The Witches’ Spell for Nov. 4th – Get Lost Hex

goth114I know you know that I don’t generally post hexes or curses. But I have had several people write to be about people bothering them, thinking they have been cursed, had a love spell put on them and many more. So I figured instead of emailing each of you individually, I would post the spell here. You can’t never tell there might be someone reading this that is having the same problem. I hope this helps everyone. If it doesn’t suit your circumstances, let me know and I will track down another spell for you.

Get Lost Hex

While this hex will definitely force the target to leave you alone, it also causes enough personal aggravation so that he or she is way too busy to bother anyone else.


Prepared poppet

Black wax, melted

Lost and Away Powder

Brown paper sack

Place the poppet in the sack and sprinkle liberally with Lost and Away Powder, saying:

Lost and away from me you go
As your life’s sprinkled with troubles, problems and woe.

Pour the melted wax on top of the poppet, and quickly douse with the powder again. (Do this before the wax sets up, as you want the powder to adhere to it.) As you sprinkle the powder, say:

Problems stick like black to crow
Like melted wax they ooze and flow,
And when you think they’re finally done,
More arrive with rise of Sun.

Bury the poppet in an area easily accessible to you but away from your home. To keep the hex active, visit the grave once each week and dust it with the powder.


Utterly Wicked, Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions
By Dorothy Morrison

The Witches’ Magick for February 20th – Foot Track Hex


Foot Track Hex


This simple hex torments your enemy by preventing advancement in any sector of his or her life.


4 coffin nails

Target’s foot track


Go to a place where the target has walked, and locate one of his or her foot tracks. Hammer a nail in the top of the track, saying:

“You can’t move up.”

Hammer a nail in the bottom of the track and say:

“You can’t move down.”

Hammer a nail on the right side of the track and say:

“Nor right.”

Hammer a nail on the left side of the track and say:

“Nor left.”

Then moving your hand in a circular motion first to the right and then to the left, say:

“Nor all around.

You’re stuck in place and there you’ll be

Forever: For eternity!”

Walk away and don’t look back




Utterly Wicked, Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions
by Dorothy Morrison

Hex Conjure Bag

Hex Conjure Bag


1. Rip up a photograph of the victim of your spell and place the pieces inside a charm bag.


2. Add sharp things like tacks, pins, needles and shards of broken mirror.


3. Sprinkle graveyard dust or Goofer Dust inside the bag.


4. If you’ve burned candles against this person add any wax remnants to the bag.


5. Spit in the bag and close it up.


6. Bury it at the crossroads, in the cemetery or on the person’s property.