Daily Motivator for December 30th – Right where you are

Right where you are

Start where you are, and do what you can. Make use of what you have, in the  time available to you, and there’s much you can get done.

Don’t waste your time waiting for conditions to be perfect, for they will  never be. Go ahead, with things as they are, and begin making real progress.

The place to aim is as high as you can imagine. Yet the place to start is  right where you are.

Let go of any concerns about not having enough time, or money, resources or  anything else. Focus instead on the great value and potential of what you do  have and of what you can do right now.

See the real treasure that exists in your opportunity and ability to make  good, effective use of this moment. Claim that treasure by going ahead and  putting forth your very best effort.

Today is your day to achieve and to make your world a better place. Start  where you are, and get yourself solidly on the way to wherever you wish to be.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

Daily Motivator for December 18th – Offer encouragement

Offer encouragement

You cannot force other people to do the right thing. What you can do, and  what is extremely effective, is to encourage them.

If you offer threats, intimidation and low expectations, you’ll get  resentment and poor performance.  When you assume and expect the worst of  others, you’re very likely to get it.

A better choice is to expect the best, and to offer opportunities for those  expectations to be met. Though it’s true that people won’t always live up to  your positive expectations, it’s also true that most people would prefer to do  what’s best for everyone concerned.

Just about everyone responds positively to positive, genuine encouragement.  Let others know, clearly, precisely and in positive terms, what you expect, and  let them know you have faith that they’ll meet those expectations.

Instead of looking for ways to control, look for opportunities to support and  encourage. Instead of conducting detached transactions, seek to build ongoing  relationships.

Offer the encouragement to do what is right, what is good, what is valuable  and positive. Expect the best, in a supportive way, and it is much more likely  to happen.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

The Daily Motivator for Nov. 29th – Easier said than done

Easier said than done

Everything is easier said than done. But just because something is difficult  to do, doesn’t mean it is impossible.

In fact, the more difficult something is, the more valuable it is when you do  in fact get it done. Instead of complaining that it’s easier said than done, put  your energy into making it happen.

On the other side of great challenge is great reward. Work through the  challenge, and get yourself to the reward.

Yes, that will take time, effort, commitment, decisiveness and persistence.  And it will be worth all that and more.

The way to get it done is to start where you are, to keep going forward, and  to constantly remind yourself why. Though it’s certainly not as easy as just  saying you will, it is absolutely within your ability to make good and valuable  things happen.

Act in accordance with the way you wish your life to be. Though it’s easy to  say, it’s much, much better to do.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator