Daily Motivator for December 30th – Right where you are

Right where you are

Start where you are, and do what you can. Make use of what you have, in the  time available to you, and there’s much you can get done.

Don’t waste your time waiting for conditions to be perfect, for they will  never be. Go ahead, with things as they are, and begin making real progress.

The place to aim is as high as you can imagine. Yet the place to start is  right where you are.

Let go of any concerns about not having enough time, or money, resources or  anything else. Focus instead on the great value and potential of what you do  have and of what you can do right now.

See the real treasure that exists in your opportunity and ability to make  good, effective use of this moment. Claim that treasure by going ahead and  putting forth your very best effort.

Today is your day to achieve and to make your world a better place. Start  where you are, and get yourself solidly on the way to wherever you wish to be.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

Feng Shui News for Nov. 4th – ‘Candles & Birthdays’

Today is my son’s eighteenth birthday and I am truly honored to be his mother. Today, I will bless him with protection by using the glow of fire. Feng Shui says that burning a white and rounded candle for the first seven days of a baby’s life, or on any birthday and the six days that follow it, will help to ward off illness, injury and disease. This wisdom says that the fire from this light will burn away energies that might bring serious sickness and that protection from illness would prevail. Parental protection from upset and harm is one of the best gifts I can think of to give my birthday boy. Well, that and some cash.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com