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Lady of the Abyss


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This is a pocket edition book. It is an older book but it has lots of potions and recipes in it. The name of it name is…..

The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Potions: Enchanting Recipes for Dozens of Magical Brews Kindle Edition

Something Wiccan this way comes …

This pocket guide unveils the mysteries behind elixirs past and present, showing readers how to prepare teas, infusions, oils, tinctures, lotions, and potions to do magical things. It includes dozens of recipes for potions of all kinds (potable and non-potable), covers cauldrons, censers, vials, and the magical uses of plants, and teaches about the storage of potions.

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This book is still sealed in the original plastic that it came in. Here it is…….


Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down: Unleash the Power of Your Inner Tarot Queen Kindle Edition

Each of the four Tarot Queens in this empowering year-long system represent an archetypal part of our personalities as well as our experience of being human. Detailed explanations of each archetype, and workbook-style exercises and practical tips are provided for aligning with and balancing the energies of each Queen.

  • We derive inspiration from the Queen of Wands
  • Passion comes from the Queen of Swords
  • Love from the Queen of Cups
  • Abundance from the Queen of Pentacles

The Queen Up system blends various metaphysical teachings and psychological concepts to empower women to navigate life’s most challenging situations. In part one, the basic tenets of the system are reviewed; part two introduces us to the four Tarot Queens that embody the essential qualities for creating wholeness, and readers will be taught how to access their energies as well as look at common obstacles; and part three provides a year’s supply of weekly exercises to help readers develop intuition and manifestation.

The Queens serve as a symbol of the potential of every woman. Angela Kaufman helps readers unlock this potential to harness and express their dream lives.

This book is listed on Amazon for $11.72. Let’s go $5.00 on this one also.



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This one was sent to me by the Wheeler Company also. Still in excellent conditon, nice new book cover on it, pages never been thumbed through. It is…….

Santa Muerte: The History, Rituals, and Magic of Our Lady of the Holy Death Kindle Edition

Death welcomes everyone. This is the foundation for the veneration of Santa Muerte, or “Holy Death.” Considered to be the female personification of death, she is associated with protection and safe passage to the afterlife. She is also the patron saint of people who live on the fringes of society and often face violence and death. In recent years her constituency has expanded to include the LGBT community and people who are marginalized or whose jobs put them at significant risk of death such as military and police personnel. Santa Muerte is hailed as their potent and powerful protector, capable of delivering them from harm and even granting miracles.

Santa Muerte is a complete ritual guide to working with this famous―and infamous!―Mexican folk saint. It takes us beyond the sensational headlines to reveal the truth about why Santa Muerte is so beloved by so many. Author Tracey Rollin presents simple, straightforward methods for working with Holy Death that may be used alone or easily incorporated into your own magical practice.

Gee, Amazon has it listed at $14.95. I guess I am not into this kind of thing, let go $5.00 again.


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This is a brand new edition of The Witches Almanac , Issue 38, Spring 2019 – 2020. We have no use for this book because it is not the almanac we pull our info from. The it is in excellent pages. I have never even thumbed through the pages to see what is in it.

The Witches’ Almanac, Issue 38, Spring 2019-Spring 2020: Animals: Friends and Familiars Kindle Edition

Founded in 1971 by Elizabeth Pepper, the long-time art director of Gourmet magazine, The Witches’ Almanac is a witty, literate, and sophisticated publication that appeals to general readers as well as hard-core Wiccans and magicians. On one level, it is a pop reference that will fascinate anyone interested in folklore, mythology, and culture, but on another, it is the most sophisticated and wide-ranging annual guide available today for occultists and mysticism enthusiasts.

Modeled after the Old Farmers’ Almanac, it includes information related to the annual moon calendar (weather forecasts and horoscopes), as well as legends, rituals, herbal secrets, mystic incantations, interviews, and many a curious tale of good and evil. Although it is an annual publication, only about 15 percent of the content is specific to the date range of each issue.

The theme of Issue 38 (Spring 2019 to Spring 2020) is Animals: Friends and Familiars. Also included are the following articles: “Beer and Witches,” “Gargoyles,” “Horseshoes,” “Transgender in the Craft,” and “Coefficient of Weirdness, Part 3.” New authors include Sorita d’Este, Lon Milo DuQuette, David Rankine, and Mat Auryn.


How about $5.00 on this book


One more thing about Mercury Retrograde

These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Have a ROUGH Mercury Retrograde

Reveal Mercury’s biggest victims

If you find yourself in an awkward conversation, yelling at your computer, or running into an ex over the next few weeks, that’s because it’s back! Pesky Mercury Retrograde. While this chatty, connective, and thoughtful planet moves backward in the sky, you’ll have to work overtime to make sure things go smoothly.

It’s true that no one is safe when it comes to Mercury Retrograde, but these challenging few weeks don’t always have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can be downright enlightening to revisit, reconsider, or get a second chance at your past. But for some of you, it might feel like you’re drowning in the frustration and confusion that is Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius/Scorpio, especially these four zodiac signs!


Sorry, social butterfly! You’re in for a tougher time than most. You might be used to hearing this since Mercury is your ruling planet, but this retrograde period will be especially painful. Being the fun, friendly, popular zodiac sign that you are, you’re getting hit where it hurts the most: in your relationships. You’ll find that the connection you have with your lover, friend, or partner is more sensitive than usual. It’ll be challenging, but you’ll need to be very cautious about what you say and how you say it during this time. A little sass could throw a major wrench into your relationship!



