Let’s Talk Witch – Witches & Reincarnation


Witches & Reincarnation

The witch’s body houses his soul. Witches who believe in reincarnation—and most do—regard earth as a place of learning. Their time on this planet is spent gaining and applying knowledge in ways that can only be accomplished on the physical plane. The eventual goal, however, is to stop the cycle of reincarnation so the soul can return to the Source. The earth, its creatures—everything in this world—are seen as teachers, and all experiences are considered opportunities for growth.

How long a soul waits between incarnations is uncertain. Several years, or perhaps decades or centuries, may pass between sojourns in this world. Many people believe you choose the time, place, and conditions into which you are born, or that you decide in concert with a divine plan that extends throughout the universe.

You may have a specific “task” or “reason” for assuming a particular lifetime. Karmic issues incurred during previous existences influence your present and future lifetimes. Consequently, your soul might have to wait until conditions on earth are optimal for you to undergo the spiritual growth you seek before you can re-enter a physical form.

What about the myths and beliefs about people being reincarnated into animals? No one knows for certain. If you ask some pet owners, they’ll tell you animals display uncanny psychic abilities and seem to have a soul or spirit. Witches often have exceptionally strong ties with animal companions whom they call “familiars.” Although Hindus believe humans can reincarnate as other species, witches generally accept that human souls come back to earth in human bodies.

Excerpt from:

The Everything Wicca and Witchcraft Book (Everything®)
Alexander, Skye (2008-07-01).

Let's Talk Witch – Honoring and Invoking Deities


Let’s Talk Witch – Honoring and Invoking Deities

How can you get a god or goddess on your side? Many witches believe that divine is always available to you and that the deities gladly offer their guidance, help, and energy to humans to use for positive purposes. Some view divine beings as higher aspects of human consciousness, which can be accessed and activated through magickal means.

If you aren’t used to considering a divine being as a partner in your spiritual and practical pursuits, you may wonder how to go about petitioning your favorite God or Goddess for assistance. Here are a few suggestions:

Make an offering of some sort to the deity. Burning incense is a popular offering, although you may wish to choose an offering that more specifically corresponds to the nature of the deity whose help you seek.

Place a figurine of the chosen deity on your altar and focus your attention on it.

Use an oracle, such as tarot cards or runes, to access Divine Wisdom and open your mind to messages from the deities.



Light a candle in honor of the deity you wish to petition.

Design and perform a ritual to the deity.

Write your request on a slip of paper, then burn it.

Choose a crystal or gemstone that relates to the deity. Carry the stone in your pocket and touch it periodically.

Plant herbs or flowers in honor of the God or Goddess. Choose plants that correspond to the deity’s nature and your intent, such as roses for love or mint for prosperity.

The Everything Wicca and Witchcraft Book (Everything®)
Alexander, Skye (2008-07-01).

Let's Talk Witch – Finding Power Center



Let’s Talk Witch – Finding Power Center

Sacred spots exist in every country and region, perhaps in your own backyard. All you have to do to locate them is attune your awareness to pick up the earth’s vibrations. As you seek out places that house special energy, pay attention to these key indicators that tell you you’re standing on holy ground:

Body heat increases (without the sun coming out or other environmental causes).

Dowsing rods or pendulums react positively, as if finding a hit.

The place appears repeatedly in your dreams, usually with something magickal or spiritual taking place there.

An emotional sense of peace and tranquility settles over you like a warm blanket.

You get a feeling that you’re not alone (as if the animals, birds, trees, or other living things are trying to communicate with you through motion, sounds, or symbols).

Hairs on your arms rise, as if you’ve been exposed to a current of energy, or you feel a sudden chill.

There are unusually lush displays of plants uncharacteristic of the region; for example, a streak of bright green grass was once called a faery trail, and these usually follow ley lines.

Your totems and power animals appear there regularly.

You experience a sense of timelessness, as if there is only now.

You can also dowse an area to assess its energy. A pendulum will pick up speed and spin enthusiastically in the presence of a ley line or power center. Dowsing rods tip down toward the ground when they connect with this vibrant earth energy. You can even dowse a map to find a sacred site near your home.



The Everything Wicca and Witchcraft Book (Everything®)
Alexander, Skye (2008-07-01).

Let's Talk Witch – Ethical Spell-Casting



Let’s Talk Witch – Ethical Spell-Casting

Whether simple or complex, all spells involve focusing the power of intention to produce outcomes. Your intention not only provides the fuel that energizes a spell, it also colors the spell. Your motive for doing a spell determines whether it’s “white” or “black” magick, or somewhere in between.

There’s nothing wrong with doing “gray” spells—most spells, in fact, fit into this category. It’s not incorrect or selfish to use your magickal talents to improve your lot in life. However, a wise witch always examines her reasons for casting a spell before she takes any action. Sometimes the only difference between a gray and black spell is your intention. Let’s say, for example, you want a certain job. It’s logical to do a spell to improve your chances of landing the position you desire. But if your spell intentionally causes someone else to lose the job so you can take over, that’s black magick.

