Good Sunday Afternoon, my dear brothers & sisters of The Craft

I know most of the time when we miss a day on the net, we apologize. I am breaking that cardinal rule, just this one time, lol! As you can see I have been a busy little beaver. Most of the time I am able to do all this in one night and forget it. Except this time I have been running with a handicap. Only a few people know about this, it had to be Wednesday late afternoon I believe or maybe not. But anyway, I went home and was getting ready to fix supper. The bottom element in my oven went out. The brain here decided she would just whip that little devil out. Then go in the morning and get a new one. No big deal, HA! I opened the oven door and sit down beside it. I reached in the back with my screwdriver and unscrewed the screws from the oven wall. I did the other side, the same way. I pulled out the element out and I saw where it was attached by two wires coming out of the oven wall. One was red and the other was yellow. Well, dummy here, being around a car garage all my life thought, hmm, red “hot,” “yellow” not. You know just like the battery connectors and cables.  (Oh, did I fail to mention, I forgot to kill the power to the stove :s ). So I grabbed a hold of the yellow wire (which had a coating on it). Then my hand accidentally slipped down on the wire connector and I tell you I was one flying witch. That thing knocked me clear across the room and I ended up in the floor. My hubby came running in there and thought I was dying. He said I was laying in the floor twitching like a dying cockroach. He called an ambulance but the local rescue squad showed up first. The picked me up and took me to the hospital. I was still twitching a little bit and could finally straighten out at the hospital. My neurologist came in, looked me over and admitted me to the hospital for observation. He told me I was damn lucky to be alive. Lucky had nothing to do with it, I was wearing my pentagram. So the next morning at 5 am, here came the doctor to see how I was doing. He asked a few questions and wanted to know if I would like to go home. Silly, silly man! My husband and I were leaving the hospital about 7 am the next morning.

I got a little sleep when I got home. Then I did a little blogging. I told my husband I was bored and could he please bring me my laptop. I pretended to be surfing the net. I know I am terrible, right? Then I got to looking at the blog and how bad it needed up-dating. I tried staying up that night as long as possible but I just couldn’t do it. Then I tried it again Friday and couldn’t do it. I guess get electrocuted took a little more out of me than I thought. So yesterday, I propped up in the bed and went to work. I figure after you seen what all had been done, you would know why the blog wasn’t blogging. I am going to put on a few things that you might find useful. Then I am going to see if I can get the rest of the blog done.

Can you believe it is already December? Where on earth did this year go?

I hope you have a very beautiful Sunday!

Relax, Enjoy and Most of all find some time for a little fun!

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

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Calendar of the Sun for Friday, February 17th

Calendar of the Sun
17 Solmonath

Fornacalia: Day of the Ovens

Color: Brown
Element: Fire
Altar: This ritual should be performed in the kitchen, with the altar built on top of the stove or inside the oven. Set a brown cloth with a red candle and many loaves of bread on wooden trays.
Offerings: Give some of the loaves of bread to those who have need of it.
Daily Meal: Everything baked – breads, cakes, pies, casseroles.

Invocation to Fornax

Goddess of the Oven
Lady of Fire Enclosed,
Sacred Baker of our food,
We all started as dough,
Raw and soft and unformed,
And we were patted into shape
By those who raised us,
Yet we could not bring ourselves
Fully grown to the table
Until we had endured
The hardening flame.
Be kind to us, Lady!
As we go through life
Let us not be scorched
Or spared the fire
But bring us gently through
To be our final selves.

Chant: Baker of the Loaf of Earth
We endure your fire

(One of the loaves is broken and handed around and shared, some more are set aside to eat later, and then the rest are taken to some deserving place and donated.)