Charging & Caring for Your Magickal Tools

Charging Magickal Tools

It doesn’t matter whether you make your own tools or purchase them ready-made. What’s important is that you “charge” them before you use them for magickal work. Until you charge your chalice, it’s just a goblet. The practice of charging it imbues it with your own energy and consecrates it for magickal purposes.

A charging ritual may be very simple or very complex—it’s your choice. One easy and popular technique for charging your tools calls upon the four elements, again in symbolic form. First, wash the tool to cleanse it of any ambient vibrations. Next, hold your tool in front of you and visualize your energy flowing into it.

Sprinkle the tool with saltwater and say aloud: “I charge you with water and earth.” Then hold it for a few moments in the smoke of burning incense while saying “I charge you with fire and air.”

Some witches design rituals that involve the element to which the individual tool corresponds. You could charge your chalice by submerging it in a sacred pool of water for nine days. Similarly, you could bury a pentagram in the ground beneath a venerable tree or place your wand in the sunshine to let the sun’s rays charge it. If you wish, you can include music, crystals, or essential oils in the ritual. Be creative—engage your imagination and your emotions in the process.

Caring for Magickal Tools

Although some witches display their tools on their altars, most people recommend storing tools in a safe place, such as a trunk or chest, when you’re not using them. Wrap them in silk to protect them from dust, dirt, and ambient vibrations. If you drink wine or another beverage from your chalice during a ritual, of course you’ll want to wash it before putting it away. However, there’s no need to wash your other tools after using them—the more you handle them and do magick with them, the more you imprint them with your energy.

It’s usually not a good idea to allow anyone else to handle your magick tools. If you work regularly with a magickal partner, however, you might make an exception for that person.

It is important to remember do not use your magickal tools for mundane purposes. Use a regular kitchen knife, not your athame, for cutting food and herbs, drink everyday beverages from an ordinary glass, not your ritual chalice. Reserve these tools for spell working and ceremonial occasions.


–The Everything Wicca and Witchcraft Book: Rituals, spells, and sacred objects for everyday magick (Everything®)

Skye Alexander