By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

What is the texture of life?

Texture is that finely woven fabric of life that demands we have a congenial environment. It asks that we be industrious toward success, and that we should have a way of life, a purpose. We should hear the music of life and taste the bitter and the sweet.

Texture requires us to research every experience and hear the lesson in it. It orders us to communicate with life and make discoveries about ourselves and progress toward a texture where the course has been refined.

Frequently we should examine the texture of life to identify the quality. How wide is my world? How high is my sky?

All of us should know our own makeup, our capabilities, our gifts with which we have been divinely endowed. And we should think long on these words from Edna St. Vincent Millay’s Renascence:
“The world stands out on either side no wider than the heart is wide. Above the world is stretched the sky, no higher than the soul is high.”


Available online! ‘Cherokee Feast of Days’
By Joyce Sequichie Hifler.

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – November 4

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – November 4

“The honor of the people lies in the moccasin tracks of the woman. Walk the good road…. Be dutiful, respectful, gentle and modest my daughter… Be strong with the warm, strong heart of the earth. No people goes down until their women are weak and dishonored, or dead upon the ground. Be strong and sing the strength of the Great Powers within you, all around you.”

–Village Wise Man, SIOUX

The Elders say the Native American women will lead the healing among the tribes. We need to especially pray for our women, and ask the Creator to bless them and give them strength. Inside them are the powers of love and strength given by the Moon and the Earth. When everyone else gives up, it is the women who sings the songs of strength. She is the backbone of the people. So, to our women we say, sing your songs of strength; pray for your special powers; keep our people strong; be respectful, gentle and modest.

Oh, Great One, bless our women. Make them strong today.


November 4 – Daily Feast

November 4 – Daily Feast


At one time or another we have watched someone and wondered how long it would be before we reached their stage of distress. We have been made to believe that if someone in the family has had a problem that we must have it as well. Even with our tendencies to be like someone else, we are still individuals and what we see should teach us to avoid the same pitfalls they had. More is decided in our minds and spirits than we can imagine. We have the creative power of speech, the determination and the grit to stop falling because someone else falls. Deny every thought and every suggestion that we have to be the victims of anything.

~ We were becoming like them, hypocrites and liars, adulterous lazy drones, all talkers, and no workers. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II’ by Joyce Sequichie Hifler



Feng Shui Tip of the Day for Nov. 4th

Today is my beloved son’s birthday! I simply cannot believe that it’s been sixteen wonderful years since this beautiful soul came to live with me. It wasn’t always easy though. He was born with a bad case of acid reflux and suffered through some ‘failure to thrive’ scary times until medications and other holistic therapies helped him to actually enjoy eating. But by far it was agonizing and torturous teething that made for most of our sleepless nights in the early going. I eventually stumbled upon an OTC formula that totally took the sting out of teething, but I did employ alternative remedies that also seemed to offer sweet relief. I had always heard that rubbing a little olive oil on the gums would temporarily relieve teething pain. I used to cool my oil in the refrigerator before putting some on my finger and massaging his gums. Putting the gel of an aloe vera plant on the gums can help relieve pain, as will a little fresh lime juice. Whatever you chose, this too shall pass. But it will pass a lot quicker with a little teething and colic tab accompanying some cooled olive oil gum massage. Happy Birthday, Grayson. I love you more than words can say. And, well, that’s a mouthful!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Your Daily Number for Nov. 4th: 7

You may feel a strong need for answers and knowledge. This could very well be a time of soul searching for you, and you might feel a bit lonely. Your head may be in the proverbial clouds, so exercise caution when dealing with mechanical items.

Fast Facts

About the Number 7

Theme: Quiet, Insightful, Analytical, Mystical, Intuitive
Astro Association: Cancer
Tarot Association: Chariot

Today’s I Ching Hexagram for November 4th is 3: Difficulty at the Beginning

3: Difficulty at the Beginning

Hexagram 3

General Meaning: Difficulty at the beginning. The birth of anything new – including any new venture or relationship — is an entry into the realm of the unknown. Strange new feelings can seem to be rushing upon you, and confusion can easily take over. But even chaos is full of potential if you harness it properly. Don’t rush things. Do not let events overwhelm you. Stay calm and persevering, but do take the first step. And get whatever help you can.

