WOTC Extra (a) – How Spells Work


How Spells Work


Everything in the world emits an energy vibration of some kind, with different things having different signatures. Sometimes a signature is referred to as possessing a different level of vibration. A higher level is usually considered more spiritual and closer to the gods; a lower vibration indicates something more material. These energies reach out to touch one another, forming what amounts to a giant spider web of energy that crisscrosses around the world. It also connects the physical and nonphysical worlds. (Neo-Pagan literature refers to this as “the web.”)

As everything is connected in this fashion, it is possible to have an effect on things simply by twitching the web in one place and allowing the resulting vibration to flow along the web until it reaches your goal. The web is also how we can send energy to someone or something far away from us—the strands of energy that connect all organic and living things serve as wires through which we can send our energy.


Solitary Wicca For Life: Complete Guide to Mastering the Craft on Your Own

Arin Murphy-Hiscock


WOTC Extra – Raise Your Energy

Feel The Magick!!!Raise Your Energy

The next thing you need to know is how to raise energy in order to cast a spell.
You’ll remember that there are three types of energy: personal energy, earth energy, and divine energy.

Each one has its own unique feeling to it, and each one has its own purpose.
So I’m going to give you some easy exercises that will teach you how to sense all three forms of energy.

First, let’s start with your personal energy. Find a comfortable place to sit and make your breathing long, deep, and slow.

Feel your body relax and your mind get quiet. Now, start rubbing your palms together. Do this for about twenty seconds. Start slowly, and then rub faster and faster.

Feel your muscles begin to tense up. Feel your palms begin to get warmer. Now, stop.

Hold your palms about two inches apart. Can you feel them tingling? This is the energy that you have built and released, and it’s now flowing from your hands.
Look at that! In just twenty seconds, you have felt and created your very own personal power.

If you don’t feel it the first time, don’t worry. Keep practicing. Don’t force yourself to feel it—simply relax and allow yourself to feel this power.

Once you have created this energy, you can now try to manipulate it. Using your mind and powers of visualization, give this energy a color. Make it your favorite color.

Form it into a ball of pulsing energy, and let it move between your hands.
Now, you can make it bigger or smaller as you choose…bigger, now smaller.



And finally, you can choose to let it return to your body. Simply let it flow back into your palms into your arms, and be absorbed by your body again.

Once you have practiced with your personal energy, it’s time to start sensing earth energy.

For this exercise, find a plant. Any herbs, plants, or flowers will work—but it’s better if they are still growing, and not cut.

Now, breathe deeply for a few moments, relax your body, and clear your mind. Very good.

Hold your left palm a few inches above the plant. Focus your awareness on your palm.

What do you feel? Is it a dull throbbing, a hum, a wave of heat, or a kind of energy shift in your hand? If you can feel something different, then you are feeling the energy of the plant.

You can do this exercise with any natural object: stones, crystals, and trees for example.  They all have their own earth energy.

And after some practice, you should be able to feel the differences in energy between the different objects.

For many reasons, it’s better to draw energy from the earth and other natural objects when you are performing magic.

Using your personal energy is very draining, and enhancing your own power with earth energy makes your spells much more effective.

That’s why spells will usually contain herbs, and you will use stones, wood, and crystals in facilitating your magic.

Now that you have learned to feel and manipulate both personal and earth energy, let’s talk about the last, highest form—divine power.

This power, as you may guess, comes from the divine. When you perform magic, you are asking the divine to contribute this power to your spell. You may be able to sense this incredible power as you are doing a spell.

Divine energy is what makes magic truly magical.

Wicca Power Spells
Aurora Rede

Let’s Talk Witch – Energy, It’s Everywhere!


Let’s Talk Witch – Energy, It’s Everywhere!

Energy is flowing all around us. Magick spells and rituals, when done with the proper concentration, allow us to harness that energy to attract what we desire.

There are three main sources of energy in the Universe. It’s important to know what kinds of energy we are talking about when we start to cast spells.

The first kind is personal energy. This is our own personal life force. We take in energy from the Sun, Water and food, and we release it through exercise, movement, and even as we exhale.

The second type of energy is Earth energy. This is the energy from our planet. Each natural element has its own power which can be used in magick: Earth, trees, stones, wind, fire, and crystal are some examples of Earth energy.

The third, most powerful type of energy is Divine power. This is the energy that makes up the entire Universe. This is  higher power energy, life–whatever you want to call it. It’s the Universal power source, and it’s what we tap into when we perform magick.

Witches Magick for August 23rd – Naming the Poppet Ritual



Naming the Poppet Ritual

Like any of your other tools, the poppet has to be consecrated, given a name and dedicated to the work you intend. Most importantly, tell the poppet who it is they will represent. You can say something simple along these lines “I have made you, and you are Jane Doe,” or whoever you are doing the spell for or want to hex. For a more potent effect you can use this naming ritual.

Little one, I made you and now I give you life

I name you (person’s name)

Their body is your body

Their breath is your breath

Their passion is your passion

Their blood is your blood

Though  separate you were

Now you are one.

So Mote It Be!

Then infuse it with personal energy to bring life to the poppet. Sometime this is done by breathing life into the poppet’s mouth through a straw. This way the poppet takes on a magickal life of its own, which activates the spell or working. Remember to keep any poppet you have made in a safe place. The doll represents the person so you wouldn’t want any harm to happen to the doll.