Spirit Summoning Spell

Spirit Summoning Spell

You might ask why summon a spirit. If it has been haunting you or just making you feel uncomfortable. You can find out exactly what it wants by summoning it.

Ingredients:   Mint Sprigs

Another technique used to enhance your positive results during a spirit summoning session, is to leave twigs or pieces of fresh mint as an offering during your attempted contacts.   If you are attempting the contact inside a magical circle, the mint should be placed on your altar, in an offering plate.


WOTC Spell of the Day for Jan. 30th: Spell for Increasing Spiritual Medium Abilities

Spell for Increasing Spiritual Medium Abilities

A Departed -Loved One May Be Trying to Relay a Message To YOU!

When the moon is waxing or full, cast rune stones for indication of what lies ahead for you. Cast the stones only once. Holding the stone in your hand, consult a reliable source for the meaning of the rune if it is unknown to you. Then return the stones to their bag and place them on the altar.

Now go to your special place in nature, and on a still night, sit below a tree that you have chosen specially for magickal purposes. Sit where you can see the moon through the tree’s branches.

Ask for the assistance and protection of your Benevolent Spirit Guardians and Guides during this and every divination.

In a ceramic bowl, mix wood sorrel and wild thyme together. Burn this mixture as an offering to the strong and blessed spirits and elementals watching over you. Thank them for their light and protection as you call upon their Insight.

Stare into the smoke from the incense – cup your hand round it if it dissipates into the air too quickly – and say:

I call upon Wisdom; I call upon Light I call to my loved ones and ancestors long past Speak to me here by word or by sign Connect us clearly; let me hear your wisdom at last.

So Mote it Be.

On another night when the moon is waxing or full, ask at least one other to join you in contacting the spirits of departed loved ones. In a ceramic bowl, grind some dried chicory root and cinquefoil and mix in a few cloves. Burn this as an incense offering to the world of spirits when asking them to come to you to answer your questions. Hold hands to consolidate your energies and ask that the spirits come forth with wisdom and guidance. Use a Ouija board with care, asking for protection from all negatives energies first. Use only if you have a man and a woman present- as it should be used with both male and female energies.

Before going to bed that night, mix together the following herbs: mugwort, cinnamon, mandrake, thyme and anise seeds. Put these into a purple or blue flannel mojo bag with the sacred rune stone SIGHEL. Sew the bag shut and keep it under your pillow at night to draw in prophetic dreams from a spirit guardian or a departed loved one who may be trying to give you a message.

The Witches Spell for Monday, January 28th: A Spell To See The Great Spirits/Deities

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A Spell To See The Great Spirits/Deities

To see spirits, old European grimoires recommend mixing together aloe, pepper, musk, vervain and saffron, and burning this in a cemetery. We can adapt this for other locations (like those in which the spirit lived) by adding a bit of sweetgrass or tobacco to a specially prepared incense. Create the incense on the anniversary of the death of the individual you wish to contact. This is the burned at 11 am, in the safety of a magick circle that also holds symbolic items to connect you to the entity.

An incantation to encourage the spirit’s presence is:

“Guardians of the Spirit realm,

hear and guide my plea.

When the witching hour rings true,

bring my relationship, name of person to me.

Other souls who hear my call,

are not welcome in this place.

Only the one known as name of person may enter sacred space.”

Repeat the request three times, twenty minutes apart, then wait quietly for indications of a presence. Signs include the scent of flowers, or favored cologne, a cool wind, movement of curtains, and candles going out or twitching erratically. Once you feel sure the spirit is with you, do not make it tarry overly long. Take care of your business, say farewell, and thank the guardians for their assistance before closing the circle.

A Word of Caution:

Spiritual entities should not be banished or called for amusement. It is best

to contact a knowledgeable, experienced psychic for advice or assistance

before undertaking any spells of this type. It is used for communication,

and understanding the purpose of spirits. The best times are in-between

times, such as noon, midnight, dusk and dawn. Halloween. Seasons of late fall

and winter. When the Moon is in Libra. Eclipses. Wednesday.

Spirit Guide Contact Spell

Spirit Guide Contact Spell


You will need:

Altar Candle
Black Candle
3 Purple Votive Candles
3 White Votive Candles
Crystal Ball or Scrying Dish
Incence: Anise, Cardomon or Coriander
Oil: Jasmine, Lemon, Rose, Sandalwood
Bathing Herbs: Cinnamon, Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood

Mix together a sachet of the bathing herbs, or alternatively blend an oil – these should be added to the water you run for a ritual bath.

