Magickal Tidbits for Those Magickal Meals

Magickal Tidbits


The following comprises a few ideas  as to what foods and seasonings may be incorporated into meals to accomplish your goals. As you expand upon this list—and you will–just one note of caution: Some herbs are poisonous! With that in mind, please check a reliable herbal before incorporating any substance with which you’re unfamiliar.

Basil:  Season foods with this herb to loosen a partner’s hold on the money and force him or her to spend some on you.

Bread braid:  As it’s pulled apart and consumed, bread baked in this form can be used to separate lovers and break up relationships.

Cayenne pepper: Commonly known as the “hot food powder of the culinary world,” this little gem works wonders when it comes to getting your way. Be sure to apply it liberally.

Cinnamon:  Fold and mix this into recipes to induce and secure love. (Pies, rolls, cakes, cookies, and wine are good options.) Sprinkle it on top of beverages to obtain money.

Clove:  Long known for its powers of seduction, add ground or powdered clove to hot beverages and desserts to induce lust. (Once you’ve got the target in the position desired, add it to massage oil to really liven things up!)

Ginger: Add this to foods to increase sexual endurance and stamina.

Kava-Kava root:  This peppery-tasting substance induces a natural state of euphoria and relaxes the judgment centers, making them open to suggestion. The key, though, is that it must be fresh or freshly dried. And since it’s most effective when added to a butter or milk base, it’s the perfect addition to egg nog, cream sauces, or gravies.

Mint:  Incorporate to cool anger and force your target to chill out—even if you’re the one at fault.

Nuts:  Want to plant the seeds of your desires in the target’s head and make them think it was their idea? Just add any type of nut to the food you’re serving. Nuts may also be used to plant seeds of doubt.

Potato:  It a target is standing in the way of what you want, carve his or her initials in a potato, then cut it into small pieces before cooking and serving. (It’s also useful to add a dollar sign to the carving if your target is being stingy with money.)

Saltpeter:  A pinch of this added to any food will definitely keep any lover from straying. It’s important to note, however, that while your lover won’t stray, he or she won’t be able to perform with you either.

Sesame seeds;  Because these are sacred to both Ganesha and Hecate, they are excellent additions when used to remove obstacles and get what you want.




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