Demon Banishing Spell

Demon Banishing Spell

Whether the demon exists inside or out, this spell will drains its psychic powers.

Best time to cast:

Three nights before the New Moon

Items you will need:

  • A empty coffee can with a plastic lid
  • 1 pound of sea salt
  • A shovel

The Spell:

  1. Pour most of the seal salt into the coffee can and place the open can in the center of your basement.
  2. Sprinkle some salt in each corner of your basement.
  3. Envision the demon as a grayish cloud and see it being absorbed by the salt in the can. Say aloud: “Begone now, demon, let me be, No long can you torment me, I bind you for eternity and I shall evermore be free.
  4. On the New Moon put the lid on the coffee can and take it to a desolate place – a vacant lot, a desert, a gravel pit the town dump – away from water, trees people or animals. Don’t open the can. Bury it and say good riddance to the demon trapped inside.

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    1. Yes it is perfectly fine. All the information that we provide here is for our followers to use freely. So feel free to republish the article or spell. Thank you for asking, sweetie.


      1. Hi can you please tell us how to return it to the sender. I have a similar thing happening to a friends daughter named Omi, well we think that is how she is pronouncing it. It follows her to school even. she is only 3. Thanks for all your help. Blessings


  1. I am sorry I have not been in touch. I hadn’t done the spells yet. I was going to do the spell the next new moon. Anything extra will help it is possible someone sent it at me. I really appreciate this.Blessings I have been trying to write this but everything electronically is going beserk!!! Thank You Blessings


    1. Give me a minute and I will tell you how to return it to the sender. I have got to do the postings, then I will be right back. 🙂


  2. how would this work if you have no basement as I live in an apartment and desperately need this demon gone I do not want it to attach to another. Help please very depleteing


    1. Hey sweetie! I am assuming you have a Demon present, huh? I can relate to your circumstance. I lived in a one story house with a demon that loved my son. For the demon to be after me, was one thing, but my son, never. I went into overdrive. I didn’t use this specific spell but you have to improvise according to your circumstances. I don’t know if you are a Solitary or not, but if you are, adapt this spell to your situation. Instead of the basement, use it in the room were you have seen the demon. When I first saw the demon that was after my son, I was laying in bed. I woke up and looked down the hall and saw it plain as day going into his room. I got up very quietly and walk to his room. I looked up at the ceiling and in the corner was the demon hovering. My son was awake and was scared to death. I told him to get out of the bed and come to me. The demon stayed in the corner and we watched him. He eventually just vanished. But the demon was attracted to my son and his room. So I used my son’s room, with him in it (since the demon was after him) to do my spell in. Mine was more of an exorcism ritual to get rid of the demon. When it comes to your children, you go to extremes. I wasn’t fixing to take a chance with my son and his life.

      But you have to adapt these spells to your personal needs, hun. If you don’t have a basement, use the spell were you have been seeing the demon. Be prepared for the demon to appear also. Most of the time, people aren’t ready for that, but it will appear. If it is a very strong demon, it might even challenge you. Be very prepared when it comes to getting rid of demons. Don’t just hap hazardously jump into something like demon banishing. If you need any help, just let me know. Good luck and Goddess Bless You.


      1. Thank you for the support. The Demon follows me around but I notice when I banish him with stupidity such as come again yesterday he will phase out for a bit but I recognize when he starts in with my boys teen most open through transition to adulthood, the boys will start having bad dreams. I have already seen him he has been around for several years as I am a healer and He is pissed the person is well and healthy and is looking to even the score! Won’t happen here but resources have definitely been depleted due to this. I will try the salt spell but are there any other recommendations I had a woman say she would remove it for a 300 price tag but at this point in time that money means housing and food for my children. I know there is a way to bring it to a resolve without the expense. I am going to try this spell but if there is anything else that you envision that may assist me with this I would greatly appreciate it. Blessings to you and yours today. PS My animals especially my black cat get teribbly hissy and claws out when the Demon comes around.