Challenges lie ahead. Now is a time to gather your strength and find courage. Like a newborn fawn, the opportunity for rapid development is real, but only by being determined can the fawn rise to its feet and survive to grow to full stature. Keep going despite difficulties and you will manifest the success you desire. One primary challenge is maintaining personal clarity. Avoid lunging at seemingly perfect solutions; wait until a good practical course of action becomes clear. Do not start a new venture before thinking it through. A careless step in the beginning can easily cause events to spin out of control later. Enlist the aid of experienced people

Today’s Runes for Friday, Nov. 4th is Thurisaz

Today’s Runes

Ice Runes are most commonly used for questions about struggle, conflict, and achievement. Thurisaz represents a thorn, the most basic of barriers to our boon or our bane. In the case of hedges, thorns protect our encampments from that which skulks towards us from the outlands. In the case of rosebushes, thorns keep us from beauty. Though thorns are passive and have no thoughts, they puncture, tear, and may even be poisonous. Hence, this rune may also represent irrational violence and anger.

Today’s Tarot Card for November 4th is The Chariot

The Chariot

This Tarot Deck: Art Nouveau

General Meaning: Traditionally, the card usually entitled the Chariot points to a triumphal feeling of freedom, as if the charioteer is being paraded through the streets as a hero (or heroine). The card reflects congratulations for high achievement, and serves as a sign of empowerment.

Huge wheels and frisky steeds speed the rate at which the driver’s willpower can be realized. This kind of charge makes more of the world accessible to anyone ambitious enough to seize the Chariot’s reins. But there is danger in this feeling of freedom, because of the increased rate of change and its power to magnify mistakes in judgment. As a seasoned warrior, the Charioteer is called upon to be extra attentive to the way ahead

Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, Nov. 4th

The Moon slips into psychic Pisces at 3:17 am EDT, misleading us into believing that we know what others are thinking. However, we may be projecting our own needs without even realizing what we’re doing. Although we are less agitated than we were yesterday, we can feel the lingering effects of irrepressible Uranus’ trines to seductive Venus and witty Mercury. Thankfully, our erratic emotions should continue to settle down throughout the day.


Aries Horoscope
Aries Horoscope (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Being swept away by your fantasies won’t be problematic today as long as you remember to fulfill your responsibilities, too. Give yourself permission to explore socially unconventional attractions in the discreet privacy of your own mind. But the lesson of the Moon’s visit to your 12th House of Secrets is that you don’t need to turn every crazy dream into something real. Some thoughts are better kept to yourself.

Taurus Horoscope
Taurus Horoscope (Apr 20 – May 20)

Instead of simply continuing your business as normal, it’s more exciting today to shake things up and try a different approach. It may be difficult to live up to someone else’s expectations of what you should do since you have your own method to explore. Your key planet Venus continues to lure you into unexplored territory as she harmonizes with freedom-loving Uranus. Thankfully, your closest friends should be quite supportive now, so there’s no need to hold back.

Gemini Horoscope
Gemini Horoscope (May 21 – Jun 20)

You don’t want so much supervision at work and, thankfully, you stand a good chance to gain more independence today. But dreaming about more freedom doesn’t automatically give you the results you desire. You must clearly ask for what you need while being ready to bolster your request with solid logic. Don’t forget to keep up with your previous commitments or you’ll lose the trust that you already earned.

Cancer Horoscope
Cancer Horoscope (June 21 – Jul 22)

Typically, you choose the safer road in a relationship, yet these aren’t typical times. You’re brimming with exciting ideas about how to live your life in a more productive manner. You are eager to try something new and to break the mold in how you usually express yourself. Keep in mind that there’s no need to explain your choices to anyone; let them draw their own conclusions based upon your actions alone.

