Spell – 1 Way to Bless and Indoor Container or Outdoor Garden

I wrote and used this spell for my growing house plants Aloe, Apotheose, and 7 different herbal seeds I put into a mini greenhouse to germinate on April 6th and already started seeing tiny seedlings on April 9th. Today I saw my house plants starting to take root in their bigger containers.

(YOU CAN COPY AND PASTE ANY SPELLS POSTED TO A DOCUMENT TO PRINT AND/OR SAVE ON YOUR COMPUTER. Please feel free to tweak this spell so it will work best for you and whatever you are growing.)

Any Type of Garden Blessing Chant

What You Need:

Your voice

Possibly your wand or staff if the garden covers a lot of ground.

Chanting Spell

Chat in multiples of 3 as many as you feel the need to repeat it.

Flora, I dedicate these seeds or plants to you,

Fauna, I dedicate these seeds or plants to you,

Help me bring them to life

To use them in ways that will not cause anyone strife,

I will give them Air to breathe,

I will give them Water to grow,

I will give them Earth to take root in,

I will ask Ra to use his Fire to give them warmth and light,

As my plants grow,

I will tend them well,

In return I will ask them for pieces to help my health and magick grow,

I promise you I will always tend them well.