Let's Talk Witch – "Knots"

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In Spellcraft, knots offer a simple way to contain or loosen energy. The obvious symbolism of tying a knot indicates an intention to bind something or someone. If, for example, you wanted to prevent an enemy from harming you, you could create a poppet (see preceding section) to represent your enemy and bind his hands and feet with string. If a witch perceives unwanted energies in a space—especially while performing a spell—she can tie a knot in a piece of clothing or the altar cloth to trap that energy until after the magickal working.

You can tie energy of any kind into a knot. Witches sometimes tie a line of knots of a long cord, placing thought, emotions, incantations, etc. into the knots. These lines are sometimes called a witch’s Ladder. Untying a knot at a later date frees the energy bound therein.

You can use knot symbolism in the following types of spells:

Bindings and banishings (especially illness and negative energy)

Channeling energy into a specific location (the energy can be captured in the knot, and then released when it’s most needed)

Securing relationships (hence the term “tying the knot” to refer to marriage)

“Tying up the loose ends” of a situation

You can tie intentions into knots, too. Let’s say you want to stabilize your finances. The best number for this purpose is four. You could make a money charm and secure the pouch with a gold ribbon. Tie four knots in the ribbon and concentrate on your goal each time you tie a knot. Or tie a ribbon around your bills, using four knots to limit the outflow of money.

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