      2. I am so sorry for all the problems this demon is causing you. He is a nasty little being and won’t leave you alone at all. He enjoys tormenting you and your family. I have been digging like a wild woman this morning for you. I have run across two things that might help you. Both of the following are very powerful and I sincerely hope they work for you, hun.


        Demon Banishing Spell

        Best time to do this spell:
        Three night before the new moon

        Items you will need:
        An empty coffee can with a plastic lid
        1 pound of sea salt
        A shovel

        The Spell:
        1. Pour most of the sea salt into the coffee can and place the open can in the center of your home.
        2. Sprinkle some salt in each corner of your home.
        3. Envision the demon as a grayish cloud and see it being absorbed by the salt in the can. Say aloud:
        “Begone now, Demon, let me be.
        No longer can you torment me and mine,
        I bind you for eternity
        And I shall evermore be free.”
        4. On the New Moon, put the lid on the coffee can and take it to a desolate place – a vacant lot, a desert, a gravel pit, the town dump – away from water, trees, people, or animals. Don’t open the can. Bury it and say good riddance to the demon trapped inside.

        After you have rid yourself of the demon, it is very important to protect your house beyond belief. Demons leave a trail, Seriously. When the demon is gone, ward your home, smudge your home, put sea salt in each of the four corners or your home (North corner, South corner, etc.), and put down basil in every, every corner of each room of your home. Now for the outside:

        Basil Protection Potion

        Items you will need:
        A large pot
        Two or more quarts of water
        A large bunch of fresh basil
        A pitcher

        Time to cast:
        On a Saturday, when the Sun and/or moon is in Capricorn. Your case is an emergency. As soon as you rid yourself of the demon, do this on the following Saturday. In the meantime you will be doing all the above I mentioned to protect yourself and your family.(Salt, basil, warding, smudging).

        The Potion:

        Heat the water in the pot. Add the basil and let it simmer for ten minutes. Allow the brew to cool. Strain the basil out and pour the water into a pitcher. Set the basil aside to dry; save it to use in other potions/spells.

        Take the pitcher of basil-infused water outside and pour it on the ground near your front door, drawing a pentagram with the liquid. Repeat at every door to your home. As you mark the ground with the pentagrams, say the following:
        “My home is now protected at all times,
        in all situations,
        always and all ways.”

        As far as the woman wanting $300 to rid you of the demon, well I have a problem with people who charge for their magickal services. It is a witch’s job to work for the betterment and good of mankind without charging for her services. Perhaps she is just a greedy witch, huh? But I wouldn’t pay her. If the above ways don’t work, then there are other ways to get rid of the demon. We can try it all if we have to. You don’t perhaps know the demon’s name do you? Has something occurred in your home that would make this demon manifest? Is there a lot of anger or hostility in your house? I sincerely hate to ask this and I hope you know why I am asking it, is there someone secretly practicing the Black Arts and you don’t know about it? If this demon is really, really evil it might be necessary to fight fire with fire. As far as your cat goes, you have a great familiar there. Keep him around. I have a Pomeranian and two cats that warn me when something is approaching. My little dog goes crazy and my half bobcat carries on just like yours. My older cat will come and sit in my lap while the others surround me. This only happens when I get busy and forget to bless the house every Full Moon. That is another thing, when you get rid of this demon, bless your home every Full Moon. You get rid of it, you don’t want it back or another one in it’s place.

        I sincerely hope you get rid of this demon, sweetie. I know it has to have you on edge. Try all of the above and let me know what happens. I will be more than happy to help you in any way I can.
        Goddess Bless You and Watch Over You,
        Lady A


      3. I don’t know if I missed something or not but here goes…did those suggestions I gave you work? If not, something hit me the other night when I was thinking about your situation. If you can’t get rid of the demon with all those spells I gave you, then I believe someone sent that demon after you. If that is the case, then you will have to take another approach to get rid of it. People who send demons after others, I have no use for. So please let me know. I am sure I can offer help to get rid of it, if this is the case.


  3. Okay, if you equate lower non-specific energies with ‘demon’, this might work. Demons are intelligent, fierce and have been here longer than we have. Would you get into a can of salt because someone wished it?


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