My Meeting with the Goddess

My Meeting with the Goddess

Author: Raphael Eventide

I’m sitting here at this computer and I suddenly feel inspired by the Goddess to compose something: To tell you the way I first met her. I don’t know why, but here goes…

I was scared. Afraid. I’d just found out that there was going to be some major changes in my life. Normally, I didn’t handle change well. To be honest, it terrified me. I stood in front of the bathroom mirror. Trying to come to grips with what I knew was inevitable. I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry, “I don’t want to change!” But it wouldn’t have done any good. As I stood there, feeling the inner war consume my mind, suddenly, I heard a gently voice say, ‘Meditate.’ I had just recently become a dedicant a few days ago, and I was learning about the Goddess and wondering about her. The voice in my head sounded feminine, so I wondered… Could the Goddess be speaking to me? Well, even if it wasn’t the Goddess, it was some good sound advice, which was what I needed. So I went and sat down and closed my eyes and began to meditate.

I was in a forest. It was close to the evening hours, with the lazy sunlight gently touching the leaves and branches above my head. I was on a path through the woods and followed it. Then I saw her. She was the most beautiful mother I’d ever seen. She stood there before me cloaked in periwinkle robes, with long red hair, and skin as white as milk. Her eyes where a soft purple, and as soon as she saw me, she cried out with joy, “Oh my son! Welcome home!”

She ran to me, and I realized I was crying. As she embraced me, I realized how small I really was, and leapt into her arms and cried as if I had lost her. But now I was home, safe, in her arms. The love I felt all around me was overwhelming. But yet soft and gentle. I started blurting out how scared I was and how I wanted it all to go away! She held me in her arms and gently soothed me and waited until I was finished.

“My dear son, you are so spiritual and intelligent, but when it comes to change you rarely move. It’s not a bad thing, but you must remember, how can a flower grow if it does not move? How can you hope to go to college if you are afraid to even apply? You cannot wait for everything to come to you. Sometimes you must go to it.” She said it gently, and brushed my tears off my cheeks.

I sat on her lap now, looking up at her in awe. It was very wise. I always knew she was, but looking up into her face, I was sure she must be wiser then anyone knew. “Mother you are so wise!” I exclaimed. “You must know everything! And I know so little…”

She smiled warmly, and laughed. “My son, you are wise too. To know that you know little is the first step to true wisdom.” I smiled a little, and felt much better. Then my mother told me about how I came to be, and even now, it still causes my heart to flutter. As she spoke it, I saw it all happen before my eyes.

“When you were just a thought, you were like a seed that was carried on the wind. On it, you soared high in the sky with your father, God. He showed you the whole world. And carried you until you were ready and then into your mother’s womb. There, you grew. And your father and I worked hard. He was the great planner, deciding what you would look like, what you might do, what gifts we would give you.

“While he made the plans, I crafted you from the clay of the earth. I worked and worked and worked! I wanted to make you special and unique. Finally we were done. And you were born to your mother on the earth. You see my son, you are the physical manifestation of the love the God and I share. You are the product of our love sent out to the entire world. You are my precious jewel. My diamond. You catch the light of our Universal Divine Love and radiate it and shine it out to the whole world to see.

“We love you so much! And every day you take the step to hear us, and become the best you can be, you shine! You have many things to learn my son, but you can do all things. For you are from my flesh and your father’s breath. You are the place between, the magickal place where things are born that can change the world.”

She gently touched my heart and as she spoke these last words, I felt I was shining.

“Momma, when will I meet God?” I asked solemnly.

She smiled and spoke quietly, “Very soon my son, but for now, you are with me.” I don’t know how much longer we sat there, but eventually, she stood up, set me down and told me what I should do. I came back, and since then have begun to try and change for the best. I know it will be hard, but knowing that my mother and father are behind me and helping me always… where can I go wrong?

I am still on the path of becoming a witch/wiccan, as I started my Dedicant training in December of 2009. I’m so excited and have learned so much and still have so much to learn in my year and a day. I have also met my father God and he is just as beautiful and loving as the Goddess. I’m still not sure why she insisted I write this, but I have a feeling you know.

Even today my mother, the Goddess’ words come to me, and I try every day to make her and my father God proud. I hope my little story brought a smile to your face and maybe an answer to your searching heart. I pray that the God and Goddess speak to you through these words. My they lead and guide you to your own everlasting shine.

Until we meet again my friend, the circle is broken but unbroken. May the Truth, Love and Wisdom from the God and Goddess stay in our hearts always.

Blessed be.
You’re brother in the Craft


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