Leo Horoscope
Leo Horoscope (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

You have a chance to demonstrate your special brand of love to a close friend or family member. But this day isn’t about buying gifts or making magnanimous gestures; it’s about being patient and taking enough time to nurture others. Your ability to encourage their independence and help them move beyond their self-imposed limitations can be of immeasurable benefit. Don’t worry about expressing your feelings, for your words can be the catalyst that someone else needs at this time.

Virgo Horoscope
Virgo Horoscope (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

A business partnership or friendship can seem a bit weird today if one of you suddenly refuses to play by the regular rules. If someone unexpectedly cancels a social engagement, try not to make a really big deal of it. Rolling with unexpected changes can turn disappointment into enthusiasm. Remain flexible and you might be happily surprised with the outcome.

Libra Horoscope
Libra Horoscope (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Your key planet Venus is searching for some unusual interpersonal connections at work today as your regular routine is unexpectedly turned upside down. Unfortunately, the more you try to follow a tight schedule now, the more frustrated you become. There’s no need to panic while stepping out of your comfort zone. Be true to your spirit and try something radically different.

Scorpio Horoscope
Scorpio Horoscope (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Playful Venus in your 2nd House of Self-Esteem is still boldly prancing about with wild and crazy Uranus today. It’s very empowering to express yourself in ways that you might usually frown at. You have a sparkle in your eyes that increases your charm, so step up and live your life as if you were free as a bird. Thankfully, you’re able to take a risk and spread your wings now without losing anything in the process.

Sagittarius Horoscope
Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Allow space for everyone to bring a different perspective to the table today, even if there’s disagreement within the group. Your uncharacteristically narrow field of vision can create more harm than good now, so don’t close off your thinking. You might be so caught up in your own viewpoint that you take your argument too far. You’ll do fine if you remember that yours isn’t the only correct position.

Capricorn Horoscope
Capricorn Horoscope (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

You are able to pull a rabbit out of a hat today, arriving at an elegant solution to a tricky problem that’s left others confused. However, formulating a concrete plan that ensures your success is only half of the deal. The other part requires you to work really hard until all the details are finished. You can actually turn your great idea into reality by following through on what you start.

Aquarius Horoscope
Aquarius Horoscope (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

The Moon’s current visit to your 2nd House of Resources urges you to be careful with your cash, for you could easily find yourself spending more than you have for something you really don’t need. Impulsive purchases are not helpful, because you could be overly attracted to the glamor of having certain possessions now. Find meaningful things to do with your friends to reconnect with what’s most important.

Pisces Horoscope
Pisces Horoscope (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

You may feel like arguing with your co-workers today and doing things your own way just to prove that you’re really different from everyone else. Normally, you might provoke a negative judgment when you do something that appears out-of-the box. But now, people look at you with admiration, wondering how you get away with such unconventional behavior so easily. But even your charm is not as simple as it appears; doing the extra work, at least, sets a wonderful example.

Your Weekend Lovescope for Nov. 4th – 6th

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

Time, Love and Tenderness

November 4 – 6

The Moon swishes into sensitive Pisces on Friday morning to create a tender mood for the next two days. This lunar transit lowers emotional barriers as feelings overcome intellect, producing a favorable environment for closeness. However, the intimacy we often experience in poetic Pisces is sentimental and universal, as if we’re in love with love instead of the particular qualities of our companions. Escaping within fantasies to dream about faraway places where the harsh realities of daily life are shrouded in the fog of blind love can be both delicious and deceiving. Yet we’re more likely to appreciate a lie that favors romance than a truth that wakes us from cozy dreams of soul connection.

Avoid serious work unless it has a spiritual, artistic or humanitarian purpose, because helping others and creating beauty are especially endearing with the Moon’s presence in compassionate Pisces. Whiling away the hours engaging in relaxing activities like walking in the woods, drinking wine and listening to music creates a low-stress environment that’s needed to support relationships.