Once you are immersed in the water breathe deeply, visualise a ball of protective light around you. Meditate on the reasons for contact, visualise the steps you will take and what you wish to say to your spirit guide.

Cast a circle if that is your tradition.

Light the incense.
With the oil, dress the Altar Candle and the Black Candle while concentrating on the purpose of the ritual. Light your Altar candle and your Day candle and state your intent:

“I am here to make contact with my Spirit Guide, and to acknowledge him or her”

With your Athame, inscribe Violet Candle #1 with the word “Spirit”. Dress it with oil.
Light the Violet candle #1, direct your energies into it, and say:

“Here do I light the first Lamp of Spirit. May its light reach out across the barriers from
this world to the next. May it make contact with that World of Spirit into which we will eventually enter.”

Take your censer or incense wand and swing in around censing the whole area
around the altar, while rhythmically repeating the word “Merge” and building up
energy to focus.

Replace the censer and pick up Violet candle #2. Inscribe it with the word
“Spirit” and dress it with the oil. Put it back on the altar, light it, direct
your energy into it, and say:

“Here do I light the second Lamp of Spirit. May it’s light also reach out across the barriers from this world to the next. May it make contact with that World of Spirit and help spread the light, illuminating the passageway between our worlds.”

Again, take the censer or incense wand and cense the entire area around the
altar while chanting the word “Merge” Build up your energy to focus.

Take violet candle #3, inscribe with the word “Spirit”, dress with oil, charge
with your energy, light it and say:

“Here do I light the third Lamp of Spirit.
May its light also reach out across the barriers from this world to the next. May the light
from these three lamps blend and grow, dispelling all darkness and lighting the
way that my Spirit Guide may come to me and speak with me here today.”

Inscribe the 3 white candles with the word “Truth” and anoint each candle with
oil. Light the 3 white candles in order of 1, 2, 3, and say:

“Here do I build Truth. As these candles burn throughout this ritual, their power
generates nothing but truth in all that transpires between this world and the next.
Through these candles there is truth in all communications that come to me”.

Again, cense the entire altar area while chanting the word “Merge”.

Replace the censer and continue chanting. Sit comfortably while chanting, and
gaze into the crystal ball, or the scrying bowl. Continue chanting until
you feel it is right to let the chant taper off.

Continue to quietly look into the crystal ball or bowl, not trying to picture
anything. Keep your mind blank, so whatever comes will appear will come in its
own free will.

Gaze into the centre of the crystal, there is no need to try not to blink. Look
into the crystal and blink naturally. Try not to notice anything in your
peripheral vision, just the centre of the crystal.

Eventually a face or figure will appear. This may take a long time, or it may
appear almost immediately. If it doesn’t come at all within approximately 20
minutes, abandon this attempt, extinguish the candles in the order in which they were
lit, leave the altar set up, and try this ritual again in three days. You should
have results within a month at most.

When a figure does appear, ask if he/she is your Spirit Guide. You will hear an
answer. You may not hear it out loud, or even see the figures lips move, but you
will be aware of the answer. This is how most of your conversation will proceed. You
will ask your questions mentally (or out loud) and the answers will be clear
inside your mind.

Ask if you have more than one spirit guide. If yes, ask them to appear also.
You may ask anything you wish to know, but it is suggested to establish a
connection first where your Spirit Guide may appear to you at any time, or at
specific times, so that you can converse with other spirits through him/her.

When you have finished speaking with your Guide, thank him/her, then sit for a
moment with your eyes closed, meditating on all that you have learned.
Extinguish the candles in reverse order to clear the circle.

Energy Summoning Spell

Energy Summoning Spell


Items You Will Need:

  • A black pen
  • A piece of paper

The Spell:

Draw a pentagram on the paper, raise your power hand (hand you write with) above the paper and say the following incantation:

“Energy I summon thee,
black to white,
dark to light,
I call to thee,
precious energy.
this is my will,
So Mote It Be.”

After you have summoned the energy it is up to you how you use it.

Summoning Family Witches

Summoning Family Witches


Items You Will Need:

  • 5 white candles
  • salt

The Spell:

Draw Pentagram with salt.
Place the candles at the 5 points.
If there are more than one of you stand around the circle of the Pentagram holding hands.
Chant together.. “I call forth from space and time.
Matriarchs from the ____________ line: Mothers, Daughters, Fathers, Sons.
Our Family’s spirit without end, to Gather now in this place and help us! “

Summoning the Ancestors

Summoning the Ancestors

Items You Will Need:

  • A Staff (preferably one you have worked with before)
  • Incense burner (stick and cone incense will work here, I first made this ritual using those, but you must have a way to burn the offering)
  • Purification or protection Incense (I use Frankincense or Sandalwood)
  • a small offering (meat works well, though bread will work too, I’m not sure about offertory incense though because I have never tried to use it with this ritual)
  • 6 white Candles (any type will do, i just depends on how long you intend to hold the ritual, I usually use tea candles if I’m not going to take too long, though it can be hard to tell sometimes how long the ritual will last.