Also ruled by Mercury, you rely heavily on your brainy traits to carry you through the day. So, when your prim and proper thought process starts to get crisscrossed, it could really throw you off your game. It could leave you flustered and worn out and wanting to go home! But unfortunately, your home might not feel like home during Mercury Retrograde. Maybe your family isn’t connecting, or perhaps your roommates aren’t listening when you ask them to do their part of the chores. It could be that your requests for kitty cuddles are ignored, or you can’t get your pillows in the perfect mush position the way you envisioned it. Whatever it might be, your home won’t likely bring you the solace and comfort you’re craving during this difficult season.



Oh, Scorpio. Even when you’re at your sneakiest, you should know you can’t escape your share of Mercury Retrograde effects. For a while, this retrograde season seemed like it might be easy for you. Sure, splurging a bit or going on a shopping spree is all fun and games … until it turns into a financial blunder. But if you embrace the right retrograde energy, you’ll be back to a strict budget in no time. You might even be inspired to pursue a side gig, a promotion, or a new job with bigger pay. While this ambition should be applauded, be very careful as you go after your new dreams. Mercury is going to continue slipping backward until it makes its way into your sign. You are very likely to have trouble communicating your ideas, thoughts, and desires clearly, making your new goals almost impossible.



This was supposed to be your time to shine! Jupiter is finally back home in your zodiac sign, it’s about to be your season, and then smack! Mercury kicks off its retrograde right in Sagittarius. As someone who values expressing your truths the way you do, it might drive you mad when you begin to second-guess yourself. During this Mercury Retrograde, you’ll begin to notice that your once very clear and righteous opinions now seem foggy. They no longer have the same ring to them. You may even question whether they’re truly your beliefs at all! If you find yourself shying away from your soapbox and feeling an unusual amount of self-doubt, remember that Mercury Retrograde can’t last forever. It won’t be long until you have your mojo back! is Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2018

Your Daily Planet Tracker for Nov. 18th: The Moon In Aries

The Moon in Aries: Bold, Fiery, Quick to React

November 18 – November 20, 2018

In Astrology, the Moon is considered a planet — the fastest moving planet in the sky! The Moon changes zodiac sign every couple of days as it moves around the heavens which means each month the Moon goes through every sign during its lunar cycle.

When the Moon is in Aries

Regardless of what your Moon sign is, for a couple of days each month we are all affected by the transiting Aries Moon. While the Moon is in Aries, we all are a little bit faster to react. We’re all a little bit more intrigued by doing something we’ve never done before. We’re all a little bit more willing to take a risk or take a gamble by pushing into the unknown.

The weatherman may say rain, but expect some Sun to shoot through the clouds during this lunation. Aries Moon draws fire into the atmosphere, stimulating life force and vitality. You’re alive, filled with your own thoughts — it’s all about you today. Trouble is, everyone else is in the same place. Imagine a playing field with plenty of loose cannons. That’s the Aries Moon transit.

During this time, insensitive remarks can land at missile speed and detonate into conflicts. The good news is they’ll end just as quickly as they began. This Moon goes against teamwork, but it’s auspicious for personal challenges — compete against your own limits. What’s that mountain you’ve been wanting to climb? Be daring. Headaches, eyestrain or sinus difficulty imply troubling feelings have collected inside your head. Meet whatever you’ve been avoiding head-on.

Spontaneous Aries is about jumping in and taking risks without being overly concerned about the outcome. Don’t worry about commitment, and let discipline come naturally whenever it’s needed. In fact, allowing yourself to make mistakes provides the freedom required for new things to be discovered.

New Moon in Aries

When there’s a New Moon in Aries, a phase which happens in spring at the beginning of the astrological year when the Sun is in Aries, there’s no better time to take a new idea and put it into motion. We all feel like we’re at the beginning of a major cycle during the Aries New Moon. In a way, this is the time to think about the things in life that you want to explore, that you want to do, the seeds that you want to plant.

Full Moon in Aries

During the Full Moon in Aries, which happens in autumn when the Sun is in Libra, rather than wanting to plant the seeds, this is the time when we want to cultivate the energy, to harvest the seeds that we planted six months ago during the New Moon in Aries back in spring. So the Aries Full Moon is the time when those things that we started to do, that were brand new, are now either coming to fruition and working, or not. If the seeds we planted are working for us, we then have to cultivate the crop, we have to harvest — we have to do something with it. And if it’s not working, it’s time to let it go and to move on to something else.

If you were born with the Moon in Aries

You can calculate your Moon sign’s position in the zodiac (your natal Moon) if you know your exact birth time. While your astrological Sun sign represents your essential being, your Moon sign reflects your emotions, your intuition, and your instinctive responses.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and Aries energy is “initiating” energy — it’s the beginning of the astrological year and this sign is known for being bold, active, and extremely fiery. Just remember that the Moon is your emotional being.

Aries is a fire sign, and people with Moon in Aries are usually independent and happy to be on their own. They like challenges and new things, but dislike overt expressions of emotions and prefer when everyone is direct and self-sufficient. If your Moon is in Aries, you won’t like it if your loved ones are emotionally needy — you prefer direct and undemonstrative encounters.

If you were born with the Moon in Aries, there’s a sense of spontaneity at a deep, gut level — a sense of knowing immediately whether something is good or bad, whether you like it or whether you don’t like it. Moon in Aries is also quick to act … and react. This means that anyone with Moon in Aries will be quick to express their emotions, but those emotions will burn fast and hot, and then change. is Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2018

Your Karmic Number for the Day is Five


Getting this 5 today means that you are moving in opposition of change. You have been marching in place. This is fine if you are only looking to increase your heart rate, but who wants to do that? If you want to see definite changes in your life then you need to find internal and external motivators to get you going. Locate the friends and family who have been giving you good advice. They care for your well-being. Recognize that and be grateful there are people to help you. Use this to develop your inner strength. In time, you will be taking giant leaps.