Your Daily Planet Tracker for Nov. 19: Uranus in Aries, Now Until March 6, 2019

Pioneering, Energetic, and Self-Reliant

Now – March 6, 2019

When revolutionary Uranus enters the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, it’s a major signal for collective change. This shocking planet tends to shake the world with surprising events and individual breakthroughs. Uranus’s time in Aries helps us step into a new era of human history in which problems and solutions can break out with equal rapidity and in equally unexpected ways.

Aries is the sign of the individual and independent Uranus’ sojourn in this sign marks the next major changes in personal identity. We not only get to wake up and remember who we think we are, we’ll have the guts to live our lives more authentically then we ever imagined.

When Uranus is in Aries

Radical ideas about our future on this planet could emerge during Uranus in Aries, causing us to break away from the old models of biological evolution and religious explanations for our origins. This is a period when humanity could reinvent itself with major revisions in our understanding of the self and our relationships to one another. A brave new world could rise from the sea of the collective unconscious to awaken the next stage of human development.

During Uranus’ time in Aries, the field of psychology could make sudden leaps with the reintroduction of psychedelic therapies, while rapid advances in brain research may redefine the very notion of self. The relationship between humans and technology could also grow closer, continuing to blur the lines between these two areas. This transit could also stimulate nervous systems and simultaneously awakens a newfound sense of genius that initiates millions of brilliant ideas.

When Uranus tours Aries, we’ll all receive a cosmic jolt back to ourselves. We might have lost our true identities somewhere along the way or, for whatever reason, decided to shove it in a corner. Uranus in Aries will change that, encouraging us to make a radical change with the self and embrace whatever it is about our energy that reflects an independent spirit and higher mind (Uranus rules the higher mind).

However, this desire for personal revolution could make things dicey during Uranus’ transit through Aries. We may have little tolerance for anyone who threatens to step on the toes of our identities. We may feel impatient or even angry at the slightest indication of someone or something impeding our ability to express our pioneering spirit. We should embrace this opportunity to live more authentically, while also staying mindful of our tendency towards selfishness.

Uranus Retrograde in Aries

Uranus Retrograde is about getting real, facing our fears, and getting rid of whatever it is that no longer works for us in an effort to become who we want (or who we were meant) to be. Uranus Retrograde in Aries is like being given a cosmic nudge to do our own thing and express our individuality. If we’ve been feeling restricted in a certain area of our lives, this retrograde period will fuel our desire to rebel.

During Uranus Retrograde in Aries, we may each ask ourselves: Is my relationship holding me back? Is my current job preventing me from the kind of success I really want? Have others’ opinions stopped me from moving forward with an aspiration? Uranus Retrograde in Aries will shake things up, encouraging us to make changes in any areas of our lives that aren’t personally fulfilling.

If you were born with Uranus in Aries

You are a true trailblazer! Uranus is the sign of revolutionary vision, and Aries is the natural born leader of the zodiac. So when this planet and sign sync up in your birth chart, it gives you the ability to boldly go where nobody has dared go before. You’re the kind of person who readily embraces new concepts and situations.

With Aries’ strong desire to push forward and Uranus being the planet of radical change and technology, you could be someone who has helped pioneer breakthroughs in computing, medical science, aerospace technology, and other similar advancements. Suffice it to say, you could be someone who helps sparks a technological renaissance!

The downside to this love of moving in new directions is that you could love it a little too much. Impulsiveness is your Achille’s heel, causing you to move forward with something before determining if it’s a good idea. Just remember to look before you leap, so you can avoid potential headaches and consequences down the road. is Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2018

Your Daily Witches Runes for November 19th is The Birds

Daily Witches Rune

The Birds

Keywords: Unexpected news, change.

Meanings: The Birds Rune means some unexpected news that may alter your life completely, especially if this is the leading rune. Generally, the news will lead to a positive change but pay close attention to the nearest runes to determine its nature. It can also mean news of friends or family that you haven’t had contact with in quite a while. Letters and documents should be watched for as they may well bring happiness.

