Daily Motivator for November 16th – Worth every moment

Worth every moment

Some days will be joyful and other days will be painful. Through it all, life  is worth every moment.

Some experiences will be frustrating and others will be exhilarating. Choose  to see the positive value in all those experiences, and to grow stronger with  each one.

On some days the sunshine will feel delightfully warm and on other days the  wind will be bitterly cold. Yet every day, each feeling can make you feel more  richly alive.

The future may at times appear bright and at other times seem to be deeply  troubling. Whatever the case, you can always make the very best of the time you  have, as it comes.

Life will always have its ups and downs. Instead of making a judgment about  every experience, make the choice to embrace it all.

See each day as an opportunity to grow stronger, more capable and more  thankful for life’s limitless possibilities. Use each day to bring the best of  those possibilities into being in new, unique and meaningful ways.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator