My Eyes Were Swollen Shut + Mini Potion Bottle Haul

Merrrrry Meet and I welcome you to another episode of Witch Quickie Whatever!
Lemme tell you what happened last night…hmmmm…where’s your mind?? LOL!
We got some really cute potion bottles. Let me know if you like them.

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Good Sunday Afternoon, my dear brothers & sisters of The Craft

I know most of the time when we miss a day on the net, we apologize. I am breaking that cardinal rule, just this one time, lol! As you can see I have been a busy little beaver. Most of the time I am able to do all this in one night and forget it. Except this time I have been running with a handicap. Only a few people know about this, it had to be Wednesday late afternoon I believe or maybe not. But anyway, I went home and was getting ready to fix supper. The bottom element in my oven went out. The brain here decided she would just whip that little devil out. Then go in the morning and get a new one. No big deal, HA! I opened the oven door and sit down beside it. I reached in the back with my screwdriver and unscrewed the screws from the oven wall. I did the other side, the same way. I pulled out the element out and I saw where it was attached by two wires coming out of the oven wall. One was red and the other was yellow. Well, dummy here, being around a car garage all my life thought, hmm, red “hot,” “yellow” not. You know just like the battery connectors and cables.  (Oh, did I fail to mention, I forgot to kill the power to the stove :s ). So I grabbed a hold of the yellow wire (which had a coating on it). Then my hand accidentally slipped down on the wire connector and I tell you I was one flying witch. That thing knocked me clear across the room and I ended up in the floor. My hubby came running in there and thought I was dying. He said I was laying in the floor twitching like a dying cockroach. He called an ambulance but the local rescue squad showed up first. The picked me up and took me to the hospital. I was still twitching a little bit and could finally straighten out at the hospital. My neurologist came in, looked me over and admitted me to the hospital for observation. He told me I was damn lucky to be alive. Lucky had nothing to do with it, I was wearing my pentagram. So the next morning at 5 am, here came the doctor to see how I was doing. He asked a few questions and wanted to know if I would like to go home. Silly, silly man! My husband and I were leaving the hospital about 7 am the next morning.

I got a little sleep when I got home. Then I did a little blogging. I told my husband I was bored and could he please bring me my laptop. I pretended to be surfing the net. I know I am terrible, right? Then I got to looking at the blog and how bad it needed up-dating. I tried staying up that night as long as possible but I just couldn’t do it. Then I tried it again Friday and couldn’t do it. I guess get electrocuted took a little more out of me than I thought. So yesterday, I propped up in the bed and went to work. I figure after you seen what all had been done, you would know why the blog wasn’t blogging. I am going to put on a few things that you might find useful. Then I am going to see if I can get the rest of the blog done.

Can you believe it is already December? Where on earth did this year go?

I hope you have a very beautiful Sunday!

Relax, Enjoy and Most of all find some time for a little fun!

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

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Good Thursday Morning Friends!

I hope your Thursday is going better than ours. Lady A is in the hospital. Her husband called me last night and told me. They went to the doctor. The doctor wasn’t happy with any of the test results. He did his own ultrasound in his office on her feet, legs, knees, upper thigh and arms. The ultrasound he did showed up a very thick fluid that had built up on her body. I know she had a leg that was hard as a rock and lumps all in it. The doctor decided the fluid had to be removed immediately. Generally he is able to do this in his office and he tried on her. But the fluid was so thick it would not come through the needles.

They called down stairs to see if there was an operating room available (this is a same-day surgery). It was the afternoon and the entire place was empty. The doctor told Lady A and her husband to go down to the same day surgery. The doctor met them there and took her back to surgery. They gave her a very mild sedative. The doctor did all her joints and removed 8 of those big syringes full of fluid off of her. Then the doctor injected those spots with something. The doctor stepped out to show her husband the fluid he had pulled off of her. Her husband said it was a creamy, watery fluid. But the doctor held it up to the light and it just glittered. The doctor told him if the fluid was not removed regularly that her joints would sit up like concrete. The nurse came running and told the doctor, he must come immediately. Lady A was having a reaction to whatever was put in her body. Her husband was about to go crazy he said the doctor returned 45 minutes later. He told him that she was stable and they were transferring her to the hospital for observation. Lady A’s husband said the doctor took so long he figured she was dead. Then the doctor showed back up and left, he broke down and started crying.

Lady A was transferred to the hospital. I talked to her husband this morning. They aren’t letting her go till the medication is out of her body. Her husband said you can tell by looking at her joints, it is not leaving quickly at all. The doctor came in and told him she was stable and the medicine was being flushed out of her body. He said they would put her on pills instead of the injections. But she would have to go every six months and have this done. If the fluid built back up sooner, she would have to come back immediately. Her husband asked the doctor asked him what had caused this, he didn’t know. But he had several ideas what might have and he wouldn’t say till he got the results back.  He said he had sent the vials off and that would determine what caused everything. So finally we are going to know what is wrong with her.

