Moon Spell 2

Moon Spell 2


A spell to invoke the powers of the Moon upon a personal action. This spell is specially designed to work under the powers of the moon using specially prepared moon oils. On the night of a full moon, near midnight, draw a circle on a flat surface, such as a table or counter top, with Moon Oil or fresh rainwater. In the center of the circle, place a single lighted candle.

Close your eyes and picture in your mind’s eye that action which you need or desire to take and upon which you wish to invoke the moon’s powers for assistance in the deed. Keep your eyes closed and count silently and slowly to seven. Upon reaching seven, open your eyes and repeat the following incantation while staring into the flame of the candle:

Spirit and power of the moon
Guardian of the night
Hider of secret things
Keeper of the second watch
Look upon me
And this thing I wish to do
Extend your hand and hold fast
To this deed that it may not fail
Lest your presence be ignored
And your aid held worthless
In the eyes of the ignorant
And the eyes of the wise
This of you I ask
That it may be so.

Extinguish the candle. The spell is done.

The spell is done.




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The WItches Magick for the 3rd Day of the Mead Moon – Over the Moon Spell

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 Over the Moon Spell

Most everyone is familiar with the nursery rhyme: “Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon; the little dog laughed to see such sport, and the dish ran away with the spoon.” Cast this spell to empower your bond with your pet.

For this spell, you will need your cat or dog, lavender essential oil, and a few drops of lemon juice.

After dark, sit with your pet so you can see the night sky. Say the nursery rhyme to your cat or dog. Sit quietly together for a few minutes. Rub behind his or her ears. Tell your pet how much she or he means to you, how much your pet is appreciated. Say three times:

Blessed be [say your pet’s name]
Thank you for your loving company.

Now, pour a few drops of lavender essential oil and a few drops of lemon juice into your hand, and rub it onto your cat’s or dog’s fur. Don’t get this mixture near your pet’s head, mouth, nose, or eyes. As you rub, say quickly (because your pet will take off like a rocket once she or he gets scent of the lavender oil:

May the God and Goddess protect and bless you always!

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Moon Water Spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Water
  • Container for water
  • Full moon
This is how you can bless water via full moon
Casting Instructions for ‘Moon Water Spell’
After sunset tonight, when the Moon is up, take a bottle or other container you can close, and fill it full of water, preferably from a well or other natural source. You can use bottled spring water if there is no safe natural source of water nearby.

Put the open container of water outside, and set it where the light of the Moon will shine on it. Ask the Goddess to bless the water with her light. Leave the container there as long as the Moon is up, then close the container carefully. Keep it to use in all rituals and spells that require water. You can do this every month at the Full Moon to have a supply of blessed water on hand.