Let’s Talk Witch – Geomancy



Geomancy is the more technical term for earth elemental magick. This form of magick relies on the ability of the practitioner to tap into the energy of the ground or of a given piece of stone. As we have discussed before, geomancy, in a sense, forms the basis for crystal magick.

In order to begin practicing geomancy, you will first have to develop a sense of the energy of the Earth itself. To do this, I recommend finding a secluded, natural setting in which to meditate. Anyplace will do, but it is best to find somewhere that seems energetically unique to you. For me, it’s an outcropping of limestone in a forested area local to me, but I realize that not everyone will be able to find something like this. The only important thing is that it be somewhere reasonable secluded where you can sit on the bare earth for a long period of time without being disturbed. Once you have found such a place, sit down and begin to meditate. You don’t need to get into a particularly deep state of meditation, because you still need to have a high degree of awareness for this exercise.

You will start by sensing the energy that surrounds and comes from your own body. Depending on the amount of energy work you have done up to this point, you may not even need to get into a meditative state in order to do this. However, if you are not yet advanced to that degree, sit down, relax your body and mind, and begin to meditate. Once you have a good sense of energy from these. However, if you look beyond that, you will begin to sense a much larger source of energy that seems to have no clearly defined point of origin. You will be able to feel it flowing all around you. This is the energy of the Earth itself. Once you have found a sense of it, begin allowing it to flow into and through your body. Earth elemental energy is a passive energy, so don’t expect it to surge into you. Instead, you will feel it simply flowing through your body at a slow, constant rate.

Once you have gotten this far, it is time to start practicing real geomancy. The key to all elemental magick lies in combining your own magickal energy with that of the element you are working with. In this case, you will begin to consciously allow your energy to mingle and mix with the earth energy that you have allowed to enter your body. As you work with it, you can start to unify your energy with the earth energy, thus creating a single energetic type. At this point, you can drw upon the energy of the Earth itself to lend power to your spells.

The next step you will want to take is to connect with the energy of a particular piece of stone or crystal. While drawing on the energy of the Earth can be a hugely useful magickal ability, many spells will still require you to make use of only one piece of it. Find a stone, pebble, or crystal that you feel drawn to, and again begin to meditate and try to feel out the energy of it. You may find this slightly more difficult than simply tapping into the energetic field of the Earth at large. The reason is that when dealing with one stone or crystal, you are sensing an individual energy field that is affected by many different things. The energies of individual stones are unique, so make sure you continue working with the energy within whatever you have chosen until you can completely comprehend it. Next, you will again combine your own energy with it. For beginners who have done limited energy work, this will be easier with a crystal or a piece of igneous rock.

You may need to practice these exercises several times. Because humans are all, to some degree, naturally in tune with the energies of the Earth, this is the easiest element to start with. Once you feel that you have gained a decent level of skill in sensing and manipulating earth elemental energy, you can either move on to working with other elements, or simply begin employing earth elemental energies in your magick. I would recommend, however, that you get at least some practice with all of the elements, as it will be a great boon to your own magickal ability to do so.



Elemental Magick: A Guide to Harnessing the Magickal Powers of the Elements (The Ultimate Guide to Magick Book 3)

Ralph Eicher


WOTC Extra – Raise Your Energy

Feel The Magick!!!Raise Your Energy

The next thing you need to know is how to raise energy in order to cast a spell.
You’ll remember that there are three types of energy: personal energy, earth energy, and divine energy.

Each one has its own unique feeling to it, and each one has its own purpose.
So I’m going to give you some easy exercises that will teach you how to sense all three forms of energy.

First, let’s start with your personal energy. Find a comfortable place to sit and make your breathing long, deep, and slow.

Feel your body relax and your mind get quiet. Now, start rubbing your palms together. Do this for about twenty seconds. Start slowly, and then rub faster and faster.

Feel your muscles begin to tense up. Feel your palms begin to get warmer. Now, stop.

Hold your palms about two inches apart. Can you feel them tingling? This is the energy that you have built and released, and it’s now flowing from your hands.
Look at that! In just twenty seconds, you have felt and created your very own personal power.

