Good Thursday Morning Friends!

I hope your Thursday is going better than ours. Lady A is in the hospital. Her husband called me last night and told me. They went to the doctor. The doctor wasn’t happy with any of the test results. He did his own ultrasound in his office on her feet, legs, knees, upper thigh and arms. The ultrasound he did showed up a very thick fluid that had built up on her body. I know she had a leg that was hard as a rock and lumps all in it. The doctor decided the fluid had to be removed immediately. Generally he is able to do this in his office and he tried on her. But the fluid was so thick it would not come through the needles.

They called down stairs to see if there was an operating room available (this is a same-day surgery). It was the afternoon and the entire place was empty. The doctor told Lady A and her husband to go down to the same day surgery. The doctor met them there and took her back to surgery. They gave her a very mild sedative. The doctor did all her joints and removed 8 of those big syringes full of fluid off of her. Then the doctor injected those spots with something. The doctor stepped out to show her husband the fluid he had pulled off of her. Her husband said it was a creamy, watery fluid. But the doctor held it up to the light and it just glittered. The doctor told him if the fluid was not removed regularly that her joints would sit up like concrete. The nurse came running and told the doctor, he must come immediately. Lady A was having a reaction to whatever was put in her body. Her husband was about to go crazy he said the doctor returned 45 minutes later. He told him that she was stable and they were transferring her to the hospital for observation. Lady A’s husband said the doctor took so long he figured she was dead. Then the doctor showed back up and left, he broke down and started crying.

Lady A was transferred to the hospital. I talked to her husband this morning. They aren’t letting her go till the medication is out of her body. Her husband said you can tell by looking at her joints, it is not leaving quickly at all. The doctor came in and told him she was stable and the medicine was being flushed out of her body. He said they would put her on pills instead of the injections. But she would have to go every six months and have this done. If the fluid built back up sooner, she would have to come back immediately. Her husband asked the doctor asked him what had caused this, he didn’t know. But he had several ideas what might have and he wouldn’t say till he got the results back.  He said he had sent the vials off and that would determine what caused everything. So finally we are going to know what is wrong with her.

Her husband said he woke her up for a minute. He was feeling of her legs. The one that was so hard and full of all the lumps especially. It had started to soften and the lumps could hardly be felt. So we are very optimistic that this doctor knows what he is doing. The doctor said if everything continues to go well, Lady A will be release tomorrow from the hospital.

It will be great to see her. She is like a sister to me. We grew up together and when something happens to her, a part of me is torn. It has been such a worry for the past few months, knowing she was so sick. When she made the turn for the worse I was scared she had rabies from that coyote that jumped her in the pen.

She will be back next week. We are not letting her on the internet if we have to tie her in her bed. She never takes time to rest and recoup. I be damned she will this time. That is what we were talking about this morning. If she came through the door, we were debating on what we were going to turn her into. That way we could put her in a cage and make her rest, lol! Yeah, I can see turning her into anything. We would have to leave the planet!

I thought I would give you a quick up-date and let you know what is going on. I hope you have a good Thursday, what is left of it.

Goddess Bless You,




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