The mood is quite different on Sunday as skins must grow tougher with the Moon’s entry into fiery and independent Aries. The urge for freedom intensifies, burning away the cocoon of closeness and reminding us to act boldly by trying new experiences and meeting new people.

10 Things About Being Wiccan

Witchy Comments & Graphics

10 Things About Being Wiccan

1) No conversation or recruitment is necessary…
Wiccans have no insecure compulsion to convert everyone to their way of thinking. People come to Wicca when and if they are ready/interested. Furthermore, you are not required to accept or do anything that you’re not comfortable with.

2) No artificial code of morality…
Out of all of the creatures of this Earth, only humans are forced to live under unnatural moral codes. Wiccans believe simply: “An It Harm None, Do As Ye Will”.

3) Progressive Reincarnation…
Wiccans believe we are here to learn and to progress, not suffer eternal damnation if we ‘slip-up’ in someone else’s eyes.

4) No Discrimination…
There is no such thing as being the ‘right’ race, color, gender, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin to be Wiccan; ALL are welcome!

5) No middle man (or woman)… Once you know all of the basics, you can be your own ‘minister’ or ‘priest’ you need never bow before (or rely upon) some religious dictator for spiritual guidance, you go straight to the source.

6) Be yourself…
By sharing a common interest with others in Wicca, you do not lose your identity as an individual. You are unique and can and should stay that way without becoming a blob in homogeneous mass.

7) No repression…
Wiccans are not forbidden from reading, learning, eating, drinking, or saying anything. You can actually even disagree with someone without being ‘excommunicated’.

8) Contribution…
NO! Not money, but knowledge. The craft has always , and will always, be an experimental religion. If it works, we use it. Then share it so that all in the Craft many benefit.

9) No rigid Dogma…
Wiccans DO NOT believe that their path is ‘The One and Only Path’. The only ‘True’ path is the one that works best for you. All paths are valid as long as they Harm None.

10) Self-empowerment…
Wicca allows you to truly feel your own power, if you will, and a true sense of self. You are ‘allowed’ to be the best person that you wish to be with all of the love and support that you can possibly hope for. Wicca allows you to take your hopes, dreams, and most heart’s desires and manifest them in this reality. All is possible. All is real.

The Wiccan Garden

~Magickal Graphics~

Wishing You & Yours A Very Happy Friday & A Very Blessed Weekend!

Days Of The Week Comments

Friday Is Ruled By Venus

 Archangel:  Ansel 

Candle colour:  Green or pink 

Incense:  Rose or geranium 

Crystals:  Jade or Rose quartz 

Use Fridays for spells for love, fidelity, healing for anything to do with beauty, the arts and crafts and for all spells concerning the environment. 

Where possible, work in any enclosed beautiful place outdoors, for  example a botanical garden, a field, park–even in a circle outdoors.  

Love Spell For Friday

You will need:
–one egg one pink candle rose petals lemon balm honey rose oil (optional)
Take the egg in one hand.
Sit quietly and think about the relationship you have just ended, and your feelings about splitting up.
Allow all your negative feelings, grief, frustration and loneliness to_come to the surface.
Cry, howl and bawl if you need to – the end of a relationship is like a death and you should
allow yourself to grieve and not feel ashamed about it.
While thinking about the relationship, take the egg and roll it gently over your face and forehead.
Imagine that the egg is like a sponge which can soak up your grief, your need, and
all the negative emotions which are holding you back and dampening your spirits.
Project all your unhappiness over the relationship into the egg and let it soak up all your negative feelings.
When you feel that the egg has sucked up all your unhappiness and negative feelings over
this broken relationship, take it to a plot of earth – preferably not your own garden – and bury it.
If it must be on your property, bury it as far as possible from your house.
Know that the negative feelings and depression you projected onto the egg are being
absorbed and neutralized by the earth.
Return to your house, preferably to your own bedroom or some place where you spend a lot of time.
Make yourself some lemon balm tea with some of the rose petals, and sweeten it to taste with honey.
Sprinkle the rest of the rose petals around the candle and yourself, if you have enough.
Light the candle. Imagine the warmth of the candle and the scent of the rose petals
_combining and filling the room with warmth, sweet rose scent and soft pink light.
Let the pink light and scent fill you with loving warmth and_comfortable feelings.
If you have some, anoint your chest just over the heart with a little rose oil.
Sip the lemon balm tea. Say quietly and with conviction:
‘Gentle balm, soothe my heart
Bring to me your healing art’.
Imagine yourself surrounded by love and peace, sheltered from di_comfort and loneliness.
Know that you deserve love and that you are now free of your previous relationship and
open to a new one. Gaze into the candle flame and imagine yourself happy and healed,
living a joyful and fulfilling life without the person you have just broken up with.

