As Lady B Has Already Told You, “Time To Fall Back,” Speaking Of Back We’re Back!!!!!

Yes, it is that time of the year again. The time we all look forward too, NOT!




And yes, we are back, finally. Oh, and what a good old muddy time did we have! As you know we left here right after the Samhain’s posts on here Wednesday. I had listened to the weather forecast here before we left, won’t never do that again! NEVER! The forecast was for Paducah to get hit hard by a storm system coming through. They showed that on the map, it was suppose to miss the spot we were going. Suppose to go right around it. Bull, it hit us with such a fury, it was like someone was pouring buckets of water from the sky.

We arrived there about 3:30 or 4, I was driving. Lord M, the boys and Eleanor all went with me. If Lord M had been driving we still wouldn’t have been there. He drives like Grandpa Jones. The whole time up there, I heard from him, “slow down, we are going to die, we are going to die.” After about an hour of that, every time he hollered I drove that much faster. They always have a gathering before the coven meeting. It starts at 5:00. It is a potluck, we all catch up, drink moonshine and basically get loaded before the ritual. Except for me, I don’t drink. It is fun, really fun, being around a half lite bunch of witches getting ready to do a Samhain ritual. Thank the Goddess, I was about the only one sober there, except for the boys and Eleanor. We sit back and laughed at everyone till they started noticing we were laughing at them.

Fifteen before the ritual started, I hollered, “time to shape up, ritual starts in fifteen minutes.” It worked. The guys got the bonfire going. I got the procession lined out and things were going very nicely. I started noticing dark clouds moving in from the South. The direction we had just come from. Got the ritual started and the whole time I was hoping and praying for the rain to stay away till the ritual was over and it did. About 30 minutes after the ritual was over, the storm arrived. I saw the lightning in the sky. I told everyone we need to head for the houses. Oh, no, I was a city slicker, a little lightning wasn’t going to hurt anyone. HA! They moved their asses when the lightning struck a tree about 500 yards from us. We went running for the houses. By this time it was pouring buckets. My hair was ruined, my gown and robe was get soaked. I was trying to keep it out of the mud but it still got mud all over it.  Finally Lord M got tired of listening to me bitch and holler, he ran up and throw me over his shoulders and carried me to the cabin. Eleanor, the crazy witch, was having a field day. She said it reminded her of the swamp. The swamp! She was outside soaking up the rain, dancing it and loving every minute of it. I then decided, I might be a city slicker after all. The boys had caught rides on a couple of 4-wheelers. Screaming at Jacob not to get on one of those things did no good. Joseph and Jacob were off with a bunch of the boys. They hollered back and told me not to worry, they were going mudding. Not to worry, the kid is just now recovering from a bad 4-wheel wreck and I’m not to worry. They came back looking like a bunch of hogs that had been rooting around in the pigs’ pen.

After they all came to their senses, we ended up in one of aunt’s cabins. We were all drown, wet, muddy and a mess. She decide we had to get out of those wet clothes. Great idea, if we had only brought a spare change of clothes. She got to digging around some of her old cedar chests and drug us out some clothes. That is one time I wish I hadn’t left the camera in the car. We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies. But I was just thankful to have dry clothes on. Now you have to imagine this, after we got our dry clothes on we went and sit beside this beautiful fireplace. It wasn’t your average run of the mill fireplace. It was a huge, stone fireplace that my uncle had built himself in the cabin. It had a wide opening for the fire and it had a huge cast iron pot hung over the fire. My aunt had been cooking some stew for supper the next day. But it was gorgeous sitting beside that old fireplace, watching the flames roar. Since it was still Samhain, we ended up sitting around the fireplace and talking about our ancestors. I have to admit the mountains is full of spirits that wander the night of Samhain. My aunt, who is a very powerful witch, called forth several of my ancestors and they appeared. She talked to them and then after she established they were who they said they were, she let me talk to them. I got to talk to several of my ancestors that I had never seen or spoke to in my life. It was pure magick. We stayed up all night.I don’t know if it was because we were excited about Samhain or else we were scared to death by the lightning striking the trees and the storm.

