November 22 – Daily Feast

November 22 – Daily Feast

Don’t let the night make you afraid. As children, our e li is (grandmother) was conservative with oil for lamps and it was a joyful time when family and friends gathered on the porch or sat on the grass and told stories after night. It was not uncommon to hear the high whine of mosquitoes. “Smudges” or small fires were laid to smoke a lot and keep the mosquitoes at bay. Someone told snake stories or ghost stories, someone sang, someone related funny tales – but the night made it possible. Shy visitors were secure; the caring and kinship melded friendships together and children finally fell asleep on comfortable laps. Neighbors drifted away; they would happily come again-when it was night.

~ Give us wisdom to guide us on the path of truth. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II’ by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Happy & Blessed Sunday To All My Friends! It’s A Spell Sunday Today!

Good afternoon to all my dear friends! I hope everyone is having a great day. I am sorry for no dailies today but it is going to be a great day anyway! It is a “Spell for All Sunday.” Can you spell that without any “l’s”?

Really I feel like crap. I have a mild case of West Nile Virus. If it is out there I am going to catch it. Last night was the most miserable night in my life. My husband took me to the hospital at 3 a.m. They did blood work and everything and told me, “I have a mild case of West Nile’s Virus.” If this is a mild case, I sure in the hell wouldn’t won’t a severe case.  I have enough medicine to kill a hog. My husband got upset when they let me leave the hospital. They told him what I had was like having a severe case of the flu. Makes a lot of sense, a mild case of West Nile’s, but a severe case of the flu, hmm? I am still trying to figure that one out. But anyway, I wouldn’t want to be in the hospital for nothing. I had enough of the hospitals a few year ago. So if I act a little more out of it than usual you know what’s the matter, lol! I have to get up and post something in the Apothecary anyway. I haven’t made Anastasia a manager over there yet or she could do it all.

Well I am going to get to posting some spells and other info. I hope you have a fantastic Sunday, what’s left of it anyway. And don’t forget to see if you can spell that without any “l’s”, lol!

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A





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Research Links DEET Mosquito Repellents to Nerve Damage


DEET (diethyl-meta-toluamide), a common ingredient in mosquito repellents,  has been linked to nerve damage.


A new study by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, published  in the Journal of  Neurochemistry, found that DEET-based mosquito repellents interfere  with proper nerve signals, disrupt the hormone dopamine needed for healthy brain  function, and invoke chemical mechanisms associated with neurological disorders  and nerve degeneration.


Earlier studies have also linked DEET to brain damage.  Duke University  researchers found that the toxin is linked to brain cell damage, harmful  interactions with some medications, and behavioral changes.  The scientists  also observed brain cell death and behavioral changes in animals exposed to DEET  after frequent and prolonged use.


According to the chemical industry’s own material safety data sheets, the  toxic effects of diethyl-meta-toluamide include:  reproductive  disturbances, genetic material mutations, and central nervous system  disorders.


The effects may be worse in children since their brains and nervous systems  are in the developmental stages.  Instead of spraying yourself or your  family members with DEET-based mosquito repellents, why not give  the natural options a try?  Some have even been proven to be more  effective at repelling mosquitoes than DEET.


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