Astronomy Picture of the Day – The Hill, The Moon, and Saturn 

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2018 November 20

The Hill, The Moon, and Saturn 
Image Credit & CopyrightTamas Ladanyi (TWAN)


Explanation: Last Sunday when the Moon was young its sunlit crescent hung low near the western horizon at sunset. With strong earthshine it was joined by Saturn shining in the early evening sky for a beautiful conjunction visible to skygazers around our fair planet. On that clear evening on a hill near Veszprem, Hungary mother, daughter, bright planet, and young Moon are framed in this quiet night skyscape taken with a telephoto lens. Of course the Moon ages too quickly for some, and by tonight the sunlit part has reached its first quarter phase. This weekend skygazers spending quality time under Moon and stars might expect to see the annual rain of comet dust otherwise known as the Leonid meteor shower.

Your Daily Planet Tracker for Nov. 20: Mars in Pisces

Sensitive, Creative, and Easygoing

Now Until December 31, 2018

Assertive Mars can seem out of place in watery Pisces, a sign of diffusion. It may be more difficult to focus our initiative during this transit, especially if we aren’t feeling inspired. That’s Pisces’ influence, because this is a sign that needs to have a cause or greater purpose to be motivated to take action.

The complexity of this transit lies in the fact that while Mars is in Pisces, he’ll need to adjust his Martian ways to accommodate a style that Pisces is comfortable wearing. This is not an easy task when you realize that Pisces is all about faith, compassion, healing those who suffer, and unconditional love. So, how does Mars put up his dukes to fight when he’s wearing a pair of angel wings? In a word: gingerly.

When Mars is in Pisces

While Mars moves through soft and ethereal Pisces, it doesn’t necessarily mean our drive will disappear into thin air. After all, Mars is still Mars. Although we may have more of an urge to dream and use our imagination during this transit, Mars in Pisces can move mountains in a subtle way when we realize we’ve been given a cosmic green light to direct our energy toward inspired (Pisces) action (Mars).

Mars in Pisces works wonderfully to combine dynamism and compassion. Mars is able to push gently, express itself creatively, and fight for a higher purpose when it’s in this Water sign. There’s no better time to move forward with a creative pursuit or become the leader of the pack when it comes to a charitable cause. We can save the whales, feed the homeless, fight for the rights of the abused, and so much more during this incredible transit.

However, we need to watch where our passions take us while Mars moves through Pisces. This pairing can manifest as blindly lashing out or indiscriminate anger. There are many noble causes we can funnel our energy into, which is why we need to make sure we have a clear target in sight so we don’t simply flail about.

Universal Pisces often touches the artist within us. This is because Pisces knows that creative forms of expression can be so much richer than ordinary communication. So when Mars transits through this sign, we’re reminded that we all need channels to take us beyond the boundaries of our mundane perspectives.

If you were born with Mars in Pisces

Having your Mars in Pisces is like living on two sides of the same coin. This is the ultimate combination of sensitivity and potency. Think of a gentle giant. Think of the peaceful warrior. That’s what it’s like having your Mars in Pisces.

“Just go with the flow” are probably words you live by as someone with their Mars in Pisces. You’re not one to try and control every outcome, or obsesses about things that are out of your control. Instead, you like to sit back and let the events of your life unfold naturally. Just like a fish, you ride the waves as they come.

Having Mars in this area of your chart gives you an affinity for the arts or similar outlets that allow you to express your creative side — and it’s important that you do. If don’t have somewhere to release the inspired thoughts and passion bubbling up inside of you, it can lead to passive-aggressive behavior. So break out those paintbrushes, get out your guitar, or snap a few photos. You’ll be better off for it.

Your Mars in Pisces makes you the ultimate romantic! You love the rush of butterflies in your stomach after a great first date, or getting lost in fantasies of “happily ever after.” Relationships are about much more than just physical passion to you — you also need an emotional and spiritual connection that helps you fully merge with another person. Your acute sensitivity means that you’re able to easily pick up on what your partner wants and needs, in and out of the bedroom.

You’re a lover, not a fighter! Those born with their Mars in Pisces don’t often display outbursts of anger, preferring a more non-confrontational approach to life. You’re a pacifist who looks at the world through a compassionate lens, trying to understand why people behave the way the way they do rather than getting upset. This is one of the reasons you’re often rooting for the underdog. is Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2018

Your Karmic Number for November 20 is 4


The number 4 means that you are building a strong foundation for your new ventures. Good job! Keep going – build the frame, put up the walls, roof, and seed the yard. It may not be an actual building you are working on, but the structure for your goals is becoming a reality. Taking the time, step by step, means that you have a foundation, protection, and beauty. Use strong people and resources so that you don’t have to rebuild from scratch. In time, you will have a sturdy place to call your own.

Your Ogham Reading for November 20th

Your Ogham Reading for November 20th



While it also may have thorns, Gorse is known for a vibrant yellow flower that can last almost year round. For this reason this plant has become a symbol of vitality. It may be hardy and have some thorns but it protects wildlife and shines bright for everyone to see. When you draw this letter keep in mind optimism, positivity, and vigor. With Onn you will prevail as long as you keep your flower in bloom!

Fortune – This Ogham tells you that you will prevail! Stay happy and optimistic and everything you seek will turn out great!





The beauty of heather flowers is one reason it is associated with the Irish Goddess of love, fertility, and new growth. Be happy when you draw this letter because it denotes love, companionship, and passion. Whether it will be a new love or an old love rekindled, Ura is a powerful symbol and one that may bring great luck in your love life.

Fortune – This Ogham deals in matters of Love. Whether it is new love or rekindling of old love, enjoy the peace and love that comes with Ura!





Aspens grow in large colonies, with the root system potentially up to 10,000’s of years old. This tree can survive fires and other harmful conditions. Often this letter can be associated with death and the fear that comes from it. However it is better to see it for what the aspen really is. When one dies another aspen grows from the same root system. Death is not always a negative aspect of life; sometimes it is a necessary transition. The letter Edhadh will force us to look inward for what we need to “let die,” so we can renew ourselves.

Fortune – A large part of your life will be gone, yet do not worry because another great part will stop. Edhadh never closes one door without opening another!




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