Your Daily Rune For November 19 is Isa

Your Daily Rune For November 19 is Isa



“Iss-ah” – Literally: “Ice” – Esoteric: Stasis, Stillness

Rune of concentration of things in a static or frozen state. Rune of stillness and the Ego-Self.

mental faculties, focus, ego, self-image/self-identity

stillness, contraction, stasis

Mundane: cold, self-preservation, harsh reality

Divinations: Concentrated self, ego-consciousness, self-control, unity of being; or egomania, dullness, blindness, dissipation, immobility, self-centeredness, lack of change, psychopathy.


Development of concentration, will and focus
Halting of unwanted dynamic forces as an act of self-defense (ard against demonic influences)
Basic ego integration within a balanced multiversal system
Power of control and constraint over other wights (entities), emotional outbursts
Focus of the will into single-minded action

Your Ogham Reading for the Week of November 19th

Your Weekly Ogham Reading for the Week of November 19th



The name of the oak tree was part of the early Celtic word for Druid. Oak trees have always had a greater tendency to be struck by lightning, thus they have always had a more sacred standing among many cultures. It is a tree of great strength, durable hardwood, and its roots grow as deep as the branches grow high. To the Druids it was the King of The Woods. Thus these features of the letter Duir allow us to focus this reading on strength, resilience, power, and nobility. Like the mighty oak tree you will prevail.

Fortune – This Ogham denotes new paths, new doorways, and success once you decide to follow these new ideas!




The spiraling vine is a symbol of connectivity. Over time the vine grows around everything, through the physical and spiritual, and through the conscious and subconscious. However it takes time and patience for the vine to slowly connect everything. When we draw this letter we think of unity, being one with our surroundings, and connecting to all living things. This can especially have a special meaning in our modern world of online connections. The world slowly resembles one giant vine!

Fortune – This Ogham is telling you to take a strong look at your personal connections in life. Friends, lovers, and coworkers will have an important say in your matter!




Brooms tolerate poor soil and growing conditions, they are known for wasteland reclamation, a way of cleaning up hazardous sites. It is no surprise that this plant is also where the term broom arose as a cleaning tool. Over the centuries the Ngetal, or broom, as been associated with healing, cleaning, and restoring what once was. Drawing this letter shows some aspect in life has been cleaned and healed or is in great need of it.

Fortune – It is time to cleanup in life! This Ogham is a sign that you need to find the mess that has been made in your life or someone close to you and sweep it up!



Past Lives Tarot Card for November 19th is The Lovers

The Lovers










The ancient Greek rulers were noted philosophers who believed that health and knowledge were the cornerstones to both spiritual and personal success. At this time, you probably have a Greek ancient ruler past incarnation advising you. This inner ruler should be leading you toward a personal merging of your mind, your spirit, and your material wealth. If so, your inner Greek will direct you to a more balance life, which should eventually make you into a fair and wise leader.

Your Erotic Tarot Card for November 19 is The Chariot

The Chariot









The Chariot is a symbol of sexual determination, so it isn’t likely that you’ll be distracted from your passionate goals today. As the Chariot charges ahead on its journey, you seek to reach your final sexual destination as well. Your enthusiasm is contagious, which should make it relatively easy to convince someone to come along with you on your erotic journey. The Chariot predicts a lot of adventure along the way, and at the end of the day you’ll feel sexually triumphant.

Daily Love Tarot Card for November 19 is The World

The World









In the World, things are changing. If they are in your world, do you honestly think the changes for the better? They aren’t if you are losing your sense of self. They aren’t if you are editing your own beliefs. You have to be comfortable with who you are. This card says, freeze-frame like a photo or like a VCR on pause. Then, take a deep breath and put yourself back.

Your Daily Tarot Card for Nov. 19 is The Moon

The Moon










Keywords: imagination, dreams, emotion, competition (the dogs), illusion!

Astrological Correspondence: Pisces

The Moon in all its phases represents the world of dreams, illusions, and the subconscious. Traditionally the symbol of the feminine, the card’s meaning encompasses the maternal, the Great Mother, womanhood, and cycles. The Moon is an ambivalent card, and its imagery signifies the difficulty to see things clearly: simultaneously inspiring and lacking courage, enchanting and bewildering, deceptive and receptive – all sides of the same coin. Signaling fluctuating moods and uncertainty we must pay attention to our dreams, confront our subconscious and deal with the issues that come to the surface in order to progress to a higher level of awareness. Being able to put our imagination and creative talents to good use is an added bonus. Negative qualities such as ambiguity, confusion, hidden fears, and deception can be causes for failure.