Our Thoughts & Prayers Are With The Victims of The California Nightclub Shootings

Almighty Goddess,
Embrace in Your loving arms
all who are grieving the sudden
and tragic loss of their loved ones
this morning in California
where lives are in turmoil
hope turns to despair
and pain is all that’s felt.
Be with them, Almighty Mother,
in their sorrow,
uphold them with your strength
and through the generosity of love
shown by others and Your Almighty Presence
within their hearts may they know they are not alone.
In their struggle today and every day to come.

Almighty Mother,
We pray for those who were injured
and their families.
Embrace them not only in Your love
but also Your presence.
Heal their wounds,
Grant them a speedy recovery.
Let the horror of today’s events
fade from their memories and
be replaced by those of happier
days and times.
Heal their wounds, their spirits and
their souls.

Almighty Goddess, we pray these things
as your children, hear our prayers and
lets those who need healing be healed
and those who need comfort be comforted
by Your Divine love and mercy.

In Your Mighty Name, Mother of All,
we pray these things.

So Mote It Be


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P. U. T. for A. H.

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As a continuation to my post yesterday I felt the need to share a mantra and prayer I have been using for years after reading the book The Four Agreements. The author Don Miguel Ruiz is a descendant of a long line of Toltec shamans, reading this book did change my whole outlook on my interactions with myself as well as other people. So when I apologized to the person in yesterday’s post I was apologizing to myself so I could put the whole negative situation behind me. Which I have mostly because of what the title of this article stand for. Here is my daily prayer that has help me bring my anger, resentment, negativity in thoughts about others almost to nothingingness. Yes I still get those feelings but first it takes me longer to all myself to feel that way and second I am quicker to recognize when…

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