Daily Motivator for August 28th – Little bits

Little bits

If all you can do right now is a little bit, do it. Those little bits will  quickly add up.

Value that is built over time, in small increments, tends to be value that  also lasts for a long time. Use each opportunity, each day, to build more.

Doing something, even if it is just a little bit, is infinitely more  productive than doing nothing. So do something, where you are, with what you  have, using the time that’s available to you.

By doing something now, you increase the value of what you’re able to do  later. By doing something useful with this moment, you preserve the moment’s  value long after the moment has passed.

By all means, do as much as you can. And if all you can do right now is just  a little bit, that’s a whole lot more than nothing.

Do a little bit now, a little bit later, and as much as you can each chance  you get. Soon you’ll have a whole lot of good things to show for your  efforts.

— Ralph Marston

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