Magickal Graphics

Everyday Water

Everyday Water
by Link

When you think of “Water” what comes to mind? A tranquil lake, gentle rain, or raging sea? Whether magical element or just a simple cup of tea, water can be a very special part of your life.

Water Spirits

Every body of water is an entity. Each lake, puddle or pool has a unique life-force all its own. It can be as vast as the sea, or as small as a two-sip potion bottle – any body of water has a personality just a little bit different than any other. Can you feel the personality of your bath? Can you feel a certain comfort within a place where you swim regularly? Try to sense what makes each body of water different than another.

Water at Home

A home is a very special place. It holds all the elements, and surely combines them into spirit. Water is an integral part of your home, like any ecosystem. The bathroom, the kitchen, the plumbing surely are temples for your own home’s personal aspect of water. When you visit the home of a new friend, make an effort to drink their tap water to take in a bit of the unique personality of that place. It may help you get a better feel for where you are, and all that resides there. Perhaps it is no accident that one of the first things someone offers a guest is something to drink. This concept is not limited to someone’s home. Going on a sales call or job interview? Grab a quick drink when you get there!

Healing Waters

Water is used in a variety of healing rites. Most magical people are quite aware of healing energies in teas, brews and baths. Next time you use one of these devices, try specifically addressing the water aspect within your magic. People often focus on the herbs used in their potions. But don’t forget the water spirits within your hot cup of tea that washes these herbs into your steamy Circle. Magic is often the chemistry of mixing things, thus mixing the energies they possess. Together, water and herbs make something very special, more so than either could do alone. Employ the water you drink to help swallow an aspirin; see the “liquid” in your cough syrup. Most over the counter drugs come in both liquid and tablet form. Perhaps this choice can help fit your magical need? When might a liquid work better than a solid, or vice versa?

Water Divination

Some people scry as a means to foretell the future or answer questions. Scrying is the act of gazing meditatively into a shiny nebulous surface, like a crystal ball. Fill your cauldron with water and see what shimmers on its surface — whether by moonlight, candelight or just bathroom nightlight. Oh, you don’t own a $200 cast iron genuine witchy cauldron to fill? Try any household vessel, perhaps one that fits your specific need. For example, if you seek financial guidance, try using the jar you store your loose change in. A new beginning? How about your morning coffee cup. Love? Perhaps a vase you might use for a dozen red roses.

For divination, you may want to try saving water to re-use over and over again each time you scry. Perhaps this water, just like you, will become more adept at scrying with practice! You might experiment with the specific type of water you want to use. When might water from the ocean work best? The rain or morning dew? Try collecting waters from the special places in your life, the stream where you picnic, the lake where you camp. Use your creativity here. Is there enough room in your freezer for a chunk of the first snowfall?

Another form of water divination might be to merely spill it on a flat surface. Which way did it run? Towards a specific direction? What does this direction mean to you? Try dropping something magical into a pool of water and count the ripples it makes. Four? Five? Do you find meaning in this number? Water is a very flexible thing. What new ways can you create to divine with water?