With the dawn of first light, it was still pouring buckets. We had a mudslide during the night. One of the cabins went down the mountain. The men braved the mud and went to see if the people in the cabin were alright. Thankfully, they were able to get out of the cabin just in time. Then there was trees down every where you looked, rocks and mud blocking the roads, not to mention the water. We drove teeny tiny cars up there. If we had gotten in them to leave, we would have been washed away. It didn’t seem to phase any of my kinfolks, they drug out the canoes and the make-shift boats and carried on. My aunt’s cabin sits on top of a little ridge and below us was a running stream(which normally wasn’t there). A couple of men came rowing up to the bottom of the ridge and came up to the cabin. They came to check to see if we were alright and if we needed anything. They also informed us that the roads were washed out right now and we were stuck there. I asked him how long it might take for the roads to clear. He told me after the water went down and everybody pitched in, a day or two. Just what I didn’t want to hear.

Thursday and Friday, we did nothing except sit in the cabin. I would go out on the porch and take Jacob and Joseph with me, especially when my aunt and Eleanor got to talking about “that good old magick.” Jacob kept telling me he wanted to learn, he wanted to learn. I told him, he didn’t want to learn the kind of magick they were talking about. Eleanor and my aunt occasionally had arguments about which kind of magick was better mountain magick or swamp magick. Lord M took off and went to help the men starting to clear the logs and trees out of the way. Amazingly enough, the lightning striking all those trees didn’t bother them. They just said they wouldn’t have to cut any trees down for firewood this winter.

As I stood on the porch and watched everyone at work, I realized perhaps this is the way to live. Simple, thankful for every thing nature gifted you with, not a care in the world or not even caring to communicate or co-exist in the world I had come to love. It is funny, all these years I have run up there and run back. I had never really stopped to realize that the mountains hold my roots. I am part of these people and part of the mountain. I am part of their culture and never stopped to realize how fortunate I really was. I came to the realization that is why my mother always came back to the mountains every time she could. Her roots were here and she was part of the mountains. The mountains called to her to come home. She brought me up there so I could remember I was part of the mountains and my roots were there. That was something she never wanted me to forget. It all came flooding back to me. Perhaps we got flooded in for a reason, who knows. But I do know one thing, I realized something I had forgotten or took for granted. These people are my family, my roots are there and I am part of that mountain. I now knew what my mother wanted me to know and never forget or take for granted. To always be proud of where I came from and uphold the traditions I was taught. Perhaps everything happens for a reason, hmm….

We finally got to leave up there this morning around 6 in the morning. We had to wait till we could see where the roads were suppose to be. Part of me was wanting to come home so bad. The other part of me told me I was leaving my home. It was bittersweet leaving this time, I had never felt that before. I hated to leave my family behind. The few days I spent with them brought back my childhood. Watching them and how simple they live, most of us today couldn’t live like that. Their life is so simple. So tranquil and peaceful. I watched my aunt do a parting and safe travel ritual for us before we left. I saw the tears in her eyes and she saw the tears in mine. I told her that I had first thought spending those few days we were up there would be torture. Instead, it wasn’t. I learned so much about myself and I thanked her for it. I promised that my visits would be more frequent. I knew now why my mother always had to come back to the mountains and now I understand why I must return whenever I can.

As we got in the cars to leave, I walked back up to my aunt and other family members and told them something I had never told them. That was I loved them and I thanked them. We bid our farewells with tears in our eyes but with the promise that every chance we got we would return.  We got home this morning around 11 or 12 o’clock. I am tired and give out but I am also refreshed and have a new outlook on life. I guess the horror of the mudslides, rock slides and swelling creeks gave me a spiritual awakening which I have needed for a long time.

I know Lady B said she was going to put some information on the WOTC tomorrow. Lynette is going to try too also. I am going to go take a long, hot bath and then go pass out. It will probably be a fight with the boys and me who gets to the tub first but they have a shower they can fight over. I just want to relax and enjoy this feeling I brought back with me from the mountains. I will probably sleep in tomorrow. Like I said Lady B and Lynette are going to try to put some info on here for you tomorrow. When I do get up, I have a pile of muddy clothes to conquer.

Oh, it is great to be back home. Sorry about the book but I could write more, but I don’t want to bore you to tears. Remember set those clocks back, check those smoke alarms batteries and have a very beautiful evening. I will see you Monday, Even though I was in the mountains, I still thought about all of you. I realize how much I missed all of you. I guess I am one lucky witch, I have the best of both worlds.

Love ya to pieces,

Lady of the Abyss

For Those in North America Turn Clocks Back TONIGHT

This Sunday, November 4, 2018, at 2:00 AM CT daylight savings time ends for North America. Which means turn all your clocks back 1 hour.

I do mine clocks, that don’t reset themselves, before going to sleep Saturday night. So I don’t get to an appointment or a family thing way too early. LOL, I have done this in the past.

You got it wrong again. It’s spring ahead, fall back.