Call the quarters

Call the Lord and Lady

State the purpose of the ritual.

Do your workings

Share wine and cakes

Enjoy the company of each other within the circle.

Release deity and the quarters

Take down the circle



Once the circle is cast you can not leave. Take care of necessities before the circle is closed. Animals can, and will enter an leave the circle, this shows no disrespect nor will cause any harm.

If a Ritual is to start at 7:30 P.M.; be there at least ten minutes early. Once the circle is cast you will not be permitted to enter.

If you have been asked to bring the candle, wine cake, etc.; for the ritual – do not forget them. It can really rune a ritual.

You are working with a group, remember to show courtesy at all time.

If you have been invited to join a coven for ritual make sure you know what is required of you.

Your BOS

When the ritual is over you will want to record it in your BOS. There are exceptions to this rule. If you were a guest at a ritual check with the High Priest/ess to see if you can record their ritual. Many covens hold their ritual to be sacred and will not permit you to record them. What you can then do is record what the ritual was about and how you felt. As a solitary, record your ritual for future reference.

Remember to keep you BOS is a safe place when not in use. Like a diary, you have recorded many intimate items in it that your really do not want made public on CNN.

Big Wrap-up

Ritual is one way to commune with the Lord and Lady.

Prepare yourself before you do ritual

Record your rituals

Use a BOS to record your magickal doings and the results of them.

A BOS is “eyes only” material – don’t leave it where others can see it.

In Loving Memory, Whitney Houston 1963 – 2012

In Loving Memory of Whitney Houston

(1963 -2012)

The world has lost a great Lady and a great talent. Her angelic voice and music touched millions, including myself. Her song, “I Will Always Love You,” holds such happy memories for me. I relive the deepest love that I have ever known on this plane. I thank Whitney for that song and giving me a chance to hold those memories in my heart.

I never met Ms. Houston but she was a great Lady. She had a kind and loving spirit. She gave so much of herself to the world. Through all her trials and tribulations, she proved one thing. She was truly a Lady.

Rest In Peace, Whitney.