Water of Notre Dame

Water of Notre Dame

Used to promote peace and tranquility.


How to use:
Sprinkle about the house.
Crush 1 1/2 oz. of white rose petals in 16 oz. of spring wateer. Let the rose petals steep for 3 days. Strain and bottle liquid for use.

Daily Cosmic Calendar for Thursday, October 10th

Just when it appeared that the cosmos was offering humanity an olive branch of peace and tranquility along comes an intense, square of 90-degrees occurring between Venus in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces (2:06AM). Many professional astrologers believe that ever since the discovery of Neptune in 1846, this outer planet functions as a higher-guardian celestial body to beautiful, loving Venus. As such, Neptune sometimes will offer universal love-wisdom and deep understanding when it contacts Venus while other times — and particularly during a frictional tie of 90-degrees — there can be an upsurge in confusion and chaos, in romance and business matters.  Shortly after the Venus-Neptune clash, a moderately helpful Moon-Mars trines enters the scene (3:12AM) — providing a small measure of physical and emotional vitality. However, this Moon-Mars tie also starts a 5-hour void lunar twilight zone that lasts until 8:18AM. Slow down your tempo across the board while the Moon is diminished in forceful power.  Once the lunar orb enters the final earth sign of Capricorn (8:18AM), put extra energy into your career and professional interests. Hard work and pragmatism will eventually lead you to the promised land of worldly stature and respect. In the meantime, don’t stumble into the briar patch of thorny problems as the Sun forms an abrasive, 135-degree tie with Neptune (6:04PM). Confusion, chaos and cloudy conditions are part of the astro-psychic weather forecast — building up several hours before the exact time of this alignment and stretching for several hours afterwards.  Use the monthly Moon-Pluto union in Capricorn (11:41PM) to tune into your spiritual willpower and mental concentration. Conduct research and in-depth studies with renewed enthusiasm. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Daylight Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]

Let's Talk Witch – Finding Power Center



Let’s Talk Witch – Finding Power Center

Sacred spots exist in every country and region, perhaps in your own backyard. All you have to do to locate them is attune your awareness to pick up the earth’s vibrations. As you seek out places that house special energy, pay attention to these key indicators that tell you you’re standing on holy ground:

Body heat increases (without the sun coming out or other environmental causes).

Dowsing rods or pendulums react positively, as if finding a hit.

The place appears repeatedly in your dreams, usually with something magickal or spiritual taking place there.

An emotional sense of peace and tranquility settles over you like a warm blanket.

You get a feeling that you’re not alone (as if the animals, birds, trees, or other living things are trying to communicate with you through motion, sounds, or symbols).

Hairs on your arms rise, as if you’ve been exposed to a current of energy, or you feel a sudden chill.

There are unusually lush displays of plants uncharacteristic of the region; for example, a streak of bright green grass was once called a faery trail, and these usually follow ley lines.

Your totems and power animals appear there regularly.

You experience a sense of timelessness, as if there is only now.

You can also dowse an area to assess its energy. A pendulum will pick up speed and spin enthusiastically in the presence of a ley line or power center. Dowsing rods tip down toward the ground when they connect with this vibrant earth energy. You can even dowse a map to find a sacred site near your home.



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