Surprise, Surprise, We had a new addition to the Abyss Family

wolf pups


Got’cha! I don’t know if you remember the Countess telling you are not. But we made an out of town trip to pick up four of these little guys and their mother.  And yes, I have been expecting one of these for a very, very long time. I still haven’t picked out the one I am going to keep but there will be one I guarantee you. I love wolves and these little guys and their mother are full blooded. If I can get her to stop showing her teeth I will take a pic of her. She ain’t too friendly. You can sneak the door open a little bit and call the pups. Here they come a’running. I just can’t wait till Momma catches on to that trick and beats them to the gate. I don’t think it would be very easy to type one handed 😦 .

Good Sunday Morning or Good Sunday Afternoon, dear friends and family!

Just picture the above being a woman’s hand greeting you. I had to find something humorous to keep you from being angry with me.  I got a last minute call this morning from Lady A wanting to know if I could do the daily posts today.  She couldn’t get ahold of the Countess and I was next in line (or last in line, whichever way you way to look at it).  Lady A was on her way to meet someone in Missouri. She received a phone call from an individual in Colorado about taking a momma wolf and her pups. Of course, Lady was in the truck and off. Her husband, another man and Lady made the trip. I know how bad Lady A has wanted another wolf dog since the passing of her beloved Mocha. She wouldn’t have missed this opportunity for nothing in the world. I hope they have a safe trip and Lady A finally finds the pup she has been looking for so long.

Lady A is off, the Countess can’t be found (which is nothing unusual for her) so you are stuck with me. You lucky, dogs, lol!

Have a blessed Sunday,


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