The Witches Spell for July 22 – The One Shot Spell

The One Shot Spell

(Note: Do not use rum for this spell. As it is sacred to some of the Afro-Caribbean deities, using it as such may be offensive to Them).

Materials You Will Need:

1 shot of bodka, bourbon, gin or scotch

1 glass to hold the shot of alcohol

1 12oz. glass of water

Pour the shot of alcohol, then swirl it in the glass, saying:

(Name of target) you’ve become
(Name of target) you shall stay
And I’ve become the nemesis
Who will take your power away.

Take a sip from the glass, saying:

One sip and you feel weak,

Take another sip, saying:

Another makes you fall.

Then chug the rest of the shot and say:

As I toss back the rest of this
I own your power: All!

Now chase the shot with the full glass of water, drinking it down as quickly as possible. Then say:

In an hour’s time, I’ll piss you out
And you’ll be laid to waste,
Weak and lowly like the piss
And swimming in disgrace.
—Dorothy Morrison

Spell of the Day for Sept. 27: The Gimme Gumption Spell

Witchy Comments The Gimme Gumption Spell


1 reversible candle, black on white (Alternatively, color a white candle completely with a black permanent marker.)

1 shot glass filled with rum bourbon, scotch or vodka (Substitute a shot glass of water flavored with rum extract, if you like.)

Since this is a war of sorts–and Mars energy is essential for any type of successful battle–plan to perform this spell on a Tuesday on either the Full or New Moon. Fill the glass and light the candle, then place the glass directly in front of you. Ground and center in your normal fashion; then say something like.

Confrontation is not my foe.

It’s not an opponent; it causes no woe.

It is my friend now and as such.

It straightens out the cause of much

Confused and wrongful accusation.

Misunderstanding and misinformation

It soothes out wrinkles while it mends

Relationships that might otherwise end.

It no longer makes me sick.

For now I’ve finally learned the trick:

That anger plays no part; instead,

Resolution weaves its threads.

That said I now infuse my gutsy gumption

This liquid for my own consumption.

At this point, think about what gumption and courage means to you, then hold the glass aloft, and blow the candle that thought across the liquid  to infuse and charge it. Place the glass in front of the candle and continue, saying something like:

And before this candle, it is placed.

So its energies will interlace

With my infusion to bring it power

As it burns by minute and by hour.

To banish worries, woes and fears,

To banish nervous shakes and tears,

And bring forth the courage that I need

To defend myself with grace and speed.

The gumption asked for now is wonk

As I will, so be it done.

When the candle extinguishes itself, drink the liquid, feel the courage flow through your body and make a firm resolve  never to be stopped on again.


Spell from Excerpt Obtained From:

“Utterly Wicked”

Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions

By Dorothy Morrison

 ~Magickal Graphics~