Her husband said he woke her up for a minute. He was feeling of her legs. The one that was so hard and full of all the lumps especially. It had started to soften and the lumps could hardly be felt. So we are very optimistic that this doctor knows what he is doing. The doctor said if everything continues to go well, Lady A will be release tomorrow from the hospital.

It will be great to see her. She is like a sister to me. We grew up together and when something happens to her, a part of me is torn. It has been such a worry for the past few months, knowing she was so sick. When she made the turn for the worse I was scared she had rabies from that coyote that jumped her in the pen.

She will be back next week. We are not letting her on the internet if we have to tie her in her bed. She never takes time to rest and recoup. I be damned she will this time. That is what we were talking about this morning. If she came through the door, we were debating on what we were going to turn her into. That way we could put her in a cage and make her rest, lol! Yeah, I can see turning her into anything. We would have to leave the planet!

I thought I would give you a quick up-date and let you know what is going on. I hope you have a good Thursday, what is left of it.

Goddess Bless You,




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Happy & Blessed Sunday To All My Friends! It’s A Spell Sunday Today!

Good afternoon to all my dear friends! I hope everyone is having a great day. I am sorry for no dailies today but it is going to be a great day anyway! It is a “Spell for All Sunday.” Can you spell that without any “l’s”?

Really I feel like crap. I have a mild case of West Nile Virus. If it is out there I am going to catch it. Last night was the most miserable night in my life. My husband took me to the hospital at 3 a.m. They did blood work and everything and told me, “I have a mild case of West Nile’s Virus.” If this is a mild case, I sure in the hell wouldn’t won’t a severe case.  I have enough medicine to kill a hog. My husband got upset when they let me leave the hospital. They told him what I had was like having a severe case of the flu. Makes a lot of sense, a mild case of West Nile’s, but a severe case of the flu, hmm? I am still trying to figure that one out. But anyway, I wouldn’t want to be in the hospital for nothing. I had enough of the hospitals a few year ago. So if I act a little more out of it than usual you know what’s the matter, lol! I have to get up and post something in the Apothecary anyway. I haven’t made Anastasia a manager over there yet or she could do it all.

Well I am going to get to posting some spells and other info. I hope you have a fantastic Sunday, what’s left of it anyway. And don’t forget to see if you can spell that without any “l’s”, lol!

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A





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Thousands to be tested for hepatitis C in New Hampshire

Thousands to be tested for hepatitis C in New Hampshire

BOSTON (Reuters) – Thousands of former patients at a New Hampshire hospital have been given permission to be tested to discover whether they were infected with the hepatitis C virus by a medical technician charged with stealing drugs and contaminating needles.

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services on Friday announced plans for testing about 3,300 former patients of Exeter Hospital who may have been infected.

Any patient treated in the hospital’s main operating rooms or intensive care unit between April 1, 2011 and May 25, 2012 may be at risk of infection.

David Matthew Kwiatkowski, a carrier of hepatitis C and an itinerant medical technician who worked at hospitals in several states, was charged with federal drug crimes in July for his actions in New Hampshire.

Authorities said the Michigan native stole syringes filled with the painkiller Fentanyl and injected himself with them. He then refilled the needles with saline, leaving the syringes for the hospital to re-use on patients.

Kwiatkowski worked in a lab at Exeter Hospital for more than a year. His charges carry sentences of up to 24 years in prison.

Tests scheduled for late July were delayed by concerns over the safety, health and privacy of those being tested. More than half the patients were 50 years or older

“It did take a little bit longer than we had hoped to iron out how this new testing plan would work and we do appreciate everyone’s patience in this process,” DHHS commissioner Nicholas Toumpas said in a statement.

Hepatitis C is caused by a virus that attacks the liver, and is considered among the most serious hepatitis viruses. It is passed through contact with contaminated blood, often through shared needles. It can lead to cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Kwiatkowski is believed to have had hepatitis C since at least June 2010. Thirty cases of the same strain have been confirmed among patients from the New Hampshire hospital.

Before arriving in New Hampshire, Kwiatkowski worked as a radiology technician and in cardiac labs in at least 10 hospitals in Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Kansas, Georgia and Arizona.

(Reporting by Joseph O’Leary; Editing by Ros Krasny and Eric Walsh)

It Is Finally Thursday! Yahoo, Happy Thursday, dear friends!