If you don’t feel it the first time, don’t worry. Keep practicing. Don’t force yourself to feel it—simply relax and allow yourself to feel this power.

Once you have created this energy, you can now try to manipulate it. Using your mind and powers of visualization, give this energy a color. Make it your favorite color.

Form it into a ball of pulsing energy, and let it move between your hands.
Now, you can make it bigger or smaller as you choose…bigger, now smaller.



And finally, you can choose to let it return to your body. Simply let it flow back into your palms into your arms, and be absorbed by your body again.

Once you have practiced with your personal energy, it’s time to start sensing earth energy.

For this exercise, find a plant. Any herbs, plants, or flowers will work—but it’s better if they are still growing, and not cut.

Now, breathe deeply for a few moments, relax your body, and clear your mind. Very good.

Hold your left palm a few inches above the plant. Focus your awareness on your palm.

What do you feel? Is it a dull throbbing, a hum, a wave of heat, or a kind of energy shift in your hand? If you can feel something different, then you are feeling the energy of the plant.

You can do this exercise with any natural object: stones, crystals, and trees for example.  They all have their own earth energy.

And after some practice, you should be able to feel the differences in energy between the different objects.

For many reasons, it’s better to draw energy from the earth and other natural objects when you are performing magic.

Using your personal energy is very draining, and enhancing your own power with earth energy makes your spells much more effective.

That’s why spells will usually contain herbs, and you will use stones, wood, and crystals in facilitating your magic.

Now that you have learned to feel and manipulate both personal and earth energy, let’s talk about the last, highest form—divine power.

This power, as you may guess, comes from the divine. When you perform magic, you are asking the divine to contribute this power to your spell. You may be able to sense this incredible power as you are doing a spell.

Divine energy is what makes magic truly magical.

Wicca Power Spells
Aurora Rede

Let’s Talk Witch – Energy, It’s Everywhere!


Let’s Talk Witch – Energy, It’s Everywhere!

Energy is flowing all around us. Magick spells and rituals, when done with the proper concentration, allow us to harness that energy to attract what we desire.

There are three main sources of energy in the Universe. It’s important to know what kinds of energy we are talking about when we start to cast spells.

The first kind is personal energy. This is our own personal life force. We take in energy from the Sun, Water and food, and we release it through exercise, movement, and even as we exhale.

The second type of energy is Earth energy. This is the energy from our planet. Each natural element has its own power which can be used in magick: Earth, trees, stones, wind, fire, and crystal are some examples of Earth energy.

The third, most powerful type of energy is Divine power. This is the energy that makes up the entire Universe. This is  higher power energy, life–whatever you want to call it. It’s the Universal power source, and it’s what we tap into when we perform magick.

Let's Talk Witch – Finding Power Center



Let’s Talk Witch – Finding Power Center

Sacred spots exist in every country and region, perhaps in your own backyard. All you have to do to locate them is attune your awareness to pick up the earth’s vibrations. As you seek out places that house special energy, pay attention to these key indicators that tell you you’re standing on holy ground:

Body heat increases (without the sun coming out or other environmental causes).

Dowsing rods or pendulums react positively, as if finding a hit.

The place appears repeatedly in your dreams, usually with something magickal or spiritual taking place there.

An emotional sense of peace and tranquility settles over you like a warm blanket.

You get a feeling that you’re not alone (as if the animals, birds, trees, or other living things are trying to communicate with you through motion, sounds, or symbols).

Hairs on your arms rise, as if you’ve been exposed to a current of energy, or you feel a sudden chill.

There are unusually lush displays of plants uncharacteristic of the region; for example, a streak of bright green grass was once called a faery trail, and these usually follow ley lines.

Your totems and power animals appear there regularly.

You experience a sense of timelessness, as if there is only now.

You can also dowse an area to assess its energy. A pendulum will pick up speed and spin enthusiastically in the presence of a ley line or power center. Dowsing rods tip down toward the ground when they connect with this vibrant earth energy. You can even dowse a map to find a sacred site near your home.



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