It’s also important to feel good about the spells you do. Witches have different opinions and preferences when it comes to working magick, and although certain practices you may not be wrong, they might not be right for you. For instance, some witches engage in sex magick, but it’s not for everyone. Stay within your own comfort zone.

Witches subscribe to a few general guidelines that constitute morally responsible spells. Here are the basic spellcraft “don’ts.”

Don’t design a spell that might harm another person or interfere with his free will.

Don’t cast a spell that includes components or methods that violate your own personal taboos or ethics.

Don’t work with languages or symbolic items that you don’t fully understand.

Don’t do spells if you are ill, angry, or otherwise off-center, as this can affect the outcome dramatically.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll avoid the problems, pitfalls, and unpleasant ramifications that can sometimes accompany spell-casting.


The Everything Wicca and Witchcraft Book (Everything®)
Alexander, Skye (2008-07-01).

Let's Talk Witch – "Knots"

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In Spellcraft, knots offer a simple way to contain or loosen energy. The obvious symbolism of tying a knot indicates an intention to bind something or someone. If, for example, you wanted to prevent an enemy from harming you, you could create a poppet (see preceding section) to represent your enemy and bind his hands and feet with string. If a witch perceives unwanted energies in a space—especially while performing a spell—she can tie a knot in a piece of clothing or the altar cloth to trap that energy until after the magickal working.

You can tie energy of any kind into a knot. Witches sometimes tie a line of knots of a long cord, placing thought, emotions, incantations, etc. into the knots. These lines are sometimes called a witch’s Ladder. Untying a knot at a later date frees the energy bound therein.

You can use knot symbolism in the following types of spells:

Bindings and banishings (especially illness and negative energy)

Channeling energy into a specific location (the energy can be captured in the knot, and then released when it’s most needed)

Securing relationships (hence the term “tying the knot” to refer to marriage)

“Tying up the loose ends” of a situation

You can tie intentions into knots, too. Let’s say you want to stabilize your finances. The best number for this purpose is four. You could make a money charm and secure the pouch with a gold ribbon. Tie four knots in the ribbon and concentrate on your goal each time you tie a knot. Or tie a ribbon around your bills, using four knots to limit the outflow of money.

The Everything Wicca and Witchcraft Book (Everything®)
Alexander, Skye


Calendar of the Moon for November 19th

Calendar of the Moon

19 Ngetal/Maimakterion

Scathach’s Day

Colors: Black and Red
Element: Air
Altar: Upon cloth of black and red place three red candles, wooden practice swords, quarterstaves, and a cup of animal’s blood.
Offering: Mentor someone in something difficult that they fear, and do not be gentle with them.
Daily Meal: Meat.

Invocation to Scathach

Hail teacher of warriors!
Hail Lady who hones the edges
Of young hotbloods sharp and keen,
Who cools their seething heads,
Who makes them think of strategy and logic,
Who quickens their reflexes,
Who tempers their dross iron
Into serviceable steel.
Hail Lady of the sword and shield,
Lady of the spear and staff,
Lady many-weaponed, who knows the secrets
Of each killing blow,
Hail Lady of the Isle of Skye,
The crashing waves, the bridge of knives,
The salmon’s leap across the unknown.
You test our strength,
Giving us the cold reality
Of what we can and cannot do.
You push our boundaries,
Encouraging us to do more
That we thought possible.
You take no excuses,
And for that we must be grateful.
Hail teacher of warriors;
May we all learn beneath your implacable blows.

(The cup of blood is poured out as a libation. Each person steps up to the altar and names something that is difficult for them, where they need to be honed. They indicate one of the practice weapons, and one who has been chosen to do the work of the ritual strikes them three times with it. The first strike should be light, and the second and third strikes harder only if they ask for it to be so. Thus Scathach gives her blessing.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Deity of the Day for August 12 – Scathach


by Almut Wille
Scathach (“the shadowy one”), is a warrior queen and mistress of a school for young warriors. The school is located in Scotland on the island of Skye, reputedly named after Scathach; other sources say she’s living in the Alps. She initiates young men into the arts of war, as well as giving them the “friendship of her thighs”, that is to say, initiating them sexually. She grants three wishes to the hero Cuchulainn, because her daughter Uathach, being in love with him, has told him how to make her do it. The three wishes are to train him in the arts of war, to marry her daughter Uathach and to tell his fortune which she does by using imbas forosnai(“charm of the palms”), party foretelling the events of the Tain Bo Cuailgne (Cattle Raid of Cooley) in dark terms.
Scathach is said to be the daughter of the king of Scythia. Aoife, another fierce warrior queen, is reputed to be her sister, while Uathach, her daughter, is a fellow teacher at her school. She also has two sons named Cet and Cuar from an unnamed man and trains them within a secret yew tree. Another source tells that she is mother to three maidens named Lasair, Inghean Bhuidhe and Latiaran, the father being a man named Douglas.