Your Own Waters

Perhaps the water we are closest to, but notice the least, is the water within our own bodies. Each of us carries around gallons that we borrow from our surroundings via the moisture within food and drink. We store it for hours, days, maybe even weeks, and carry it around like a little magical charm. Remember this the next time you share a drink during a special moment. A bit of that moment stays with you within the water you drank. Magical people instinctively feel the magic within their own waters. Ever notice how some people put a little something extra into licking and sealing a special envelope? It becomes a magical act!

Matter can be charged with your own personal energy, like the way a chair becomes warm when you sit on it. Water is especially receptive to storing energy. What energies does water hold within your body? Note that just about every emotion is expressed with water. Our water enables release, catharsis, getting it out of our system – whether tears of joy, a nervous sweat, or acts of love and pleasure. When we get too sad, too happy, too excited – water is what we often cast forth.

When you drink in water, take in what you need from the world. Ask for new things, new benefits, new wisdom and experiences. Just drink them all in like making a toast! And when you expel water, casting it out of your body, think what you’d like to cast out into life’s magical currents. Taking in, then sending out. What could be more magical than that?

The West

One popular belief assigns each element to a direction, with water corresponding to the west. My guess is that this began in England where the ocean actually is in the west, where the storms blew in from, thus fitting the geography and beliefs of the people who created the system. When members of the modern Craft community came to America, they continued the custom of looking to the west for water, even though the nature and geography around them was actually quite different. Water is one example of the choice whether to follow tradition, or modify our customs to fit the unique situations around us. I live on the east coast of North America, where the Atlantic Ocean is only 60 miles to the east. Yet most people I know turn their back and face west for water. Experiment with what direction feels most like water; try sensing what works best for you. You may find that the direction really doesn’t matter much. Someone I consider quite wise once reminded me that “water is where you feel it.”

The Water Cycle

Can we learn from the cycle of Earth’s water supply? Water vapor rises from the ocean, crystallizes to form a raindrop, falls to the Earth, runs its course through life’s rivers and streams, returning to the ocean, its source, to vaporize once again, perpetuating water’s cycle. Are we any different? Even today, Pagans sing about a drop of rain flowing to the ocean, returning to its source, the source of all life. This song even tells where we come from, and reminds us that we shall return. Think about the words. (Z. Budapest; 1971, Spring Hill Music.)

Look at the branching shape each tiny stream has as it feeds a larger brook, which then feeds a mighty river. Now look at the veins in your own arm. Perhaps it is the nature of small things to flow together, forming something larger. What other parts of life work the same way? What small things flow into you? And what do you join with to form something greater?

Like us, water also has many lives. The same H20 molecule that sits upon your sweaty brow today may have once been a teardrop in a lover’s eye or raindrop in a raging storm. It may even have once been part of an icy comet that hurled to Earth ions ago after whirling round the galaxy.

Water Magic

Perhaps the most common water magic is washing away something unwanted; we wash things to cleanse. Often the physical act of washing can have a magical component as well. When you shower, do you sometimes wash away more than just the grime of the day, making your stress-relieving shower a magical act? Have you ever rinsed out a glass or piece of clothing for a special occasion, and visualized the desired outcome of that occasion? When I wash my car, I pray for safe travel. (From the bathroom, the bedroom, and even the garage — Kitchen Witchery exists in every room of the house!)

I know someone who has slept on the same waterbed for a decade. This person respects (and actually talks to) the water within this bed as something sacred, like a magical familiar. Why not? Just imagine the energies this water holds. It becomes warmed by your body heat, hears a decade worth of dreams and passion. It provides the bliss of restful sleep. No other body of water can ever be that intimate.

Like anything magical, water is multi-dimensional. Make a list of properties you associate with water. Which aspect fits your magical need? Not only does water wash, but it nourishes and helps things grow. (Perhaps it is no accident that our first meal of Mother’s milk comes in liquid form.) Water is the place where life started, creating a new beginning for primordial Earth. What new beginnings do you yearn for? Water is the ink in your pen, the wine in your clinking glass. It freezes solid, yet steams away into vapor. Water makes ripply splashy noises, and swirls round and round into spiral whirlpools. Forget what you heard when you were nine years old – please do play with water!

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