Full Moon Spell – A Gorgeous Ritual for Tonight’s Magic

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A Gorgeous Ritual for Tonight’s Magic


  1. Light some incense on your altar. Tonight’s moon calls for Violet, Mint, Rose, or Galbanum aromas.
  2. Invite harmony into your ritual with a chant for the Moon in Libra:“Like the Scales of Justice, I am in complete harmony.
    I’m ready to make the right decisions for me and for the benefit of all”.
  3. Light a white candle and pour some wine into your chalice. If you don’t drink wine, use herbal tea or plain water instead.
  4. Find the Full Moon in the sky. Raise your chalice as you look up and say:“Full Moon over me, fill me with wonder.
    You light my path and shine like a thunder.
    I thank you for your smile, the one that makes me younger.
    May I never thirst, and may I never hunger”.

    Drink the contents of your chalice.

  5. If you have any of the following crystals, Tuesday is the perfect day to charge them with the assertive influence and drive of Mars. Place a BloodstoneCarnelian, Coral, Ruby, Garnet, or Pink Tourmaline on your altar next to your candle.

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