Good Morning Pictures, Images, Comments, Graphics
Good morning, my lovelies! I hope everyone has a terrific Thursday today! This is the second time, I have sat down to do this. I figured I would have peace and quiet. Boy, was I wrong! Everyone (hubby and critters) are asleep except for Razzy (wildcat). She is wound up like a tornado. Hopefully now, she is calm down and I can get something done.

I have been getting up at 3 a.m., for I don’t know how long now. I know some of you are probably wondering how I ever get anything done. I am blogging all the time. When I get up at 3, I clean or pick up the house (whatever needs to be done). Then I watch the morning news and take my medication for my back. It generally knocks me out for a few hours. Then I am blogging away. Right now, this blog is about the only thing I actually enjoy doing. I enjoy doing it because I love the Goddess and I am doing Her work. Also we are totally broke and I have no money to do anything. So I stay at home the biggest part of the time. And why sit and twiddle my thumbs, when I love this!

At one time in my life, I had my future planned out. It was going to be a beautiful future too. My husband worked at a local plant and he made good money. He had went out and surprised me with a new truck. The reason being, I had an Explorer that we had decked out. It was a sharp Explorer but my husband hated it. He had his mind made up I was going to get killed in it. So he bought me the new truck.  One morning, his work truck needed the exhaust system fixed. This is when I was working at the family’s auto repair garage. I was going to take it to the garage that day and get it fixed. I never made it to the garage that day. I got a phone call from the hospital at 7 in the morning. My husband had been involved in a serious wreck and he was driving my Explorer. I didn’t care about the car but I was crazy worrying about hubby. I flew to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, I had the radio on and they announced the wreck on radio. Used my husband’s name and everything, even included he was seriously injured. I liked to have died.  When I got to the hospital, he was laying on a stretcher with his head busted all to pieces. He had a huge hole in his head from the front of his head all the way to the crown. All around his head was this goop, I thought it was his brains. This stuff looked like chicken liver. I never seen anything like it. He thought he was dying. He started telling me where this was and what I needed to do. I told him to shut up, he wasn’t fixing to die. About six doctors came into exam him and I had to step out. Outside was a sheriff’s deputy and he wanted to talk to me about the wreck. He told me that my Explorer was hit so hard that the door hinges broke and my husband was throwed from it. He bounced about 150 feet down a concrete road on his head. They found hubby laying out in the middle of the road. The idiot driving the other truck was going so fast, he had hit our truck twice. So the Explorer was totalled to say the least. When the doctors called me back in, they had decided to airlift my husband to a major hospital in Nashville. This scared me to death, I felt my strong will crumble. I thought he might die. The attendants in the copter kept telling me, he was going to make it. Don’t worry. So he stayed at the hospital in Nashville for a day or two. My husband got pissed because he was in the ICU unit and we couldn’t stay with him. So I think he raised so much hell that he got threw out. So he came home and it took him 8 months to recover from the wreck. The savings I had saved up went. We had to eat and keep place to live. I also had my new truck repossessed. I tried to kill those SOB’s. We weren’t even 90 days behind in the payments but they took it anyway.

So after I regained my senses from that, my husband went back to work for about a year. I tried to start my savings again but that was a laugh. I had to catch everything up that was behind. But hubby was saving money for his retirement were we could go and travel. Well he got laid off last January. He reassured me everything would be fine. He would draw the highest amount of unemployment you could draw. Well that turned out to be true for about 6 months. We went from $489 a week to $116 a week. Talking about a culture shock, I had a bad one. I just threw my arms up in the air and asked the Universe why me? What little money I had saved up, went in a heart beat.  We almost ran through all the money he had saved up too. So he decided since there wasn’t any work, he would retire. We drew his first pension check this January. But we are back at square one, trying to catch up on everything that was behind. I have lived like this the whole time I have been married to him. He has always worked construction. In construction, the money is good but the work is never steady. You get money saved up and just as you think everything is going to be fine, he is laid off. You have to start living off of what you have saved up. A never-ending vicious cycle. So we are broke again.

I am not telling you this because I want your pity. I am telling you this because I want you to understand why I am blogging all the time. Hell, I would like to live the dream I had when hubby retired. I had thought we could travel and go places and see things. He has started saving money again but we probably won’t never be back to where we were. But perhaps, we might be able to go to Nashville or Louisville for the weekend, some day. I got a laptop so I am ready to go. See you would never even miss me.

I have just put my faith in the Goddess. I keep telling Her, I would just love to go and do something before I die. Perhaps one day, I can tell you I am sitting on the beach in Florida, catching some rays! Yeah right, I am a red-head. You know what happens to red-heads in the sun. We cook!

Anyway I have to run for now and get to work. I hope you have a terrific Thursday!

Goddess Bless You,

Lady A