Got a phone call, so we are through for a bit…….

Don’t forget we are having our annual “Survive the Winter” fund-raiser that ends today. It doesn’t matter how much you can donate, any an all donations will be greatly appreciated. It will guarantee our continued operations during the hardest part of our year. The donations will be set aside to pay the expenses of operating the WOTC, the expenses of running the office that we are located in, such as the electricity, water, internet expenses, computer up-keep and anything that might come up unexpected.

Thank you for your continued support.

Lady of the Abyss


5 thoughts on “Got a phone call, so we are through for a bit…….

  1. Lady A,
    I would like the book of practical spells and the book of Wicca Plain & Simple along with the protection amulet, please let me know how to make payment , because the only way I see is the donate site, which I will do once I figure how to get the things from you ,
    you may reach me at ————. or e-mail me at —————– , which ever is easier. Blessed Be Mario


    1. Hey Mario,
      Thank you for helping me clean up my bedroom. You got The Book Of Wicca and the Protection Amulet. The Book of Practical Magick had already been sold. I was getting ready to put up a sold sign on it and got the phone call. I apologize for not doing that. I saw where you had already paid for the items. I will give you a refund on the book you didn’t get and get those items shipped to you today. As far as the donate button goes, I am too lazy to make a pay now button. Everyone here knows that. I guess I might eventually make one but with the store going, it might confuse PayPal. Besides I like to keep my personal stuff separate from the store’s stuff and by using the donate button, I know that is my stuff. But you did great, I believe I saw your mailing address on the PayPal comment section. So there shouldn’t be any problem with getting your items to you. Thank you again. You don’t know how much my pup and I appreciate you helping clean out my bedroom.
      Have a very blessed day,
      Lady A


      1. Thank You Lady A,
        The two items will do fine , I look forward to their arrival. Thank You And Have A Blessed Day



      2. You are more than welcome. I appreciate you buying them. You helped clean up my bedroom. I still have more items to come. That was just the top of the pile. I never dreamed of having that much stuff to Lord M had them make my bedroom smaller. But your items are on the way and so is your refund. Thank you again, Mario.
        Have a very blessed & plentiful Thanksgiving,
        Lady A


      3. Well I replied once already and don’t see it showing up. Let’s try this again, thank you Mario. I appreciate you helping me cleaning out my bedroom. I didn’t realize I actually had so much stuff till Lord M had them rebuild my bedroom so small. What I put on here so far was just the top of the pile. I have more stuff to come. So keep an eye out for them. I have some stuff I took out of our warehouse and thought I wanted them. Now, it is like why on earth did you take those, you don’t need them nor do you have space for them. So there will be a couple of items I took for there on here also. The good thing they will be super cheap. Anyway got to run for now.
        Have a very blessed Thanksgiving,
        Lady A

        I sent your refund to your hotmail addy. You will get the refund through that addy, won’t you? Just checking.


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