The Spell:

This ritual works best at night though can be performed at any time

Form the candles into a circle around the incense burner (or incense) and light the candles and start burning the incense (note: if using stick or cone incense, keep a ready supply within the ritual area and light it with the candles, there can be no new fire added or it can disrupt the ritual)

(optional, but recommended) Cast a circle

Hold up your staff and visualize a light at its end as you say in a firm tone

“Ancestors of Blood and Spirit, come to this light. Come to guide and aid me in this time and place, for I seek you wisdom and knowledge, please lend me your aid and grant me an audience oh wise ones”

You should start to feel their presence in short order, though you can never tell how many or which of your ancestors will come, some may not even be related to you by blood and some may only have spiritual ties (I have had a few animals and one Amakua [guardian spirit/deity] show up, this is why I recommend some experience with spirits

Hold the ritual for as long as you need

When closing the ritual don’t forget to burn the offering and be careful to thank all that came and bid that they fare well until next time (this can be anyway you like as long as it is personnel and done with the appropriate respect)

Extinguish the candles one by one and envision that the spirits are leaving with the candle smoke

Open the circle once the last spirit has left.

To Summon the Spirits

To Summon the Spirits

By using this spell, you can summon a spirit that can help you when you need it.

 Items That You Need:

a bell

The Spell:

Think of the person and chant the following:

Blood of my blood your sprits of love
Come from below and above
Entities loving who wish me well
Come to this Circe when I sound this bell

After that ring the bell 3 times. You can repeat this spell every one hour.

Summon the Spirit of a Loved One

Summon the Spirit of a Loved One

This will summon the Spirit of a Loved one in the Otherworld

Items You Will Need:

  • 4 Dark Blue Candles
  • 1 Tea Light Candle
  • Skull Candle
  • Picture of Loved One

The Spell:

  • Place 4 Dark Blue Candles at Elemental Points on your alter.
  •   Place Tea Light Candle Above the Earth Point.
  •   Place Skull Candle and Picture of Loved one in the Middle of the Altar
  •   Mediate on the person you wish to summon.
  •   Light the Dark Blue Candle in the East Chanting: *I call the Elemental of Air, Come from the east and offer your Protection*
  •   Light the Dark Blue Candle in the South and Chant: * I call the Elemental of Fire, Come from the South and Offer your protection*
  •   Light the Dark Blue Candle in the West and Chant: *I call the Elemental of Water, Come from the West and Offer your protection*
  •   Light Dark Blue Candle in the North and Chant: *I call the Elemental of Earth, Come forth from the North and Offer your Protection.
  •   Light the Skull candle in the Middle and Chant: *I call the Spirit within us all, Leap forward as your Element, Offer your Protection.
  •   Take the white Candle and Chant: *I call my Beloved Spirit (Name), Come to me and Commune with me. Come forth from the Otherworld Sweet Spirit and Show yourself Forth, I call upon your family blessings this day.*
  •   Place the wick of the tea candle over the flame of the Skull Candle.
  •   Pick up picture and visualize the Spirit coming over the Hedge from the Otherworld. Now you can telepathically speak to the person.

The Conjuration of Archangel Gabriel

The Conjuration of Archangel Gabriel

Conjure the man in linen when you need a bit of encouragement or strength (Though he may overwhelm you!)

Items You Will Need:

  • Day of Moon or Monday
  • Hour of Moon (Optional)
  • Anise, orange, rose, sage scents
  • Azurite, Citrine, Rutilated Quartz, or Sapphire

The Spell:

If you are unsure when the Day of Moon is, a Monday will work just as well. Though, it is optional. The conjuration will just have a higher success rate on these days.

Start by applying the anise, orange, rose, or sage scents to yourself or the room you are working in (Incense or oils, though the real herbs anise, rose, or sage will do)

Sit in a chair or on the ground comfortably with your eyes closed. Your offering (Azurite, Citrine, Rutilated Quartz, Sapphire, etc.) should be within your palms. How you interact with Gabriel now, is up to your personal self. If you are clairvoyant, you will see him within your mind’s eye. If clairaudient, you will hear his commanding voice. Clairsentient, you will feel his masculine energies.